Springfield Heights Chapter 2 Walkthrough: Chapter 2 Main Questline and Christmas Teaser

Chapter 2 of Springfield Heights has been released with a much requested character. A small Christmas Event teaser was released as well. What awaits us in this chapter? Find out right after the jump in the walkthrough!

Once you login, two quests will start right away. One notifying a change in the Tunnel, the second a sale of old items from Chapter 1. The second one won’t trigger after December 4th at 8am GMT (expire date of the sale). Both triggers after completing Springfield Heights Pt. 5.

A Smidge To The Right

Auto starts

Cookie Kwan IconThis tunnel to Springfield Heights is ruining the curb appeal.
Cookie Kwan IconIt’s too bad there’s no possible way to move a tunnel.
System Message: The Springfield Heights tunnel can be moved anywhere along the mountain range.
SH Tunnel Move

Wealthy Wednesday

Auto starts

Cookie Kwan IconI’ve got some prime real estate – available for one day only!
sidebar_homerWoo Hoo! Stuff on sale!
Cookie Kwan IconIt’s not on sale. The rich don’t need discounts.
sidebar_carlWhat about government subsidies?
sidebar_lennyYeah, and there’s the whole “too big to fail” situation, too!
Cookie Kwan IconSure, the rich want free stuff. But when they spend it, they like to pay full price.
System Message: Enjoy these 50 free lattes which you can use to purchase things for full price.
Free Lattes

If the user has completed Springfield Heights Pt. 9:

sidebar_lindsaynaegleIs that 50 cups of coffee in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
sidebar_lindsaynaegleWhat this company needs is a decent marketing executive.
System Message: The next chapter of Springfield Heights is now available!
Next Chapter

Once you complete Chapter 1, the second chapter starts immediatly.

Springfield Heights Pt. 10

Cookie Kwan starts

Cookie Kwan IconHmmm… I can’t tell if these are rich slobs so wealthy they don’t care how they look, or just poor slobs.
sidebar_kirkWhat I lack in money, I more than make up for in lack of friends.
sidebar_comicbookguyMy comic book collection is priceless, because I can’t find anyone who will buy it.
sidebar_wiggumDon’t blame me. Blame that cop that got caught taking bribes and ruined it for the rest of us.
sidebar_louThat was you, Chief.
Cookie Kwan IconThese people aren’t Springfield Heights material! They’re not even Springfield Bog People. We need a marketing miracle.

Task: Unlock Marketing Agency
Marketing Agencyunlock_lindsaynaegle

Finally a much requested character joins the roster: Lindsey Naegle! And a new building for producing materials appears.

Springfield Heights Pt. 11

Lindsey Naegle starts

sidebar_lindsaynaegleCookie, darling! What’s the sitch? Selling cigarettes to kids? Selling elephants to poachers? Selling cigarettes to elephants?
Cookie Kwan IconWe’re selling homes to people in need… of a fourth home.
sidebar_lindsaynaegleThat’s it? Easy! It’ll be like taking candy from a baby. And then selling that rebranded boutique candy back to the baby.
sidebar_lindsaynaegleI’ll sell those homes faster than you can say here’s a giant signing bonus!
Cookie Kwan IconHere’s a giant signing bonus?
sidebar_lindsaynaegleGreat! Cash is preferred. Now let’s think of some advertising slogan like, “Blast Off to New Heights!” But not that.
System Message: Tap on the Marketing Agency to produce Ads to build an Exclusive Resort!
Blast Off Message

Marketing Agency Jobs
Task: Make Springfielders Produce Ads [x10]
Time: 16m
Location: Marketing Agency
Task: Build Exclusive Resort
Exclusive Resort

sidebar_paristexanA new resort just went up and it’s exclusive, Daddy. Which room is mine?
sidebar_therichtexanNone yet, darling. But let me talk to our real estate agent!
Cookie Kwan IconOn the top end, we have the deluxe suite, the ultra-deluxe suite and the sweet suite.
sidebar_therichtexanGreat. Put ’em all together, and that will be the closet for whatever even bigger suite I end up buying.

After building the Exclusive Resort, which can be upgraded, a new type of tiles for Squidport unlocks: the Ornate Pier. All items placable on Squidport can be placed on the Ornate Pier too. Building the first three tiles takes 6 second. From fourth to seventysixth (the maximum) takes 2 hours. Building a tile costs 10 Ads.

Springfield Heights Pt. 12

Lindsey Naegle starts

sidebar_seacaptainY’arr. Have you considered a partnership with the Squidport for your new luxury condos? Our bid comes with a washed-up whale carcass.
sidebar_seacaptainThink of all the lamps you can light with that blubber. Arrr!!!
sidebar_lindsaynaegleForget it, Captain Kangaroo. The Squidport is going down like Atlantis. Sink it boys!
sidebar_lindsaynaegleOh, we can’t do that? Well then, let’s build our own.

Ornate PierOrnate Pier TilesElite Yacht Club
Task: Place Ornate Pier
Task: Place Ornate Pier Tiles [x3]
Task: Build Elite Yacht Club

Springfield Heights Pt. 13

Lindsey Naegle starts

sidebar_lindsaynaegleThe only bad press is no press. Just ask Harvey Finbleton.
Cookie Kwan IconWho?
sidebar_lindsaynaegleExactly! We need to throw a fancy party and encourage famous people to embarrass themselves.
Cookie Kwan IconWe do have some famous actors in town, like the boy who almost became Radioactive Boy.
sidebar_lindsaynaegleNO CHILDREN!
sidebar_lindsaynaegleIf I wanted to be hugged by sticky hands, I’d have stayed in that Women in the Workplace Jello Wrestling networking group.

Task: Make Lindsey Naegle Keep Kids Out of Party
Task: Make Celebrities Attend A Lavish Party [x3]
Time: 6h
Location: Elite Yacht Club

A new upgradable island joins the Heights too: the Private Island.

Springfield Heights Pt. 14

Lindsey Naegle starts

sidebar_lindsaynaegleThe pictures I leaked to SMZ have caught fire! Literally. Apparently people in this town love to burn things.
sidebar_wiggumI’d arrest the people that vandalized those pictures, but it happened in international waters.
Cookie Kwan IconIt was on the dock…
sidebar_wiggumSounds like outside of my jurisdiction to me. Same as for under bridges, or inside buildings.
sidebar_lindsaynaegleThe police in this town are useless.
Cookie Kwan IconAre you thinking we should initiate sweeping police reforms?
sidebar_lindsaynaegleNo, I’m thinking we should create our own lands with our own laws. Lands surrounded by water! I call them… me-lands.
Cookie Kwan IconYou mean islands?
sidebar_lindsaynaeglePretty sure it’s me, not I.

Task: (Make Lindsey Naegle) Give an Impassioned Speech
Time: 8h
Task: Build Private Island
Private Island 1

sidebar_therichtexanI just found a receipt for a private island in my pocket.
sidebar_therichtexanCall Dr. Hibbert, I think I’m sleep-buying again.
sidebar_paristexanOh! Can we keep it, Daddy? Can we?
sidebar_paristexanMy Best Frenemy Forever, Nicole, is going to die when she finds out.
sidebar_paristexanShe thinks she’s so much better than everyone because of her private isthmus.

On February 4th 2016, a new update introduced two new questline, one of this was to upgrade the Exclusive Resort, unlocked after completing Springfield Heights Pt. 11, the second one is to upgrade the Private Island, unlocked after completing Springfield Heights Pt. 14.

When Four Stars is Not Enough Pt. 1

Auto starts

Task: Upgrade an Exclusive Resort to Level 2

When Four Stars is Not Enough Pt. 2

Auto starts

Task: Upgrade an Exclusive Resort to Level 3

When Four Stars is Not Enough Pt. 3

Auto starts

Task: Upgrade an Exclusive Resort to Level 4

When Four Stars is Not Enough Pt. 4

Auto starts

Task: Upgrade an Exclusive Resort to Level 5

Paradise Found Pt. 1

Auto starts

Task: Upgrade a Private Island to level 2

Paradise Found Pt. 2

Auto starts

Task: Upgrade a Private Island to level 3

Paradise Found Pt. 3

Auto starts

Task: Upgrade a Private Island to level 4

Paradise Found Pt. 4

Auto starts

Task: Upgrade a Private Island to level 5

A teaser for the Christmas Event appeared, announcing it’s coming next week, and gifting us a new christmas skin for Flanders House: the Tasteful Festive Flanders House.

The Proclamation of Decoration

Ned starts

sidebar_nedDecember’s here! That means the Lord’s birthday is right around the corner!
Rodd and ToddYay!!
sidebar_nedGet decorating, boys! We’re gonna party like it’s 4 to 6 B.C. The Bible’s a little cloudy on the actual date.

Task: Make Ned Decorate His House
Time: 30s
Location: Flanders House

System Message: Will Homer be able to cope with Ned’s amazing decorating skills? Come back next week to find out!
Tasteful Festive Flanders House Xmas Message

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


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  1. how can I find out Ned’s skills?


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