What Changed With the Winter 2015 Updates? (December 8th, 9th and 10th)

EA just dropped with a huge delay the Christmas Event. As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.
Note: A second patch was released the next day. And a third patch was released two days later.
Other Winter 2015 Updates: Patch 3 (December 16th), Patch 4 (December 22nd)Patch 5 (December 24th)“Much Apu About Something” Tie-In (January 13th)


The app icon, the splash screen and the Friend visit’s icon were changed to new ones for the event.


The whole game was changed to winter theme and snow is falling.

The Daily Play Combo was changed to pay out Event Currency.


Sleep-Eazy Motel, Zenith City Apartments, Zenith City Lofts, Zenith City Store Front, Zenith City Times and Death Mountain can’t be built from inventory anymore.


Santa’s Little Helper and Snow Monster now have jobs.


Funzos are now part of the Robots character group.


Building Blocko Store now requires Level 5 and yields 30 XP instead of 50.


King Winter’s Cave was added to the Characters inventory group.

Springfield Skating Rink was added to the Civic inventory group.

Grampa Snowman was added to the Decorations inventory group.

First Ever Christmas Tree was removed from the Decorations inventory group.

King Winters Cave

King Winter’s Cave and Fever Cabin were added to the Houses inventory group.

Homer, Lisa, Bart, Marge, Maggie and Grampa Snowmen were added to the Miscellany inventory group.

It’s A Wonderful Knife was added to the Squidport inventory group.

Sophie Krustofsky was added to the characters that can Go to School.


Marge’s Walk Maggie requires to not have unlocked Maggie.


A new cutscene is set to play when Maggie will be unlocked.

The glitch preventing the build menu from working properly and not show the raccomandation and event panels was fixed.

Store glitched

Old Simpson Farm, Simpson Houseboat, Mechanical Ant Alpha and Death Mountain’s Conform-O-Meter rating was removed.

Mechanical Ant Alpha

Landing Zone was changed to Simpson House.


The Proclamation of Decoration was set to end at the end of the Winter 2015 event.


A glitch showing a levelless Deluxe Condo in the store was fixed.

Deluxe Condo (Level 1)

Stonecutter Daycare Center now requires Level 5.

Building Santa’s Workshop now requires Level 5 and yields 70 XP instead of 50.

Building Egg Nog Bar now requires Level 5.

Building Helter Shelter now requires Level 5 and yields 60 XP instead of 50.

Building Springfield Skating Rink now requires Level 5 and yields 85 XP instead of 50.

Building Toy Workshop now takes 6 seconds, yields 500$ and 45 XP instead of 300$ and 30 XP, and can’t be built from Inventory.

Festive Light Plunger now has a 0.75% Bonus $ and XP and placing it yields 55 XP instead of 20.

Placing The North Pole yields 55 XP instead of 20.

First Ever Christmas Tree is no longer unique and has a 0.25% Bonus $ and XP.

First Christmas Tree

Placing Nativity Scene now yields 175 XP instead of 100 and now has a 1.5% Bonus $ and XP.

Placing Fever Cabin now yields 30 XP instead of 100 and now has a 0.25% Bonus $ and XP.

Placing Homer Fever Snowman and Burns Fever Snowman now yields 10 XP instead of 20 and now has a 0.25% Bonus $ and XP.

First Ever Christmas Tree is no longer unique and has a 0.25% Bonus $ and XP.

Placing Nativity Scene now yields 175 XP instead of 100 and now has a 1.5% Bonus $ and XP.

Homer Fever Snowman and Burns Fever Snowman are no longer unique.

Event Leaderboard was added.


Kang and Kodos’ 16 Hour Evil Chortle is no longer located at Victorian UFO.


Rigellian Tribal Hut was removed from the Home group.


Little Helper Ralph jobs now yield premium payout.


The Twin Moguls Of Ned Flanders Pt. 3 now requires to build the First Church of Springfield instead of Moe’s Tavern, though stated wrongly ingame.

First Church of Springfield

Mr. Burns’ hair changed from gray to blue.


Smither now has blue glasses instead of clear ones.


Marge has a new unlock picture Maggie-less.


KBBL Radio become taller.


The 2014 from the ribbon on Christmas Lard Lad Donuts was removed.

Christmas LLD

Bramble Hedge’s front and back images were switched.


Christmas Orange House had its christmas lights removed.


The next day, December 9th, a second patch was released.

R.O.S.A was removed from the Robots character group.


Milhouse’s Decorate His House, Cletus’ Decorate His Farm and Rev. Lovejoy’s Decorate His Church were changed from 1 minute to 8 hours.


Event Leaderboard’s naughty and nice colors (previously inverted) were corrected.


A third patch was released on December 10th.

Murdered Snowman is now animated.


All the christmas skins are now animated and glowing, also fixing a overlay glitch, with buildings going over characters.


The icon on top of the Things Unnecessary changed.


Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


23 thoughts on “What Changed With the Winter 2015 Updates? (December 8th, 9th and 10th)

  1. Hi need advice I can’t figuer out which is better to buy barney bawlorama and earn only 24 hats and an extra person or by the duff center for hats in game.and earn 200 in 6 hours.


    1. Barney. He is good all year around. The duff building doesn’t provide a character and its only effect is during the event mostly. Go for barney


      1. Thank you. Will do.


  2. Gulp N Blow – two toned Orange and Red roof border instead of solid red.


  3. When dropping presents in friends towns – surely the best odds are from being ‘nice’ to everyone? That way we’re all guaranteed to get 15 bows from each drop (75) rather than some random number between 5-25-125. The chances of getting 125 are as likely(unlikely) as getting 5 (pretty low) – although most people (?) will do a mix of naughty and nice … so in the long run we’ll be better off all being ‘nice’ for 75 each day.

    Might be too simplistic, optimistic or just boring …. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “Milhouse’s Decorate His House, Cletus’ Decorate His Farm and Rev. Lovejoy’s Decorate His Church were changed from 1 minute to 8 hours.”

    gasp Poor straglers!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Also, I believe the Christmas facade for Lard Lad changed, the ribbon used to say “2014” but now it’s blank. Can someone confirm this?


    1. I haven’t seen the new façade but I distinctly recall the 2014. I noticed it just the day before the update.


  6. The Snow Monster and Santa’s Little Helper now have jobs they can do. 😃


  7. The KBBL radio station has a slightly different look.


    1. This happened last Christmas as well! Wish that would keep this version, it looks much better.


  8. How do I get more presents to drop in neighbor’s towns?


    1. I suspect they will randomly fall when tapping merrymakers but don’t quote me on that.


      1. I got a new set of presents today, it maybe every 24hrs you get 5 more presents.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. I’m having the same problem, after the initial 5 I haven’t received any more. Now that it’s a daily task it’s unnerving to not be getting any.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Is the fix for the deluxe condo glitch where we could get more than 10 condos? No longer?


    1. no there was a glitch showing a glitched levelless deluxe condo on the shop


  10. Smithers got blue glasses too, and Marge has a different unlock image without Maggie in it 🙂


    1. well not really, they re blue just in the character potrait but they’re not in the model


      1. His costume selection screen has blue glasses as do the unlock images of both of his skins, but I see what you mean 🙂


  11. Smithers glasses also got a blue color instead of white.


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