Winter 2015: Crafting

As usual with the last events, EA added crafting in this one too. A good selection of buildings and decorations is available in the first two acts. Let’s find out what’s in store for us in the Things Unnecessary right after the jump.

After starting The White Elephant in the Room Pt. 1, you can build Things Unnecessary, the building that enables the Crafting side of the event. By tapping on Merrymakers, completing challenges and dropping and opening presents, you can get crafting materials, Bows and Baubles, to craft the items.

Crafting GuideCrafting Screen


Image Name Cost
skichalet_menu Ski Chalet sidebar_xmas2015_christmasbows839 sidebar_xmas2015_baubles1.440
woolybully_menu Wooly Bully sidebar_xmas2015_christmasbows20 sidebar_xmas2015_baubles40
thermaligloo_menu Fancy Igloo sidebar_xmas2015_christmasbows227 sidebar_xmas2015_baubles506
christmasclams_menu Christmas Clams $50 a Pound sidebar_xmas2015_christmasbows408 sidebar_xmas2015_baubles778
50px-Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_1 Festive Bow Lamp Post [x3] sidebar_xmas2015_baubles78
LawnBell2 Festive Lawn Bell [x3] sidebar_xmas2015_baubles78
MargeSnowman Marge Snowman sidebar_xmas2015_christmasbows80
SantasLittleHelperSnowman Santa’s Little Helper Snowdog sidebar_xmas2015_christmasbows80


Image Name Cost
efcotcenter_menu Efcot Center sidebar_xmas2015_christmasbows1.123 sidebar_xmas2015_baubles1.286
irregulartrees_menu X-mas Trees Slightly Irregular sidebar_xmas2015_christmasbows20 sidebar_xmas2015_baubles40
giantoutdoorfireplace_menu Giant Outdoor Fireplace sidebar_xmas2015_baubles1.095
icecouchgag_menu Ice Sculpture Couch Gag Scene sidebar_xmas2015_christmasbows522 sidebar_xmas2015_baubles714
50px-Tapped_Out_Lamp_Post_Festive_3 Festive Wreath Lamp Post [x3] sidebar_xmas2015_baubles96
CandyCane Festive Candycane [x3] sidebar_xmas2015_baubles96
LisaSnowman Lisa Snowman sidebar_xmas2015_christmasbows79
AbeSnowman Grampa Snowman sidebar_xmas2015_christmasbows79

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


18 thoughts on “Winter 2015: Crafting

  1. i crafted a prize early and now the daily challenge has has asked me to craft the same prize, but i can not as only allows 1 in the town.. however the daily challenge has not recognised that i already have this item… How do i complete this challenge if i can not craft another?


  2. Looks like a sad un merrry Christmas for those of us that saved crafting materials till the end LIKE WE USUSALY DO IN ALL PAST EVENTS so we can choose from the three acts which prizes we would like to craft ( minus the required prizes we must craft for quests). Thanks EA you cheap scrooges. I fully expect EA to ask players to PAY in donuts for the items they could have crafted in act . A LITTLE WARNING WOULD BE NICE you cheap ***. Merry Christmas ho ho ho BAH HUMBUG from EA.


    • Just a reminder: Topix is not EA, Topix is in no way, shape or form connected or associated with EA, Topix does not represent EA nor does Topix have any communication what so ever with EA, Topix has no influence over what EA chooses to do or not, but thank you for your input.


  3. Hmmmmmmmmmm – the items that need to be crafted with BOWS seem to be rather monumental tasks – considering we have to rely on gift drops from friends and leaving gifts – when we all only have 5 per day. On top of that – the “randomness” of NAUGHTY vs NICE.


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