Winter 2015: Buildings Upgrade

Upgradable buildings are one of the feautures in the latest events, and in this one, some interesting appealing ones appear. A snowman, a gingerbread mansion, and some competition for them, while a station appears to squish Merrymakers faster. Join us right after the jump for the complete guide on upgrading buildings for Act 1 and 2.

The characters needed to upgrade the buildings are listed in the tables below and differ slightly from the character groups that can normally do those jobs.

Find AttractionWinter_2015_Find_Attraction Act 2

On upgrading, you’ll also be awarded with Event Currency. The ammount is listed in the table below.

ss (2016-03-09 at 07.20.06)

The first two buildings are available in Act 1 and can only be upgraded with jobs on Act 1. In Act 2 and Maggie they’re only upgradable with Donuts.

Best Snowman Ever

Best Snowman Ever Upgrade

ss (2016-03-09 at 07.14.28)

Gingerbread Mansion

Gingerbread Mansion Upgrade

ss (2016-03-09 at 07.15.04)

The third building is available and upgradable for the whole event.

Hot Squishee Station

Hot Squishee Station

ss (2016-03-09 at 07.15.51)

The final four buildings are available in Act 2 and can only be upgraded with jobs on Act 2. In Act Maggie they’re only upgradable with Donuts.

Exotic Petting Zoo

Exotic Petting Zoo Upgrade

ss (2016-03-09 at 07.13.13)

Reindeer Burger Truck

Reindeer Burger Truck Upgrade

ss (2016-03-09 at 07.12.28)

Fortress of Lonelitude

Fortress of Lonelitude Upgrade

ss (2016-03-09 at 07.16.14)

Moonshine Shack

Moonshine Shack Upgrade

ss (2016-03-09 at 07.12.50)

Join us later for more info on this event, happy tapping!


10 thoughts on “Winter 2015: Buildings Upgrade

  1. Does the gingerbread house eventually pay any dividend once all upgrades are done?


    1. no only money and XP. no event currency in act 2. only act 2 buildings do in act 2.


  2. Does anyone not have the gingerbread house completed yet? I finished level three, but it wouldn’t prompt for level four. Is that part over? I can upgrade for hundreds of donuts, but no clue if I can finish the quest.


    1. you can’t unfortunatly do it with quests only with donuts in act 2


      1. boo urns. Thanks!


  3. I’ve got a Leftorium Express. No sign of a Gingerbread House yet.


  4. Can u plz tell me how much Patches and Poor Violet cost? (In terms of Santa hats)


  5. Could you write what characters are available for the Snowman tasks? Thanx


    1. uh ? i linked the character groups post in the post


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