Winter 2015: Naughty or Nice? Which Way Does it Pay to Play?

One of the most fun aspects of the Tapped Out holiday event series is the social objectives. From “tee-peeing” homes with toilet paper and eggs, to planting snake eggs, delivering Valentine’s to catching Fed’s and many more, each major holiday event has rarely disappointed on the “to-do” tasks for neighboreeno’s. The Christmas/Winter 2015 Event has, once again, brought with it a fun but perplexing social aspect which finds players faced with an internal debate of “am I naughty or nice?”

ico_xmas2015_devilbart_naughty_lg                                                           ico_xmas2015_angellisa_nice_lg

Obviously not everyone “struggles” with the decision to be naughty or nice, but to some it may be a challenge for moral purposes and more importantly, for purposes of deciding which way pays off more. I am first, going to explain this social option and what it entails and then I will break down the payoffs of each choice both from the giver and also the receiver because the payoff changes depending on each choice made starting with the giver and ending with the receiving player. Let’s get started.

As with any event the ability to interact with your neighboreeno’s with regards to the event’s specific social objective does not activate as soon as you being the event. You must progress a little bit and complete certain requirement’s first. At this stage the majority of players have already reached this stage as the event is now almost a week old, however, I’m sure not everyone has reached this stage and others may have but still have questions. Here’s the quest information:

Gonna Find Out Who’s Naughty or Nice Pt. 1

Naughty or Nice Pt. 1 Task Image


  • Reach Level 8
  • Complete “Snow Big Deal”

Once you complete Snow Big Deal you will activate the event “officially.” Depending on your individual progress, what premium items you buy, etc. the Gonna Find Out Who’s Naughty or Nice Pt. 1 prompt may not come at the same time for everyone but it will activate. You will then receive the Naughty or Nice instructional image:

Naughty or Nice Guide

Seems pretty cut and dry right? And perhaps it is to some, but just in case let’s break it all down and get a better understanding of exactly what it all means. Basically, the payout that is received on YOUR end is all determined by the choice made by the neighboreeno who leaves the present to be Naughty or Nice AND the choice you make when opening the gift, again whether to be Naughty or Nice.

Naughty or Nice Choice

Gonna Find Out Who’s Naughty or Nice Pt. 2

The second and final part of this quest is the flip side of giving a present which is opening one. Again the payout of your present depends on which choice was made when the gift was left and which choice was made when the gift was opened.

Naughty or Nice Summary

Below are all possible results all dependent upon whether the present is given as Naughty or Nice and received or opened as Naughty or Nice:

Naughty or Nice Results

Given as Nice  / Opened as Nice  – Both receive ico_priz_xmas2015_christmasbows_lg15

Given as Nice  / Opened as Naughty – You receive ico_priz_xmas2015_christmasbows_lg25 / Neighbor receives ico_priz_xmas2015_christmasbows_lg1

Given as Naughty / Opened as Naughty – Both receive ico_priz_xmas2015_christmasbows_lg5

Given as Naughty / Opened as Nice – You receive ico_priz_xmas2015_christmasbows_lg1 / Neighbor receives ico_priz_xmas2015_christmasbows_lg25

There is no way for you as the receiver to tell whether the present you are about to open was given as Naughty or Nice however, if you are more interested in getting the most ico_priz_xmas2015_christmasbows_lg as possible, the best “go to” choice by default would be to open all gifts as Naughty. 

The kicker, for all of you morally-challenged tappers is that when the neighbor opens a present that you have left for them, no matter which choice, they will receive a prompt after opening that says:

Your Username was nice to you!”  if you left a gift as Nice

Your Username was naughty to you!” if you left a gift as Naughty

So basically if you open a gift as Naughty to reap the max reward, you get the good ol’ smack in the face after opening the gift by the game rubbing in the fact that your neighbor left it as Nice and your greedy self accepted it as Naughty. It’s all in good fun though but definitely a “shake my head” moment.

Naughty or Nice Leaderboard

Presents – Am I Getting Any?

Before I go I want to make you aware of an irritating aspect of the gift-giving that we have actually experienced through all major events that were involved in the “leaving” of something in a neighbor’s town, missing gifts. Not really missing but hidden is more like it.

We can control where a present is delivered. It is placed roughly in the middle of the screen but by scrolling around town and dropping them randomly, it could result in many gifts left in “limbo” without many of you ever knowing they existed. Presents can land literally anywhere in your town, except for the obvious places such as in the water. With many towns fully decorated you may have dozens of gifts laying behind buildings, decorations, all over the place. Here’s an example I just experienced in my own town:

Looking at the image below and there is absolutely nothing suggesting that I have gifts waiting for me.

Naughty or Nice Post Image_Hidden Gifts 1

A simple tap of the “Hide Buildings” option reveals not 1 but 3 gifts that I would have never known were there.

Naughty or Nice Post Image_Hidden Gifts 2

My best advice to all of you, when checking your towns for gifts, tap the Move button and then Hide Buildings to reveal the “dead zone” that is the areas behind them all to reveal any gifts. I have found close to a dozen gifts this way just today alone.

Hope this helps!

Mike S.


26 thoughts on “Winter 2015: Naughty or Nice? Which Way Does it Pay to Play?

  1. Chris Rodgers 12/14/2015 — 20:42

    I do all nice ,100 %, so far ive had 79 nice presents dropped on me an 14 naughty …why so low on the naughty front …i delete unfriend every friend that leaves me naughty gifts ..surprise =) . Sure its petty but it leaves them with 1 less friend who is a an easy exchange for 15 -15 an leaves them less chance for 25 an more likely 5 bows from their remaining naughty friends . I in return only drop presents in towns that are rated 100 % nice .. ive noticed nice towns are ranking higher for the most part .


  2. My brother brought something on the game for £4.99 with the new Christmas update and it came with 150 donuts and 250k in and 2 mystery boxes and I was wandering how he got it can some one help me?


    1. if you had one of the characters/buildings in the offer’s possibles you won’t get it unfortunatly


  3. Will hats still count in act 2


    1. No there will be a new currency for the next set of personal prizes


  4. Someone left me gifts in the water.


  5. both nice produces 15+15=30 currency
    both naughty produces 5+5=10 currency
    1 nice, 1 naughty produces 1+25=26 currency
    So in the end, everyone playing nice gives the most rewards. So – Play nice! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. that is exactly what I explained…but here said in short exact way 🙂 nice nice


  6. This is a classic example of where ‘game theory’ comes into play. Under normal circumstances, playing Naughty will always yield the best results for the individual, on a one-off basis. However with this, everyone can see the frequency of who has been playing Naughty and who has been playing Nice, which would steer many people to choose to drop their presents with players away from the Naughty people towards the ones who more often play Nice, as it’s the best result for the group. So playing Nice should yield better results long term.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi
    There can only be five presents in a town, which means if you have two presents hidden somewhere, your neighbours will only be available to give you three presents. I know that because when visiting my A-town as B-town, no presents were visible, but I could only give my A-town three gifts. Returning to my A-town, using the X-ray tool, I found two presents hiding behind buildings. I actually spend 20 minutes looking for them. It sucks!!


    1. At least you found them! I have 2 I cannot find despite looking for them for days!


  8. I play it like this: As long as I still need crafing ingredients, I’m naughty by default. Once it’s clear I’ll be able to craft everything I want without struggling, I’ll switch to nice so my friends can get their crafting done as well.


    1. TheRealTiminator 12/14/2015 — 10:42

      I’m using the same strategy as Mich here, Now that I have enough bows to craft the ski lodge, clam sign & igloo I’m being nice to everyone again.
      But the question is, when Act 2 starts & there are new crafting items will there be a new currency or will we need more bows again?


      1. I believe the currency changes from bows to baubles but the numbers and rewards remain the same for aspects such as this.


    2. it worths EVERY neighbour to be NICE for maximum bows for every every one


    3. You would need ALL your neighbours to be nice when you’re being naughty to get the Max 25 each time. However, the odds are you’ll get 5 as often as 25, as it’s unlikely ALL your neighbours will leave the same present.

      If we all leave ‘Nice’ presents – we’re guaranteed to all get 75 every day rather than somewhere between 25-150. Short term you might get the Max of 150.

      Not really a moral issue – it’s only a game! 🙂 I’m sure if we play often enough there’ll be enough resources for all the prizes, there usually are, even though I wasn’t able to start right away.


  9. Something else IMPORTANT about getting the most bows as possible 🙂

    In fact, it worths the both neighboreeno’s to be nice at the same time for every sent gift…

    Now, I will explain why 🙂

    Remember, when the one neighbour is NICE on sending a gift and the other neighbour is NICE on receiving the same gift, the sender earns 15 bows for that gift and the receiver also earns 15 bows for that gift.
    FIRST, when Player X send to Player Y 5 gifts, choosing to be NICE on these gifts, Player Y too choosing to be NICE on these gifts, Player X will earn 15 bows for each of the 5 gifts he has sent to Player Y –> 5 gifts x 15 bows = 75 bows for Player X, Player Y also will earn 75 bows for these same 5 gifts Player X has sent to him.
    THEN, when Player Y send to Player X 5 gifts, choosing to be NICE on these gifts, Player X too choosing to be NICE on these gifts, Player Y will earn 15 bows for each of the 5 gifts he has sent to Player X –> 5 gifts x 15 bows = 75 bows for Player Y, Player X also will earn 75 bows for these same 5 gifts Player Y has sent to him.
    IN TOTAL: 150 bows for Player X (75 bows + 75 bows) and 150 bows for Player Y (75 bows + 75 bows)

    Remember, when the one is NAUGHTY and the other is NICE, the NAUGHTY-one earns 25 bows and the NICE-one earn only 1 bow.
    So, in this case the picture is:
    FIRST, when Player X is NAUGHTY and Player Y is NICE, Player X will earn 125 bows (5 gifts x 25 bows = 125 bows) and Player Y will earn 5 bows (5 gifts x 1 bow = 5 bows)
    THEN, when Player Y is NAUGHTY and Player X is NICE, Player Y will earn 125 bows (5 gifts x 25 bows = 125 bows) and Player X will earn 5 bows (5 gifts x 1 bow = 5 bows)
    IN TOTAL: 130 bows for Player X (125 bows + 5 bows) and 130 bows for Player Y (5 bows + 125 bows)

    150 is more than 130, isn’t it? 🙂 🙂 🙂


  10. The post have a BIG MISTAKE 🙂
    In the sentence “Given as Nice / Opened as Naughty – You receive 25 bows / Neighbor receives 1 bow”
    The truth is –> The nice receives 1 bow / The naughty receives 25 bows


    1. In this case your neighbour is nice and youre naughty, right? The given nice (from your neighbour) get 1 – you recieve/open as Naughty, you get 25. You say the excacty same thing, in different words…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. it is not true what is written in the post – it is not true that “Given as Nice – You receive 25 bows”


        1. If you open a gift as NAUGHTY that was given to you as NICE you will receive 25 bows and the neighbor gets 1 bow.

          Liked by 1 person

  11. Yeah, you can also move the presents that you find this way into the open while you are hiding the buildings so you don’t have to guess where they are again.


  12. I beg to differ – you can control where you drop a present, it will be roughly in the middle of the screen. So if you scroll to an open space and drop the present, it will be visible. I found the best option is to drop it in a large body of water, either a lake or off the coast.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It also helps if you zoom in 🙂


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