Winter 2015: Act Maggie Special Prizes Walkthrough

The babies have invaded Springfield, in this final act of the christmas event, and the final prizes have come too. Join us right after the jump for the walkthrough on the prizes of act Maggie Special!

Kearney’s Other Son

Auto starts

Task: Unlock Kearney’s Other Son

Son of Anarchy Pt. 1

Kearney’s Other Son starts

Barney: I’m tellin’ ya, Moe, them animals you got in that petting zoo are vicious.
Barney: Two of them started kicking and biting me when I fed them a cracker.
Moe: Barney, that was two of the kids that did that.
Barney: Maybe you better explain to me the difference between a child and a sheep.

Task: Make Kearney’s Other Attend Budget Daycare
Time: 12h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

Son of Anarchy Pt. 2

Moe starts

Moe: Hey, why is my beer delivery still out here on the sidewalk?
Barney: Since he got that disease, the delivery guy said he won’t come inside anymore.
Moe: You tell that delivery guy, I got no control over where black mold wants to go!
Homer: Moe, looks like you’re gonna need someone with the strength of two men to move that beer delivery before the sun gets to it.
Moe: Or… one unnaturally muscular baby – Kearney’s other kid!
Kearney’s Other Son: *nod*

Task: Make Kearney’s Other Son Move Beer Cases
Time: 24h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

Son of Anarchy Pt. 3

Kearney’s Other Son starts

Barney: Aw, look, all the babies out back are surrounding that big one. So cute.
Moe: Babies got a natural pecking order. They come to know and respect the toughest one of the herd.
Barney: Looks like they’re respecting him with a bunch of makeshift weapons!
Moe: Sharpened rattles! Teething ring brass knuckles! A busy-box torture device!
Moe: I gotta get out there and protect my investment!
Moe: And start frisking those little jerks a little better!

Task: Make Moe Break Up a Baby Fight
Time: 2h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

Son of Anarchy Pt. 4

Moe starts

Moe: Good job stacking those beer kegs, muscle kid Kearney.
Kearney’s Other Son: *nod*
Barney: Wow, Moe, you hardly have to lift a finger with that baby around.
Moe: Yeah, I avoided babies all my life, never knowin’ I could use them to do all the things I didn’t want to do.
Moe: Hey, muscle kid. Clean and jerk Barney like a barbell.
Kearney’s Other Son: *nod*

Task: Make Kearney’s Other Son Throw Out Drunks
Time: 8h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

Son of Anarchy Pt. 5

Moe starts

Moe: What’s goin’ on with all this garbage piling up? My trash rats are all confused!
Moe: Where’s that muscle kid? He was supposed be in charge of all this.
Barney: I haven’t seen him all morning.
Moe: He’s just a baby. A baby that does all my heavy liftin’ Where could he be?
Moe: Is that… a hole? No fair! He’s been usin’ his muscles for escapin’?
Moe: Kids these day just don’t want to be illegally worked long hours.

Task: Make Kearney’s Other Son Tunnel to Freedom
Time: 4h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

Mrs. Sinclair

Auto starts

Task: Unlock Mrs. Sinclair

A Day at the Laissez-faire Pt. 1

Mrs. Sinclair starts

Mr. Burns: Greetings workers! I have gathered you all to discuss this year’s employee efficiency report.
Mr. Burns: To start with… you’re all worthless! Your overall scores ranked beneath that of the earthworm!
Lenny: Worms break down waste into usable compost!
Mr. Burns: As I will break you down!
Mr. Burns: And because worms give me the heebie-jeebies, I’m hiring someone to do this for me.

Task: Make Mrs. Sinclair Set Up Shop
Time: 2h
Location: Control Building

A Day at the Laissez-faire Pt. 2

Mrs. Sinclair starts

Homer: I don’t like the way that “Efficiency Manager” examines our every move.
Carl: No kidding. Especially since we haven’t moved all day!
Lenny: Maybe we should move?
Homer: That’s a pretty drastic, but yeah… let’s show her how hard we can work.

Task: Make Carl Work Harder
Task: Make Lenny Work Harder
Task: Make Homer Try to Look Busy
Time: 4h
Location: Control Building

A Day at the Laissez-faire Pt. 3

Mrs. Sinclair starts

Mrs. Sinclair: For a person to prosper, one must embrace the virtue of selfishness.
Mrs. Sinclair: Rules only create barriers. To be truly free, you must adapt the world to your own needs first.
Homer: Everything she’s saying belongs on a teabag.
Homer: But if she saying what I think she’s saying, we should make up our own work rules.
Mrs. Sinclair: Yes! I call it the Laissez-faire Workday!
Homer: Woo hoo! And I call a 2 hour bathroom break!

Task: Make Carl Work Easier
Task: Make Lenny Work Easier
Task: Make Homer Not Bother to Look Busy
Time: 12h
Location: Control Building

A Day at the Laissez-faire Pt. 4

Mrs. Sinclair starts

Carl: This new work policy is great. I’m getting 50% more work done in only twice the time!
Homer: Heh, heh, yeah, I’m saving time at home by getting all my sleep done at work!
Lenny: I don’t know what Sinclair’s goal is, but I’m fine microwaving ketchup packets all day. Pop-pop-boom!

Task: Make Mrs. Sinclair Write Philosophical Essays
Time: 24h
Location: Blue House

A Day at the Laissez-faire Pt. 5

Mrs. Sinclair starts

Mr. Burns: What in the name of Lucifer is going on?! Plant productivity has plummeted!
Mrs. Sinclair: Allow me to explain. Each worker is expected to work for themselves, not for the profit of the company.
Mr. Burns: Wha?!… Not profit for the company? The company is me!
Mr. Burns: She’s a witch! Someone draw me a circle of salt and cast her out with flint pebbles!

Task: Make Mrs. Sinclair Find a New Job
Time: 8h
Location: Brown House

Wall E. Weasel’s

Auto starts

Bart: Man, I’m bored. No reflection on you, Milhouse.
Milhouse: How ‘bout we have some fun shaving our locker combinations into our hair.
Bart: I’d say keep thinking but I really want you to stop thinking.
Milhouse: Oo! I read in the newspaper that a Wall E. Weasel’s is opening up in Springfield. We could go there!?
Bart: Wait… stop… hold on… what 10 year-old kid reads a newspaper?!

Task: Collect Pacifiers and Unlock Wall E. Weasel’s
Task: Build Wall E. Weasel’s
Task: Make Bart Play Larry the Looter
Task: Make Milhouse Watch Bart Play Larry the Looter
Time: 1h
Location: Wall E. Weasel’s

Milhouse: Isn’t this video game so cool, Bart?!
Bart: No. This video game is so lame!
Bart: Ok, let’s go shave locker combinations in our heads.

Baby Gerald

Auto starts

Task: Unlock Baby Gerald

Baby on Board 2: The Quickening Pt. 1

Lisa starts

Lisa: I can’t believe I’m finally old enough to babysit and my first job is for Maggie’s nemesis – Baby Gerald.
Lisa: How bad could a baby really be?
Baby Gerald: *glare*

Task: Make Lisa Babysit Baby Gerald
Task: Make Baby Gerald Watch Happy Little Elves on TV
Time: 1h
Location: Brown House

Baby on Board 2: The Quickening Pt. 2

Baby Gerald starts

Homer: Hey Lisa, why is there a creepy baby hanging around our house?
Lisa: I’m babysitting, Dad. And it’s not nice to call a baby creepy.
Homer: You’re right. Babies can only be smiling, happy bundles of joy–
Baby Gerald: *ominous glare*
Homer: AAAHHH!!

Task: Make Baby Gerald Mess with Maggie’s Stuff
Time: 12h
Location: Simpson House

Baby on Board 2: The Quickening Pt. 3

Baby Gerald starts

Homer: Nothing like an afternoon at Moe’s to get images of creepy, one-eye-browed babies out of your head.
Baby Gerald: *ominous glare*
Homer: AAAHHH! It’s that creepy baby! Moe, quick! Give me six more beers!
Moe: Comin’ right up.
Moe: Havin’ a creepy baby around the bar sure helps the booze bizness.

Task: Reach Level 15 and Build Moe’s Tavern
Task: Make Baby Gerald Drink Formula at Moe’s
Time: 8h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

Baby on Board 2: The Quickening Pt. 4

Baby Gerald starts

Homer: Lisa, you’ve got to help me! That creepy baby is out to get me!
Lisa: I’m sure you’re exaggerating, Dad. There’s no way a baby could hurt you.
Homer: I have dozens of scars from when Bart was in diapers!
Lisa: Well, if it makes you feel any better, Gerald already has a nemesis. It’s Maggie.
Homer: Oh, what a relief.

Task: Make Maggie Play With Butterflies
Time: 12h
Location: Brown House
Task: Make Baby Gerald Smash Butterflies
Time: 4h

Baby on Board 2: The Quickening Pt. 5

Baby Gerald starts

Homer: The creepy baby is still staring at me!
Baby Gerald: *ominous glare*
Maggie: *steady stare*
Homer: That’s it, Maggie. Save your overweight Daddy from the 12 pound baby! Use your glare power!
Baby Gerald: *ominous glare*
Maggie: *steady stare*
Homer: This is quite the boring battle.

Task: Make Baby Gerald Fight Maggie
Time: 1h
Requires: Maggie

Baby on Board 2: The Quickening Pt. 6

Baby Gerald starts

Lisa: Okay, Gerald, it’s time for you to go home!
Homer: Heh, heh, yeah, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!
Baby Gerald: *ominous glare*
Homer: Um, I mean… wanna watch me hit my head in the door on your way out?
Maggie: *warning stare*
Baby Gerald: *worried look*
Homer: That’s it, Maggie! Stare the plastic pants right off that junior jerk.

Task: Make Baby Gerald Nap With One Eye Open
Time: 24h
Location: Brown House

Bonus Gift

Auto starts

Task: Collect Pacifiers [x4000]
Bonus Gift Act Maggie Special
Reward: 1/2/3 Donuts

This is all for now, join us later for more on this event, happy tapping!


14 thoughts on “Winter 2015: Act Maggie Special Prizes Walkthrough

  1. Hi when is Ling Bouvier going to be available?
    Thank you


    1. Jan 11th, 110 donuts


  2. OOOoh 1 thing though…can’t they make 1 of the buildings (Rubber Baby Buggy or the Slide Factory) for SALE? with currency, not donuts ,to earn more pacifiers??? I don’t have the money to buy a whole bunch of donuts unlike many spoiled players 😛


    1. Some of us choose to buy donuts instead of that chocolatbox for xmas or baubles to hang in our ears or that fancy new years dress or going to the movies. Is that being spoiled?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nobody’s given me a thing since I moved out of my parents house (MANY yrs ago). Reading, music an occasional movie & this game are my entertainment. Excuse me now while I take my spoiled self over to my tablet and purchase a Bear Cave.

        Liked by 4 people

  3. Hi

    How can we collect more bears? Maggie does have missions which earn pacifiers but who or what else? At this rate it’s gonna be long to collect the 27K, after 4 days I’m at 6000… oohoo boy :-/


    1. Todays target for being on track is ~5.200 so youre doing fine.


      1. Where can I find the target track for the pacifiers to see how Im doing?? I seem to be extremely slow at getting them.


  4. razor_leaf309 01/04/2016 — 14:41

    Is the Playdough Factory meant to do anything? It looks like it should gave more displayed when you click it but there’s nothing.


    1. Yes. It launches the minigame once you’re done with Maggie’s questline


      1. Also, when Maggie is doing a quest at the factory, it has an animation.


  5. Tapatapatapa 01/04/2016 — 07:49

    I heard there was a bear cave in the files too. Is it known to be true?


    1. Yes a 100 Ds, it will come later


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