Winter 2015: New item in the store and Last 24 hours for the promos

A new item has arrived in the game: the Bear Cave, while the two promo, Starter Pack and Snow Globe, will expire tomorrow, January 5th at 8am GMT!


14 thoughts on “Winter 2015: New item in the store and Last 24 hours for the promos

  1. I haven’t seen Ling Bouvier yet. Has she not been in the store or did I miss her?


  2. Just a suggestion: Could you please hide those “Tagged” flags below a posting… makes the page quite confusing and unclear.


  3. What does the bear cave do?


  4. Saturnday888 01/05/2016 — 20:04

    It would be a nice surprise if we were given the chance to purchase the candy cane costume ice-skating mascot guy from the Grumple episode. I thought last year they would offer him for donuts since they offered basically everything else from Xmas 2014, and when they didnt I thought maybe next year. But still no candy cane dude. EA please give us a chance to buy him, but remember he is NPC so please don’t gouge us and take advantage of our OCD. LOL.


    1. This suggestion really needs to be asked directly to EA, via their forums. It’s not 100% certain if any of the TSTO staff at EA even browse this website. The weblink for the TSTO forums at EA is:

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  5. The starter pack never ever appeared in my game is there a reason for this?


    1. it was only for those that just ended the tutorial.


      1. Ah! Thanks!


      2. EldarOfSuburbia 01/05/2016 — 15:49

        Ah well. Looked like a good deal, and I have some spare Play Store credit knocking around.


      3. 2005bubbles 01/06/2016 — 03:36

        I am on level 59 and still do not see the starter pack. What do I do?


      4. 2005bubbles 01/06/2016 — 03:39

        Never mind. I re-read your comment, and realized that it was for those who JUST ended the tutorial. I, at level 59, did not just end the tutorial. Lol


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