What Changed With the “Much Apu About Something” Tie-In Update? (January 13th)

EA just released the tie-in for “Much Apu About Something”. As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.
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Whenever a quest requires Marge to Walk Maggie, now the job is either to Walk Maggie or Take Maggie For a Walk, depending if Maggie is unlocked or not. The bug not showing the job on Marge is now fixed.


Walk Maggie now requires Maggie not to be unlocked instead of not having Maggie.

Take Maggie For a Walk now requires Maggie to be unlocked instead of The End of the Beginning Pt. 1 to be started.

Lucille Botzcowski was removed from the Characters inventory group.


Cool Homer’s Break Into The Cool Brown House now pays out premium.


Play Annoyed Grunt Pt. 1 (Maggie not owned) won’t start again if Maggie is stored as it now requires Play Annoyed Grunt Pt. 1 (Maggie owned) to not be started.


Baby on Board 2: The Quickening Pt. 5 and Pt. 6 now has Homer showing emotions in the text box.


Springfield Heights’ Leaderboard was added back.


Biohazard Tower is now animated.


Wooly Bully, X-mas Trees Slightly Irregular, Duff Center Arena, North Pole Station, White Witch Burns and Sophie Krustofsky had their description in the store and inventory screen removed.


Buildings are no longer tappable in friend towns for the duration of the event.


Imaginary Bears were removed from Other Springfield.

Krustyland items that become unplacable on roads in November can now be placed on road again.


Join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


10 thoughts on “What Changed With the “Much Apu About Something” Tie-In Update? (January 13th)

  1. I can freely move buildings in Krustyland again, onto walking paths and off! Was this changed with this update, too?


  2. TheRealTiminator 01/14/2016 — 12:04

    Hey LPN
    I don’t know if it was part of the update or if I just didn’t notice it before but R.O.S.A now appears on the list of characters in the town census at the Town Hall.
    Does this mean that she might be upgraded from a NPC to a playable character like the snow monster was? Or that the developers were going to make her playable but then changed their minds & forgot to take her off the list?
    What do the rumours say? Any news?


    1. They forgot to set the flag for her to not appear in the census probably


  3. Weird, so Other Springfield is now completely useless during this act? haha!!


    1. Yes!! and that sort of annoys me, because I used Other Springfield as my 24h-timer. Since I tap neighbours in shifts, it is hard to tell when the cycle starts over without it.


      1. Seems to me like its a mistake to have removed OS bears but now its kinda late


  4. Just wondered why all my friends no longer had tap-able buildings, so came here to ask and lo and behold you’ve already posted about it. Thanks as ever team.


  5. How come on the Maggie mini game I keep tapping or holding on her and it doesn’t do anything, I don’t win and I have to wait another 16 hours?:(


    1. Tap on the building, not on Maggie.


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