Winter 2015: Last 24+ hours of the event!

The last 24 hours of the event are here, as tomorrow, January 19th, will be the end of it! Hurry up and finish playing the event and don’t forget that the following items will expire too: Duff Center Arena, Festive Light Plunger, Christmas Burns Manor, Christmas Compound, Christmas Wolfcastle Mansion, Christmas Sanjay’s House, Christmas Mansion of Solid Gold, Christmas Crazy Cat House, Christmas Apu’s Apartment, Christmas Houseboat, Ebenezer Burns, Egg Nog Bar, First Ever Christmas Tree, Nativity Scene, Annual Gift Man, Little Helper Ralph, Little Helper Ralph and Toy Workshop, Santa’s Workshop, Murderhorn, Snow Monster, It’s A Wonderful Knife, Blocko Store, Fort Sensible, Shauna, Stonecutter Daycare Center, Bear Cave, Ling Bouvier, Slide Factory, Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers and Slide!


6 thoughts on “Winter 2015: Last 24+ hours of the event!

  1. What’s the next event ? What’s up next ?


  2. Has anyone else lost pacifiers when switching between devices? They went from over 27000 on the iPad to 22608 on tablet, and the event ends today…suggestions on what to do please?


    1. I lost a lot of progress the first day including 1100 pacifiers. I contacted ea. They had a case manager investigate (I also lost donuts which were returned) he explained that I need to visit a neighbor before I close the game to ‘reset’ the game. EA would not fix my lost progress. I have chosen not to change devices during this event. I will try tomorrow and see if it works. I have lost minimal progress in the past when I changed devices (iPad to iPhone) but never hours of work like this last time. It’s really frustrating! I don’t know a lot about computers. Good luck!


  3. I noticed Marge has a few tasks locked Write a smear article, and do a load of laundry, but both are locked? Any idea what these are referring to? Not sure what other characters have locked tasks tho?


    1. they’re from level 48’s questline


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