The 4th Year of Tapped Out: What’s Your Favourite Event of 2015?

Last year we proposed a few polls on what was your favourite updates in the first three years of the game. We’re now asking you what’s your favourite event from 2015!

From Valentine’s Day to Winter, it has been a great year with many fan favourite finally coming out: Sideshow Bob, the Monorail, Maggie, Radioactive Man, Cookie Kwan and many more. What’s your favourite? Vote down below and don’t forget to check last year’s results, as the polls are now closed!

Join us next time for any update on what’s next, happy tapping!


19 thoughts on “The 4th Year of Tapped Out: What’s Your Favourite Event of 2015?

  1. I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to the tstotopix team. Weren’t for you guys and for the info you put out for us to read and answering all are questions. Thank you ALL for your time and hard work!

    I voted for Treehouse of Horror 2015 for a different reason. It did lack new stuff. But I have been playing about 3 yrs and it was the first event to give us 100 free donuts to my knowledge. And we ALL know that donuts don’t come easy. The other thing was the 2.25% walls, that you can craft as many times as you want. And how long I have been playing I had only 90% of total bonus on money and xp. For that I went to 312.45% in 3 1/2 weeks. For those reason’s I voted for Treehouse of Horror and I love Halloween. 🙂

    Here is my top 5!
    1st Treehouse of Horror, 2nd Winter 2015, 3rd Superheroes, 4th Monorail and Terwilligers.


  2. Superheroes > all other (not an easy task since other events were very good more or less).


  3. Tap Ball. Hands down.

    Thanks to the glitch, I was able to earn over 2,000 free bonus donuts grinding out the last week of the event.

    Tappy Happing ! 😉


    1. I know that’s done with, but what exactly was the glitch?


  4. Tapatapatapa 01/20/2016 — 01:06

    I voted Monorail because it’s awesome…although I have 90+ curved tracks in my inventory the bonuts are nice.
    I didn’t think much of Halloween because I had most prizes already and was only allowed one (1) spooky ghost in a coffin.
    Thanks to LPN and all the crew for doing what you do.


  5. Difficult to pick one – there have been a few good Events last year, even if some of them went on far too long. Have really enjoyed earning prizes and good ones at that, more worthwhile than some of the previous years frustrating events. Really enjoyed the Halloween and Winter events this year.


  6. I think Maggie should be separate from Winter. But since Winter was also pretty good, I voted for that and Monorail.


  7. I’ve never been a big comic book guy, but the comic book-themed superheroes event was fun, unique, and gave us a bunch of cool, new items and skins.

    Second place would have to go to the Monorail. People had been clamoring for that for as long as I’ve been playing (Whacking Day).

    I’m not sure why certain updates were included as events for voting, as the Pride Month, Soccer Cup, and Oktoberfest weren’t events–they were as much of an event as tie-ins are. The Springfield Heights expansions were just that; expansions.


  8. Winter blew away the competition. Tons of great content this last year but the events all ran too long and where very monotonous. Like the content more than the events themselves. Winter was perfect all around though.


  9. Looks like the Winter takedown is in the files, and now you can buy a Imaginary Bear for 35d.


  10. I have to go with Monorail here. Five free donuts a week! …and now with Maggie adding 3 donuts every 2-3 days… I wonder if they are doing this because the rate of content release is going to go down.


    1. That, or the rate will be going up and we’ll need every last donut we can get. Might even have to buy some….

      That’s how it feels to me. Remember, they’re drug pushers.


  11. I am hoping for a superhero event sequel this year. It fits what happens with superhero films and there is a lot of material to still use.


  12. What’s about the HAlloween Event??? 🙂


  13. Halloween is missing from your list?


  14. what about the Halloween Event? :)))


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