What Changed With the Winter 2015 Takedown Update? (January 19th)

EA just released the Takedown update for the Winter 2015. As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.

Snow and winter theme were removed.


The app icon, the splash screen, Friend visit’s icon, Town landing zone and Daily Play Combo were changed to non-event ones.


Imaginary Bear was added.


Fortress of Lonelitude, Moonshine Shack, Gingerbread Mansion and Best Snowman Ever were removed from the Business inventory group.


A glitch involving Fortress of Lonelitude, Moonshine Shack, Reindeer Burger Truck and Exotic Petting Zoo remaining vandalized was fixed.

Slide Factory message on Build Menu that it generates event currency was removed.
Private Island’s build time is now 4h.


Health Spa, Plastic Surgery Center, Column Mansion, Montessori School, Ziff Mansion, Burns Slant-Drilling Co., Incubator Think Tank and Polo Field House were added to the Misc. Cash group.

Health Spa

Things Unnecessary now has a job: “Selling Unnecessary Things” (4h).


Reindeer Burger Truck was added to the Shop group.


Where’s Maggie? minigame now has new prize boxes icons.

Find Maggie

Where’s Maggie? guide’s picture was removed and now it’s just text.


Incomplete Winter 2015 buildings can now be stored.


Permanent Daily Challenges system was added but yet incomplete.


The 2014 from the ribbon on Christmas Lard Lad Donuts was added back.


Christmas Orange House had its christmas lights added back.

O’Flanagan’s Pub was resized from 6×5 to 5×4.


Join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


27 thoughts on “What Changed With the Winter 2015 Takedown Update? (January 19th)

  1. The green seems very ‘green’ now it’s back! Very glad to see that Maggie’s task is still active now the forced update has clicked in. Hope that means I can complete the storyline and get the Maggie mini-quest now that seems to be a permanent feature.


  2. Guys, I had over 1k donuts and they disappeared with the update! Anyone else got this problem? What can I do? 😔


  3. Miss Botz doesn’t appear in the character finder icon.
    I’ve also had a long term glitch where I reach 5000 on the first monorail track building task. I have to go to KL to get the popup saying I achieved the first piece of track. After that everything works well..i.e. it only happens on the first piece. Anyone else have this?
    It’s possible it was fixed in this update because I did make track yesterday, before winter’s removal.


  4. “Incomplete Winter 2015 buildings now shows the skin select.”

    I don’t see this. My first level snowman now pays out and can be stored, but I don’t see any skin selection. Maybe you must have more than 1 level? I take it that you don’t get all 5 levels now…?


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