Deep Space Homer event is here!

An update just hit and Deep Space Homer event is here. It’ll be a two weeks mini-event kinda like the Thanksgiving event from last year! You need to be Level 20 to start the event, as Quimby starts the questline. Join us later for all the info on this event!


15 thoughts on “Deep Space Homer event is here!

  1. Hi..may i ask..since this homer space event happen, did find maggie game become not functioning? I try to play it but everytime i found maggie i cannot tap her till the time up..please help me..i already found maggie twice but i could not tap on her when i found her


    1. Tap the building she is on.


  2. networkdood 01/22/2016 — 03:18

    Not sure where to post this info:

    I found a glitch with the jobs concerning this new event.
    On Cheap Space Homer Pt. 2, you send specific characters to do specific jobs.
    The job for Marge is Gather Space Food. I have her doing right now and it is not showing the job progress, like it does for Homer and Quimby. Also, it has the first job in Lisa’s job list as “Gather Space Food”, but it is not in yellow and she is not listed on the left hand side vertical bar of jobs.
    On another note, I am a former veteran of The Family Guy: Quest for Stuff game app and this Simpsons game is way more fun…


    1. it’s not a glitch. send Marge, Bart and Lisa there and see 😉


  3. Tapatapatapa 01/22/2016 — 00:08

    This is a fun update. I wonder if we’ll see Space Chimp (with British accent) or the Mars Rover…doesn’t look it yet.
    Inanimate Carbon Rod pays 2.75% bonus for 35 donuts….that’s generous.


    1. networkdood 01/22/2016 — 03:18

      Can we buy multiples of this item to increase the % with each purchase, or is one all that is needed?


  4. huh…mine appeared, I built the launch pad, and then it went away 😦


    1. reinstall the game, DO NOT touch the screen till download is done, play

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  5. I have received all unique prizes from mystery boxes. Exactly how are the odds affected? Do you know? Thanks in advance. Is it more likely to yield donuts?


  6. Event auto-starts and dialogue commences between Mayor Quimby, Professor Frink, Lisa, and Homer. You are prompted to build the launch pad (instant build, no cost), and a 6second task for Homer to look for keys. After that, the icon for the task appears in the upper-right corner of the screen and the tasks to collect event currency are made available. First task is 3hrs for Mayor Quimby to work out payments, follows by a task to earn 2 stars (the event currency).


  7. Space always makes things better or is it spice…. whatever, all i can say is “Excellent!”


    1. The spice must flow.

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  8. Blast off!


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