Deep Space Homer Walkthrough: Mars Won and Cheap Space Homer

Homer is going to space… again! Build your little space station in Springfield and launch your rocket in space! Find the complete walkthrough of the questline for the Deep Space Homer event right after the jump.

The questline requires Level 20 to unlock, after Town Hall is placed and Quimby is unlocked, the quest starts automatically.

Mars Won Pt. 1

Auto starts

Brockman: Science. What is it? And why is it out to kill us? We have Professor Frink with the frightening details.
Professor Frink: Yes Kent, an asteroid appears to be on track to hit Springfield in approximately 42,000 years.
Professor Frink: However there is nothing to worry about. By my calculations, human life will have been extinct for 41,999 years by then.
Brockman: So, would you say this is the doing of our Martian Insect Overlords?
Professor Frink: Well, it’s extremely unlikely any intelligent alien life originated on Mars.
Brockman: There you have it folks! Aliens have conquered Mars, and are now attacking Earth with asteroids.
Quimby: Not on my watch! Quick, someone build a rocket launch pad and hang a ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner on it.

Task: Build Rocket Launch Pad

Brockman: The launch pad is built, but will our town be saved? But first, this just in… my mouth: a bite of Springfield’s first pizza baked exclusively by cats!

Mars Won Pt. 2

Comic Book Guy starts

Comic Book Guy: If a slew of similar sci-fi movies has taught us anything, it’s that the best way to deal with asteroids is atomic bombs!
Mr. Burns: Atomic bombs, eh? I’d be glad to sell you one from my stockpile… in exchange for not being arrested for having a stockpile of atomic bombs.
Quimby: Do you have a problem if the bomb is purchased with funds earmarked for orphans?
Mr. Burns: I prefer it!
Homer: Umm, Mr. Burns. I’m afraid I lost the key to the atomic bomb storage slash seasonal firework emporium, but I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.

Task: Make Homer Look for Keys
Time: 6s
Location: Homes

Professor Frink: You know, NARA is now accepting astronaut auditions if any of you gentlemen are interested.
Barney: I used to be an astronaut, but I gave it up to pursue my dream job — being a drunk.
Professor Frink: If you want to become an astronaut again, I could help. I am a trained member of the National Astronomics and Radiation Association or NARA. I could be your sports professor.
Barney: Do you mean coach?
Professor Frink: Yes! That’s what it’s called. How about one last drink before training to celebrate?
Barney: Sure! Moe, I’d like a keg to stay please.
System Message: Check out the store for Astronaut Barney and other space themed decorations.
DSH Checkoutthestore

Mars Won Pt. 3

Homer starts

Homer: What brave soul is going to detonate the bomb by riding on it like a cowboy?
Professor Frink: You do realize that you don’t need to ride a bomb like a cowboy to make it go off, don’t you?
Homer: Well NOW I do.
Professor Frink: All we really need is an unmanned missile to hit the asteroid and destroy it.
Homer: I’ll build it! I have been looking for a new hobby.
Professor Frink: Really? Because you said you were all booked up when I asked you to join my “Can you build a robot that feels?” team.
Professor Frink: We got eighth place. The robot took it really hard.

Task: Make Homer Build an Atomic Missile
Time: 6s
Location: Rocket Launch Pad

Bart: Some sort of rod shaped object was blown into space.
Professor Frink: My spectral analysis of the object reveals that the rod was both carbon and inanimate!
Comic Book Guy: Not the Inanimate Carbon Rod! He’s a hero!
Rod: I was named after him.
Todd: I learned about how he and Jesus walked on the moon in science class.
Professor Frink: I was able to connect to the Hoyvin Glaven satellite and saw the rod peacefully convince the asteroid to move out of the way of Springfield.
Agnes: If I was twenty years younger and it was legal to marry inanimate objects, I’d marry that rod.
Moe: How’s a Moe like this supposed to compete with a rod like that? Might as well give up and let myself go.
Moe: Annnnd… done.
Quimby: In honor of the rod, I proudly announce that without any proper procedure or legislative oversight, Springfield will start a space program led by Professor Frink!
Professor Frink: I’ll be following the NARA certification process to a ‘T’, which is NARA’s third most regulated letter.
System Message: Get official NARA approval for your space program by earning NARA certification stars.
DSH GetofficialNara

At this point, the main quest starts, to gather the NARA certification stars and build the rocket! You can find all the jobs that all characters can do in this post.

Cheap Space Homer Pt. 1

Auto starts

Quimby: With our new space program, think of all the hot alien women we can grope inappropriately.
Quimby: Er, I mean all the fascinating scientific discoveries we can grope inappropriately.
Lisa: While the universe is very large, Mayor Quimby, we have yet to discover alien life.
Ned: There’s the Sky Finger. Our intelli-didily-gent designer.
Professor Frink: Mayor Quimby, out of respect to science, can we please stop holding meetings with random people in the room?
Quimby: Sorry but I welcome all constituents who want to observe our government’s dignity and professionalism in action. Now let’s cut some space checks!

Task: Make Quimby Work Out Payments
Time: 3h
Location: Rocket Launch Pad, Shuttle Hangar, Space Training Center or Town Hall
Task: Earn NARA Certification Stars [x2]

Lisa: At the very least, this space program might help kids see that learning is fun!
Professor Frink: I hope so. Then again, I said the same about my Henry David Tho-robot.
Lisa: Didn’t that robot go crazy and try to stab someone?
Professor Frink: No! It was PROGRAMMED to go crazy and try to stab someone. Big difference.

Cheap Space Homer Pt. 2

Quimby starts

Quimby: This space program needs an astronaut! Someone both capable of earning NARA certification stars and relatable to the common man.
Homer: Look. I know you’re hinting at me coming out of astronaut retirement but I gave all that up when I learned I could get astronaut ice cream on Earth.
Lisa: You were an astronaut?
Homer: You don’t remember? I trained, went into space, survived an emergency landing? I also held up the Inanimate Carbon Rod at the parade.
Quimby: You were the Inanimate Carbon Rod holder? Why didn’t you say so?
Homer: No one remembers? That does it — I’m entering the NARA certification program.
Professor Frink: Great! All you need to do is sign your name.
Homer: Too much work. I quit.

DSH Pt. 2
Make Homer Train as an Astronaut
Time: 3h
Location: Space Training Center
Task: Earn NARA Certification Stars [x10]
unlock_homer_deepspaceDeep Space Homer Unlock


Marge starts

Marge: Sometimes I just don’t get the point of having a space program.
Marge: I mean sure, it brought us Tang. But then I tried it and regular orange juice is better.
Luann: Hey, they started a new exercise program at the astronaut training facility! It’s called Narobics.
Miss Hoover: It’s supposed to get you down to your weight on Mars!
Marge: Ooh, thank you space program!
System Message: Marge, Luann, and Miss Hoover can Do Narobics to earn additional NARA stars.
DSH MargeLuannHoover

Task: Make Marge Do Narobics
If the user has Miss Hoover: Task: Make Miss Hoover Do Narobics
If the user has Luann: Task: Make Luann Do Narobics
Time: 3h
Location: Rocket Launch Plad, Shuttle Hangar or Space Training Center

Cheap Space Homer Pt. 3

Homer starts

Deep Space Homer: How come we have to do all this work to get launched into space when rocks get catapulted right away.
Herman: Psst. Homer. I think I might have an easier way to earn your NARA stars.
Deep Space Homer: If it’s steroids, I’m not interested. My testicles are finally at a size I like.
Herman: There’s another way. Why earn stars when you can make stars?
Deep Space Homer: So… you’re a wizard?
Herman: Give me money and I’ll give you fake NARA stars. I don’t know how to break it down more than that.
System Message: Collect counterfeit stars at the Space Training Center every 3 hours.
DSH CounterfeitStars

DSH Pt. 3
Tap the Space Training Center
Task: Earn NARA Certification Stars [x30]

Marge: Homer, I’m worried that all this training to become an astronaut is too much for you.
Marge: Plus you seem to be going through our aluminum foil budget a lot quicker than I planned for.
Deep Space Homer: Don’t worry Marge, we’re almost finished! All we need is to somehow get our hands on a space shuttle.
Marge: There isn’t even a space shuttle?
Deep Space Homer: Mayor Quimby bought a hangar without realizing the shuttle inside isn’t included. First rule of space: always read the fine print. Second rule of space: don’t try to breathe.

Cheap Space Homer Pt. 4

Quimby starts

Professor Frink: I could build us a state of the art space shuttle in no time. At least next to no time if you rushed it with few donuts.
Quimby: Great! How much is that gonna cost — two yoga mats and a sprig of mistletoe?
Professor Frink: 50 billion dollars. But it’s worth every penny… right down to its novelty smashed penny machine.
Quimby: How about instead I buy this vintage USSR shuttle from 1963?
Quimby: It doesn’t have NARA certification, but it does have Kremlin’s Seal of Not Having Killed Too Many Dogs.
Quimby: I just need to take out a totally legit business loan.
Fat Tony: Aw yes! I am here from a legitimate business to provide a legitimate business loan.
Fat Tony: Just don’t get behind on payments or I’ll legitimately break your legs. Capisce?

DSH Pt. 4
Make Associates Collect Payments [x3]
Time: 3h
Location: Rocket Launch Plad or Shuttle Hangar
Task: Earn NARA Certification Stars [x45]

System Message: You’ve unlocked Deep Space Homer’s “Gather Insect Specimens” animated job!
DSH GatherInsectSpecimens

The Space Bar

Milhouse starts

Milhouse: Come on guys, let’s check out the space ships!
Deep Space Homer: Hey, you kids can’t go in there! You need a badge or license or for me not to see you.
Martin: But we’re setting up a club. It’s called the Space Bar!
Database: It’s a space-themed Internet cafe where we study the–
Deep Space Homer: It’s cool. You had me at space or bar.
System Message: Milhouse, Martin, and Database can Hang Out at the Hangar to earn additional NARA stars.
DSH MilhouseMartinDatabase

Task: Make Martin Hang Out at the Hangar
Task: Make Milhouse Hang Out at the Hangar
If the user has Database: Task: Make Database Hang Out at the Hangar
Time: 3h
Location: Shuttle Hangar

Cheap Space Homer Pt. 5

Lisa starts

Lisa: Dad, I thought Mom talked you out of this! Do you know how dangerous it is to fly a spaceship?
Deep Space Homer: Of course I do, honey. Daddy was an astronaut, remember?
Lisa: No one in the town does, remember?
Lisa: But if you’re going to do this, at least let me teach you the basic science skills you need to survive.
Deep Space Homer: I keep hearing that from coworkers at the nuclear plant. I don’t need to come home and hear it from my family, too!
Deep Space Homer: I suppose I could practice collecting ant samples like I will on Mars. Although I hear ants on Mars are ten feet tall and wear top hats.
Lisa: Alright, lesson one: learning to tell the difference between science and fever dreams.

DSH Pt. 5
Make Homer Gather Insect Specimens
Time: 8h
Task: Earn NARA Certification Stars [x50]

Deep Space Homer: Woohoo! I always knew I had it in me.
Professor Frink: If by “it” you mean disturbingly soft bones and a heart composed of 40% soft cheeses, then yes.
Professor Frink: I can’t help but feel I’ll be to blame if things go horribly-
Deep Space Homer: Right? You were going to say if things go horribly right?
Professor Frink: Just remember, when you die — I mean if — no I definitely mean when — you’ll die a hero!
System Message: You’ve unlocked Deep Space Homer’s “Walk Like a Hero” animated job!
DSH Walk Like a Hero

Cheap Space Homer Pt. 6

Homer starts

Deep Space Homer: Weather clear, potato chips opened, bladder empty, neck pillow fluffed, talking aloud commenced.
Deep Space Homer: Oops, almost forgot – tray table up!
Deep Space Homer: Now to just hit the launch button… Where’s the launch button?
Professor Frink: Hold up just a moment there! A shuttle lacks the necessary propulsion to take it into orbit without rockets!
Professor Frink: Plus it should be on the launch pad.
Deep Space Homer: Don’t use your high brow science speak to confuse me Frink! I know what I’m doing… at least as far as space-toilets go.
Marge: Don’t worry about what he says Homer, we’ll help you put it all together. How hard can it be?
Lisa: It’s not like it’s rocket science or anything.

DSH Pt. 6
Make Simpsons Put Rocket Ship Together [x4]
Time: 3h
Location: Rocket Launch Pad
Characters: Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart, Grampa
Task: Earn NARA Certification Stars [x100]

Lisa: Voila! I formulated the rocket fuel in the basement with a D.I.Y. video on Viewtube!
Lisa: Plus learned some interesting life hacks and read some very hateful comments.
Professor Frink: Lisa, I could not do this without your brilliant mind, nor your mother’s equally brilliant rice crispy treats.
Deep Space Homer: Hey! I deserve some of the credit. I’m the one who snuck in the plutonium for an extra big bang.
Professor Frink: By Glaven’s ghost! Plutonium? That could destroy us all! Although I suppose it all won’t matter soon…
Lisa: What do you mean?
Professor Frink: Oh, it’s still research in progress. But I’ll share my findings with you at the Springfield Observatory’s slam poetry event and intellectual salon.
System Message: Gather Lisa and other intellectual elite at the Springfield Observatory for more information on the hypothetical end of times and to hear some slam poetry.
DSH SObservatory
System Message: Your Rocket Launch Pad has been upgraded!
DSH RLPUpgraderocketlaunchplatform_menu
DSH Post-EventGuide

Cheap Space Homer Pt. 7

Quimby starts

Quimby: Good news, Homer! The Inanimate Carbon Rod re-entered the atmosphere and has been recovered!
Quimby: So you’re off the hook. The rod can take over the mission and you can go back to being… what were you before? A bum?
Deep Space Homer: Mark my words. No rod – inanimate carbon, Serling or Stewart – will steal my thunder. I trained for this mission, and I will carry it out!
Deep Space Homer: Now is the rocket ship automatic or stick? Because I can’t drive a stick.
Professor Frink: I’m starting to regret not paying more attention during the training process.

Task: Make Homer Launch the Space Ship
Time: 6s
Location: Rocket Launch Pad

Cheap Space Homer Pt. 8

Auto starts

Deep Space Homer: Sorry, I didn’t realize the parking brake was still on. And that Houston was not our destination.
Professor Frink: Homer, you might be the worst astronaut in world history.
Deep Space Homer: Even worse than the chimpanzees?
Professor Frink: Even worse than that Collins guy!
Astronaut Barney: The least you could do is put out the fires you caused! Some of us sober astronauts are serious about getting into space!
Deep Space Homer: Fine. I’ll put out the literal fires but I refuse to try to fix any of the emotional ones.

Task: Make Homer Put Out Rocket Fuel Fires
Time: 2h
Location: Rocket Launch Pad

Quimby: Homer, you really saved the day!
Professor Frink: Saved the day? He crushed our dreams, ruined our space program, and called me a nerd on several occasions!
Quimby: But Homer’s incompetence gave the Inanimate Carbon Rod the opportunity to pry open the water valve and douse those fires.
Professor Frink: That rod deserves another ticker tape parade! And I deserve another bribe from the ticker tape lobby.

This concludes the main questline and the event. Next is the launch of the rocket!

Space Trek

Quimby starts

Quimby: Hey, this update isn’t over. We have to try again.
Deep Space Homer: The controls are a little burned, but I think I can handle it.
Professor Frink: By my calculations, an unmanned flight will yield a higher success rate than having that man at the helm.
Quimby: So it’s settled, tap the switch on the spaceship to launch when ready.

Task: Make the Rocket Blast Off

Deep Space Homer: Why is there so much weird stuff floating around in outer space?
Kang: It’s from our civilization!
Deep Space Homer: Ooh! So these are priceless alien relics?
Kodos: No, useless alien trash.
System Message: When the Rocket is ready, tap it to launch again. There is a 1 in 4 chance for success.
DSH LaunchMessage1
System Message: Maybe you’ll get something better than garbage!
DSH LaunchMessage2

Every time the rocket launches and not fail, you’ll have a chance to win 1 of the following prizes:

  • 4 random debris
  • Kang Topiary
  • Kodos Topiary
  • Hail Ants Sign
  • Mini Nuclear Warhead

The odds are determined by a random number generated by the Random Number Generator:

Random Generated Number Reward
0 Mini Nuclear Warhead
1-3 Kang Topiary
4-6 Kodos Topiary
7-40 Hail Ants Sign
40-100 4 Debris

If you fail to launch the rocket you’ll get this message and have to wait 12 hours to earn another chance.

System Message: Your spaceship has crashed. Wait for the fires to die off, and try again in 12 hours.
DSH Crash

There’re also 3 easter eggs, like other mini-events in the last year. If you get them all, you’ll earn 5 donuts! They’re secret and don’t appear in the task bar.

Easter Egg 1

Task: Make Lisa Gather Space Food
Time: 6h
Location: Simpson House

Lisa: If Springfield is ever going into space, they’ll need some hydratable omninutrional amalgamate to eat!
Homer: How much candy is in that, sweetie?
Lisa: None! It’s dried soy mixed with green beets and synthetic B vitamins.
Homer: Maybe I’ll pack my own space lunch.

Easter Egg 2

Task: Make Marge Gather Space Food
Time: 6h
Location: Simpson House

Marge: I found that ultra-high proof space alcohol, just like you asked, Professor Frink.
Homer: Space martinis! I knew there was a reason I put olives in my pockets. Frink, you’ve thought of everything.
Professor Frink: That alcohol is to replace the engine coolant, not to drink!
Homer: What happened to the original engine coolant?
Professor Frink: You drank it.

Easter Egg 3

Task: Make Bart Gather Space Food
Time: 6h
Location: Simpson House

Bart: You know, it’s a lot easier to just buy regular food and write “Space” on the front of it.
Bart: Eggs – too fragile for space. But write space on top and they’re good to go.

All Easter Eggs Collected

Homer: Mm, that space food was awful tasty. Is there any left?
Professor Frink: Homer! That dehydrated food was enough to supply a space mission for 62 months!
Professor Frink: Whatever you do, don’t drink any water. It will rehydrate the food causing your insides to explode.
Homer: Never drink water again – check.
Homer: Now for some freeze-dried dessert.
System Message: You’ve received 5 donuts!
DSH EasterEgg

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this event, happy tapping!


13 thoughts on “Deep Space Homer Walkthrough: Mars Won and Cheap Space Homer

  1. i have placed the launch pad but it isnt activating any tasks or correcting the task as done, any ideas?


  2. I’m finished with deep space homer but Marge & Miss Hover still lists do narobics for 3 hours at the top of their job list. Is this a glitch? If so, how do I fix it?


    1. Yes its glitched and they need to fix it


  3. Different subject – I sure thought level 69 would have popped it by now !!!


      1. Lol , I meant level 60 !! That’s what happens to the brain when you’ve been up all night !


      2. I meant level 60. Way past over tired…


  4. I am showing Cheap Space Homer part 7, but am unable to send Homer to launch the shuttle. It also appears that the shuttle never appeared on the launch pad. Any advice?


    1. please contact EA by clicking on the link in the menu below the banner and they should be able to fix it for you. several people are having this bug


  5. I finished Cheap Space Homer Pt. 8 but Space Trek does not trigger.


      1. solved, thanx!


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