Deep Space Homer Premium Walkthrough: Nightfall? and Astro-Not

After space training, Barney is sober again. Will he succeed in not falling for it again? Find out right after the jump in the premium walkthrough of the Deep Space Homer event!

After completing Cheap Space Homer Pt. 6, a new quest unlocks if you’ve the Springfield Observatory. If you’ve Professor Frink, a job is also ready for him.


Lisa starts

Professor Frink: Springfield Observatory is the perfect venue for our greatest intellectual minds to meet. And we have an urgent matter to discuss!
Professor Frink: Lisa is our astronomer, Skinner is our behaviour scientist, and Comic Book Guy our local cynic.
Comic Book Guy: Plus head of t-shirt designs. By the way, the t-shirts are canceled this year. They don’t carry size XXXXXXXXXXXXL.
Professor Frink: Without t-shirts how will people know we’re a part of this secret organization?

Task: Make Intellectuals Meet at Springfield Observatory [x3]
Characters: Lisa, Comic Book Guy, Skinner
If the user has Professor Frink: Task: Make Frink Host Observatory Event
Time: 5h
Location: Springfield Observatory

Professor Frink: As you know, in this universe, we have daylight twenty-four seven. I recently have become concerned if the sun is ever blocked out.
Skinner: Absolute chaos. None of the bikes are equipped with reflective lights.
Comic Book Guy: Think larger! A frenzied riot of Asimovian proportions! Orgies everywhere! But it’ll be too dark to watch them!
Professor Frink: Glaven Jehosefat! Now for the most important question: Is there an eclipse on the horizon?
Lisa: I’ve got a better question: what sort of genius built an observatory in a town where the sun is always shining?
Professor Frink: Shhh. You never know if the Sky Finger is listening.
System Message: New permanent jobs at the Springfield Observatory available for Skinner and Frink.
DSH SObservatoryNewPJ

Comic Book Guy also got the new job at the Springfield Observatory.

After buying the Space Shuttle Simulator, a short dialogue by Professor Frink unlocks.

Space Shuttle Simulator placed

Auto starts

Text only

And last is the questline for unlocking Astronaut Barney, with his funny unlock image.

Astro-Not Pt. 1

Barney starts

Astronaut Barney: Thanks to my astronaut training, I’m sober again! I’ve got control over my life for once – what do you want to do?
Carl: We were going to go to the bar, but we could spice it up a bit. Maybe a beer garden or a brewery tour…
Astronaut Barney: Think bigger! The world is your oyster!
Lenny: Oysters, eh? That gives me an idea – let’s go to the bar!
Astronaut Barney: Grrrr! I’ll stop in, but I’ll be having a soft drink!
Moe: A soda? Hold on, I think I’ve got one in the back. I was using it as an ashtray.

Task: Make Astronaut Barney Stop in for a Soda
Time: 12h
Location: Moe’s Tavern
Task: Make Moe Serve Drinks
Time: 10h
Location: Moe’s Tavern
Task: Make Barflies Drink at Moe’s [x3]
Time: 8h
Location: Moe’s Tavern
Characters: Homer, Skinner, Lenny, Carl, Lou, Eddie, Mindy, Sanjay, Declan Desmond

Astro-Not Pt. 2

Barney starts

Astronaut Barney: Sobriety has given me a new lease on life!
Carl: I’ve got a new lease too! Although I think mine’s on my car.
Astronaut Barney: I became an astronaut – doesn’t that inspire any of you to follow your dreams?
Lenny: In my dreams I’m being chased by a giant singing grasshopper with my father’s face – why would I want to follow that?
Astronaut Barney: Don’t you want more from life than just sitting in this bar?
Astronaut Barney: What if aliens were looking down on us right now? Aren’t you embarrassed by being drunk?
Carl: Aliens love drunk people! They’re the only ones they ever abduct.

Task: Make Astronaut Barney Lecture the Barflies about Sober Life
Time: 1h
Location: Moe’s Tavern
Task: Make Barflies Drink at Moe’s [x3]
Time: 8h
Location: Moe’s Tavern
Characters: Homer, Skinner, Lenny, Carl, Lou, Eddie, Mindy, Sanjay, Declan Desmond

Astro-Not Pt. 3

Barney starts

Astronaut Barney: By not spending all my money on beer, I can afford to go back to school. After all, I’m only two credits shy of my PhD.
Astronaut Barney: Then I could get a job asking people if they know of any jobs for PhDs.
Moe: Why give your money to those fancy college types?
Moe: What about your good friend Moe? What is he going to do without his best customer?
Astronaut Barney: You guys aren’t being very supportive.
Astronaut Barney: After I was so supportive of your watercolors, Moe. And your decorative gourd collection, Carl.
Astronaut Barney: Since I can’t drink my feelings anymore, I guess I’ll have to eat them.

Task: Make Astronaut Barney Eat Astronaut Ice Cream
Time: 8h
Location: Moe’s Tavern

On job start:
Moe: Maybe we should be more supportive of Barney. Tell him he’s doing grood. Is it grood? Goop? I don’t know; I’ve never heard it said to me.
Carl: All my memories with Barney are… not there, because we were drunk. I don’t think I can start making sober ones.
Lenny: Let’s give it a try. We owe it to Barney after leaving him for dead on so many occasions.

Astro-Not Pt. 4

Barney starts

Astronaut Barney: Tra-la-la! Lalalala! Lalala!
Moe: Barney, are you drunk? What happened?
Astronaut Barney: Just been eatin’ *hic* ice cream all day!
Moe: What is this… rum raisin?!? Oh no!
Carl: It’s okay. I don’t think there’s any alcohol in raisins.
Astronaut Barney: Drinks on *hic* me!!!

Task: Make Astronaut Barney Blast Off
Time: 4h

After placing the Inanimate Carbon Rod Monument, a short dialogue would have started but went unreleased.

Inanimate Carbon Rod Monument placed

Auto starts

Professor Frink: Fantastic! The mere sight of this site will surely inspire us all to look to the stars!
Quimby: Do we get certification stars for that?
Professor Frink: Uggh-hai, I think that can be arranged.

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this event, happy tapping!


10 thoughts on “Deep Space Homer Premium Walkthrough: Nightfall? and Astro-Not

  1. I bought Barney. His (normal, not space) last task of his personal quest “Moe Beer, Moe Problems” does not trigger, even I have every character free.


  2. Tapatapatapa 01/24/2016 — 08:55

    Ever since I launched the rocket and completed the quest my rocket is in flames.
    I waited 12 hours and still same and if I send Homer on 6 sec task to launch rocket it always ends in flames.
    Am I missing something?
    Maybe the mini game hasn’t begun yet?


    1. there’s a 1 in 4 chance that it’ll fail to launch


    2. Tapatapatapa 01/24/2016 — 11:49

      I’ve repeatedly sent Homer on 6 second task as there’s no limit but isn’t the rocket launch minigame only every 12 hours? I haven’t seen it at all.
      Homer always crashes and burns on the 6 sec task.
      Is homer supposed to be sent for 2 hrs to ‘put out fires’ maybe?


      1. Yes you send him to put out fire


    3. Tapatapatapa 01/25/2016 — 02:15

      It’s fixed itself and the 12hr timer is there.
      I had Quimby on 24hr task and when it finished the “Space Trek” dialogue repeated – as I’d seen it already – but this time the rocket launch function worked and I got debris.
      Must of been a unique glitch.
      Now I have the proper rocket I’m not sure how often I’ll launch it as it’s obviously not there on the launching pad looking wicked for 12 hours.


  3. modernation09 01/23/2016 — 22:21

    Getting something floating around like its people’s heads just showing above the ground. This happened after the auto-update.


    1. those are just chips from the episode. the ones homer eats in the mission


      1. Carefull. Theyre ruffled!


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