Where Did They Come From? Deep Space Homer Edition

Have you wondered where all of the items from this update come from? The characters, the buildings, the decorations? Right after the jump we’ve the complete list of all the items in the Deep Space Homer event and where did they come from!

Click on the name of an episode to view its page on WikiSimpsons.

Building or Item episode
Shuttle Hangar
Space Training Center
Rocket Launch Pad
Space Shuttle Simulator
Deep Space Homer
Astronaut Barney
Deep Space Homer
Inanimate Carbon
Rod Monument
Deep Space Homer
The Strong Arms of the Ma (picture seen)
C.E.D’oh (picture seen)
Drive-In Theater Lisa the Vegetarian
Dumbbell Indemnity
Wild Barts Can’t Be Broken
The Old Man and the Key
Space Mutant Scary Movie
The Telltale Head
Principal Charming
Colonel Homer
Bart’s Friend Falls in Love
Homer’s Triple Bypass
Postcards from the Wedge (merchandise)
Rigellian Queen The Man Who Came To Be Dinner
Portal to Rigel 7
Rigellian Tribal Hut
Rigellian Shrub
Treehouse of Horror series
Rigel 7 is the birth planet of Kang and Kodos
Operation Exodus Rocket Treehouse of Horror X – Life’s a Glitch, Then You Die

The Operation Exodus Rocket is unreleased since the Treehouse of Horror 2015 event.

Join us next time for any news on this event, happy tapping!


3 thoughts on “Where Did They Come From? Deep Space Homer Edition

  1. Any news if they will be adding anything new to earn at the Red Blazer Realty?


    1. doubt it since they made chapter 2 with other stuff then prizes


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