The Six Years of The Simpsons: Tapped Out: The Dates of the Game!

Six years have passed since the release of the game. Lots of dates, updates, tie-ins, events and offers. Join us right after the jump for the complete list of all major dates and updates in this six years of tapping (individual patches are not included). This post will be updated every new update is released.



16 Feb The game was released in Europe (iOS)
01 Mar The game was released in North America (iOS)
03 Mar The game was removed from the store (iOS)
16 Aug The game was readded in the store (iOS)
21 Sep The first new level : Level 21
28 Sep Episode Tie-in : Season Premiere 2012 Moonshine River
03 Oct Level 22 and Event : Treehouse of Horror XXIII
05 Nov Level 23
08 Nov Event : Thanksgiving 2012
13 Nov Episode Tie-in : Penny-Wiseguys
30 Nov Episode Tie-in : The Day the Earth Stood Cool
05 Dec Level 24 and Event : Christmas 2012
11 Jan Level 25
30 Jan Event : Valentine’s Day 2013 and Level 26 Pre-release
06 Feb The game was released in North America (Android)
12 Feb The game was released in Europe (Android)
14 Feb Level 26
28 Feb Episode Tie-in : Gorgeous Grampa
07 Mar Event : St. Patrick’s Day 2013
14 Mar Episode Tie-in : Dark Knight Court
21 Mar Level 27
08 Apr Episode Tie-in : What Animated Women Want
10 Apr Event : Whacking Day
19 Apr Level 28
02 May Episode Tie-in : Whiskey Business
10 May Level 29
16 May Season 24 Yard Sale
28 May Gil Offer : Day Old Donuts
31 May Level 30
12 Jun Expansion : Squidport
24 Jun The game was released (Kindle and Blackberry)
28 Jun Event : 4th Jul 2013
15 Jul Level 31
25 Jul Level 32
31 Jul Expansion : Krustyland
15 Aug Level 33
29 Aug Level 34
12 Sep Level 35
23 Sep Episode Tie-in : Season Premiere 2013 Homerland
01 Oct Event : Treehouse of Horror XXIV
23 Oct Level 36
07 Nov Level 37
15 Nov Event : Thanksgiving 2013
04 Dec Episode Tie-in : Yellow Subterfuge
10 Dec Event : Christmas 2013
08 Jan Episode Tie-in : Married to the Blob
16 Jan Level 38
29 Jan Event : Super Bowl
05 Feb Event : Valentine’s Day 2014
26 Feb Friend Points
05 Mar Episodes Tie-in : Diggs and The Man Who Grew Too Much
12 Mar Event : St. Patrick’s Day 2014
19 Mar Episode Tie-in : The War of Art
28 Mar Level 39
09 Apr Episode Tie-in : Days of Future Future
15 Apr Event : Easter 2014
30 Apr Level 40
15 May Episode Tie-in : The Yellow Badge of Cowardge
22 May Level 41
03 Jun Event : Stonecutters
18 Jun Level 42
26 Jun Gil Offer : Mansion of Solid Gold
02 Jul Event : Jul 4th 2014
17 Jul Yard Sale 2014
23 Jul Level 43
04 Aug Gil Offer : Summer Donut Sale
13 Aug Gil Offer : Back to School
19 Aug Event : Clash of Clones
05 Sep Level 44
17 Sep Level 45
24 Sep Episode Tie-in : Season Premiere 2014 Clown in the Dumps
02 Oct Gil Offer : Shadow Knight
07 Oct Event : Treehouse of Horror XXV
16 Oct Episode Tie-in : Treehouse of Horror XXV
22 Oct Level 46
29 Oct Gil Offer : Ghost Pirate Airship
05 Nov Episode Tie-in : Matt Groening / Simpsorama
12 Nov Level 47
20 Nov Event : Thanksgiving 2014 and Episode Tie-in : Covercraft
28 Nov Gil Offer : Black Friday 2014 and Truckasaurus
03 Dec Event : Winter 2014
16 Dec Level 48
15 Jan Gil Offer : Queen Helvetica
21 Jan Episode Tie-in : The Musk Who Fell to Earth
28 Jan Level 49
05 Feb Offer : Stonecutters Black Market Sale
12 Feb Event : Valentine’s Day 2015
18 Feb Event : Superheroes
04 Mar Level 50
11 Mar Gil Offer : The Homer
12 Mar Event : St. Patrick’s Day 2015
01 Apr Mystery Box Upgrade and Event : Easter 2015
08 Apr Level 51
14 Apr Event : Terwilligers
22 Apr Episode Tie-in : The Kids Are All Fight
06 May
Level 52 and Money Mountain
13 May Episode Tie-in : Mathlete’s Feat
29 May Level 53
03 Jun Event : Pride Month 2015
12 Jun Gil Offer : End of School Promotion 2015
17 Jun Level 54
23 Jun Event : Tap Ball and Soccer Cup 2015
30 Jun Event : 4th of Jul 2015
15 Jul Level 55
22 Jul Expansion : Springfield Heights
30 Jul Gil Offer : Ice Cream Man Homer
06 Aug Level 56
11 Aug Event : Monorail
26 Aug Gil Offer : Muscular Marge
03 Sep Level 57
17 Sep Level 58
23 Sep Episode Tie-in : Season Premiere 2015 Every Man’s Dream
24 Sep IRS and Job Manager
30 Sep Gil Deal : Oktoberfest
06 Oct Event : Treehouse of Horror 2015
15 Oct Episode Tie-in : Halloween of Horror
21 Oct Episode Tie-in : Treehouse of Horror XXVI
22 Oct New User Power Ups
28 Oct Gil Offer : Halloween Promo
10 Nov Level 59
19 Nov Event : Thanksgiving 2015
26 Nov Gil Offer : Black Friday 2015
02 Dec Expansion : Springfield Heights Chapter 2
08 Dec Event : Winter 2015
13 Jan Episode Tie-in : Much Apu About Something
21 Jan Event : Deep Space Homer
04 Feb Gil Offer : Tailgate and Daily Challenges System
10 Feb Event : Valentine’s Day 2016
17 Feb World’s Largest Redwood
23 Feb Event : Burns’ Casino
09 Mar Episode Tie-in : The Marge-Ian Chronicles
16 Mar Event : St. Patrick’s Day and Easter 2016
31 March Event : Crook and Ladder
13 April Spring Cleaning
19 April Event : Wild West
9 May Whacking Day 2016
18 May Level 60
2 Jun Event : Homer’s Chiliad
14 Jun Event : Superheroes 2
29 Jun Event : 4th of July 2016
26 Jul
Dilapidated Rail Yard
3 Aug
Event : Springfield Games
16 Aug
Event : SciFi
21 Set
Episode Tie-in : Season Premiere 2016 Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus
4 Oct
Event : Treehouse of Horror XXVII
9 Nov
Episode Tie-in : Havana Wild Weekend
16 Nov
Event : The Most Dangerous Game
Dec 6
Event : Winter 2016
Dec 22
First Time Packs
3 Jan
Event : Homer the Heretic
11 Jan
Episode Tie-In : The Great Phatsby Teaser
18 Jan
Episode Tie-In : The Great Phatsby
25 Jan
Lunar New Year 2017
31 Jan
Event : Destination Springfield
2 Feb
Football 2017
8 Feb
Valentine’s 2017
15 Mar
Rommelwood Academy
17 Mar
St. Patrick’s Day 2017
21 Mar
Hellfish Bonanza
28 Mar
Event : Secret Agents
16 Apr
Easter 2017
10 May
Pin Pals
24 May
Forgotten Anniversary
30 May
Event : Time Traveling Toaster
30 May
Donut Day 2017
30 May
Road to Riches
28 Jun
4th of July 2017
5 Jul
Pride 2017
19 Jul
Superheroes Return
26 Jul
Stunt Cannon
1 Aug
Event : Homerpalooza
12 Sep
County Fair
27 Sep
Episode Tie-in : The Serfsons
28 Sep
Classic Mini Events and Monorail Promo
3 Oct
Event : Treehouse of Horror XXVIII
14 Nov
This Thanksgiving’s Gone to the Birds!
29 Nov
A Rigellian Christmas Promo
5 Dic
Event : The Invasion Before Christmas
3 Jan
Event : The Buck Stops Here and Episode Tie-In : “Haw-Haw Land”
17 Jan
Classic Mini Events and Bart Royale Teaser
17 Jan
Event : Bart Royale
17 Jan
Valentine’s Day 2018
17 Jan
Event: Homer vs the 18th Amendment and
Episode Tie-In : “Homer is Where the Art Isn’t”

This is all for now, happy tapping!


23 thoughts on “The Six Years of The Simpsons: Tapped Out: The Dates of the Game!

  1. In all seriousness where can I get homer face down in the donut
    Sign me up I want one


  2. Whacking Day is the only event I haven’t played. I wish EA would do it again.


  3. Great game and I love it so much but why is there only 59 levels?


    1. they’re doing mostly events where everyone can partecipate. levels only those at max levels can


  4. My tapped out experience has been… interesting.
    I started playing in I think around September/October 2012, when I had just got my iPad. I was playing pretty much every day until just after the first Winter event, when I simply got bored and stopped playing. Then about 7 months later I saw an ad on another game I was playing, with Homer on the Krustyland roller coaster. This reminded me of the game and I was curious of the whole Krustyland thing so I re-downloaded.
    Then, it got to Winter 2013 when I deleted the app AGAIN. Unfortunately this meant I missed out on a TON of events like the first Easter event (although I’ve heard it’s nothing special) and the stone cutters. However, I redownloaded shortly after the Clash of Clones event and have been happily playing ever since 😉 (although I missed a couple of other events like winter 2014, tap ball and others due to holidays and stuff)


  5. I have been playing daily for about 3 years. I love it but think the special events are WAY too long. 6 weeks for Halloween event is too long. Shorten the events and focus on new levels. I like the space event because it didn’t take over my life.


  6. I find it funny that what this game references has pretty well disappeared, I came off the back of Smurfs, and Peanuts environment building games, and even a few of those others on Facebook… I felt that i would be tapped out. They all seem to have vanished. I remember when the idea of building your own Springfield was exciting and possible to try to recreate sections from the show… I believe the development team(s) behind this are trying to enhance the franchise and as someone who has played every day since the very start, I laugh when people complain about glitches that are fixed within 24 hours. I check every now and then in the app store to see how the game is fairing, and pretty well the only constants ahead of it are gambling apps… I would rather be addicted to this than that. Thank you EA for a quality waste of time and money and thank you tstotopix team for picking up the ball of quality information dissemination. If at any point i’m confused about what to do, you get me through. Here’s to four more years. Oh and cheers to all my fellow players and ‘friends’ who help enbiggen the game and make it perfectly cromulent..


  7. mateoperezd 02/02/2016 — 20:21

    Started on March or April 2013, with the whacking day event. Since I was just starting to understand what the game was about and all of that I couldn’t enjoy it very much. I LOATHED the clash of clones event and quit the game at that moment. When I decided to come back, the super heroes event was on its final stages and I couldn’t complete it as I would’ve wanted to. I saw the gamezino scam and the closing of the previous site (don’t remember its name though)


  8. Why was the game removed a few days after it was first added? Then why did it take them a few months to put it back on the store? I started playing back in November 2012.


    1. they had some problems with the american release cause of too many people starting their town and their server crashed down. they waited and improved it then.


  9. Richard White 02/02/2016 — 02:45

    I was one of the people who got it the first day then got stuck on level 20 for months. Now I am stuck on level 59 lol


  10. HomerJSympsun 02/02/2016 — 02:16

    While playing PvZ in June 2013, a TSTO ad popped up and I was hooked. Squidport was my first big update. After experiencing the Gamezino scam and Tips downfall, I feel like a hardened “veteran” player obligated to tap daily.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. do you remember on the treehouse of horror 2013 preview (Season Premiere 2013 – “Homerland”)? When they said
      JoshJeerer says it’s going to suck — helpful as always, Josh.
      Lamezino hopes it’ll be about time travel — it’s always about going back in time with them.
      And SpAndex had no luck this year with datamining OR datafracking.
      JoshSheerer was a troll on the EA forum back then, he left a few months ago, one example is this one here. Lamezino was a reference of course to the Gamezino fiasco, and spAndex is our good old TSTONews friend spAnser.

      Liked by 3 people

  11. I started in February 2013 and my favorite was either Wacking Day Treehouse of Horror XXIV. You guys have made it that much better! Thanks TSTO TOPIX!


  12. I joined in the clash of clones event, which I actually liked. People say that it was one of the worst, but it was pretty laid-back, you got a bunch of new skins and a character, some new buildings, and all of the prizes were pretty easy to get.


    1. One new character, and he someone who’s never appeared on the show. Ditto all the skins except the Shadow Knight (and I’ve never understood why, if they wanted to do a medieval event that badly, they didn’t base it on that episode instead of some other, unrelated app). The prizes were ridiculously easy to get, leaving everyone with weeks of nothing to do (though I do believe that’s why they added the multi-act system for future events, which is a positive). And even if you didn’t get the prizes somehow, you didn’t care, because they didn’t fit into your town or serve any purpose. Add to that the fact that no one outside the Core Four had any involvement in the quest, and that the whole thing was driven by a minigame that worked on fundamentally different principles from the main game, and it felt like Tapped Out had been called off and we were being forced to play something else in its place. From the very beginning, I just couldn’t wait for it to be over; but it dragged on and on and on . . .


  13. I came in during the Whacking Day event in 2013. I loved that event, although it seemed to have strong opinions both ways.

    The comic book event surpassed Whacking Day as my favorite event. I’ve never been a big comic book guy (no pun intended), but that event was lots of fun.

    That Easter 2014 event, though. I still say that’s the worst event this game has seen. There have been some disappointing and/or underwhelming events since, but none royally pissed me off…except for that one. That was the one time I seriously considered quitting.


    1. I joined July of ’13 myself. The first two events (Halloween and Christmas ’13) were my favorites; Superheroes came kind of close to joining them, and Tap Ball would have if it had included more than one new playable character. As it was, Christmas ’15 was the first time I really felt that an event had recaptured the magic of those first two. (And I’ve always wished I’d been around for Christmas ’12; the others from that first year I could take or leave.)

      Easter is in a three-way tie for my least favorite event, with Clash of Clowns and Halloween ’15. Easter made me angry, the other two just left me bored. I too considered quitting after Easter ended; the takedown update included so many bugs that the game became virtually unplayable, and EA didn’t fix these for nine days. By then I was out of the habit of daily tapping and far from certain I wanted to bother getting back into it. But a new level persuaded me to give it one last try, and soon after that, Stonecutters renewed my faith in the game. Soon it was once again second nature for me to visit Springfield as often as my free time allowed, and has been ever since.


  14. Wow, clearly a lot of work went into this. Thanks a lot. Very interesting to look through the game’s history.

    As I suspected, the 83 days and counting since Level 59 dropped is the longest stretch without a new level since Level 21 was first added. It broke the previous record 12 days ago, but is still well short of the 205 day wait for 21. Hopefully it won’t last much longer and that record will stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. And completed all quests as well…


  16. I played ever cotton picking one of these levels and quests !! Pretty sad…. Since 2012


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