What’s coming in 2016?

A new year, the 4th of Tapped Out, has arrived, and with it many interesting stuff are hiding right behind the corner, with the Deep Space Homer event ending tomorrow at 7am GMT. Follow us right after the jump for a look at what’s coming!

In the Deep Space Homer event, Professor Frink hinted at something really interesting in the dialogue after completing the Springfield Observatory quest job:

Professor Frink: As you know, in this universe, we have daylight twenty-four seven. I recently have become concerned if the sun is ever blocked out.
Skinner: Absolute chaos. None of the bikes are equipped with reflective lights.
Comic Book Guy: Think larger! A frenzied riot of Asimovian proportions! Orgies everywhere! But it’ll be too dark to watch them!
Professor Frink: Glaven Jehosefat! Now for the most important question: Is there an eclipse on the horizon?
Lisa: I’ve got a better question: what sort of genius built an observatory in a town where the sun is always shining?
Professor Frink: Shhh. You never know if the Sky Finger is listening.

In the Springfield Dump, something interesting is laid down when it’s full: the sun blocker!

Springfield Dump Level 4

The dialogue may hint to the Who Shot Mr. Burns episode, where Mr. Burns blocked the sun!


We already have something from that episode in the Springfield Heights expansion: the Burns Slant-Drilling Co.


And in the Winter 2015 event we just got Maggie too.

Could a mini-event come with the much requested Night Mode? (Image created by #KANG for TSTONews)


A picture of an offer for the Fire Department is also present in the files with a temp. icon for the event.


It was present since the Thanksgiving 2015 event, together with the just released Deep Space Homer event stuff. The fire department truck, as well as the volunteers, were present in the latest episode of Season 27: Much Apu About Something.

A permanent Daily Challenge System was also present in the files for the Winter 2015 event.


Someone reported today on EA forum that their game bugged out and downloaded a package with the challenges activated (but bugged due to them not being fully implemented):


A part two of the Superheroes event is also possible. Dr. Crab at the end of the event, after freeing Radioactive Man from the statue, hinted at his future return.

drcrab_menacingNow I bid you adieu! But know this: I will return with another plan even more evil and convoluted than this one!
drcrab_menacingBut when good closes a door, evil opens a window. I will return another day with a plan nastier than my last!

Of course, the Winter 2015 takedown store update description hinted to the Deep Space Homer event that is soon ending, and the incoming Valentine’s Day 2016 event.

It’s a holiday miracle: the holidays are finally over!
But with the Simpson family now complete, what will be their next adventure in Springfield?
Will romance blossom?
Will Homer finally “take-off” on his own?
Will anyone answer these questions? Anyone? Please?
Stay tuned and find out!

What are you waiting most for? What do you think will come next? Leave a comment down below and join us next time for more! Happy tapping!


44 thoughts on “What’s coming in 2016?

  1. Does anyone know when level 60 be released


    1. o wait just found the covered wagon from Simpsons Tall Tales


  2. Do we have to wait to have our txt show via a monitor? If yes disregard, as I use to seeing post right away like on EA forums. Lol ea forums has gotten me spoiled.


    1. All comment needs approval from an admin before it shows.
      Comments containing harassment, racial slurs, curse words etc will not show at all since we do not approve them. Same for unrelevant commerce, illegal activities and porn.


  3. They should let krusty land die but then make a krustyland island which is as big as Springfield. But great news is you’ll be able to have all the stuff that you bought before krustyland was somehow mysteriously destroyed. Which could also be leading to an event why the krustyland island was found or created for the new krustyland.

    Would be a nice new change of pace and also maybe a way to have the monorail involved as you could build out to sea to connect with the monorail that connects to the island.

    But yeah I think would be cool. It doesn’t always have to have been exactly in the show.

    What you all think?


    1. the thing is all the stuff in KL would have to be loaded in SF that’ d mean more straining on the phone memory everytime you load the town that’s why KL is a separate place


  4. Cinthiafer260 02/12/2016 — 22:17

    I really think we are going to get a night mode. In the valentine update a picture of Frink’s house came up…. So that means that Frink will defiantly be involved in the next major event! I’m so excited for what EA has in store! can’t wait!


  5. That night picture looks awesome! Not sure if it would be a good mode for playing, though, if you can’t see anything…


  6. TheRealTiminator 02/04/2016 — 16:06

    Not an event suggestion I know, but I would love to see a living skin for Maude Flanders, it would make a pleasant change from all her ghostly missions.


  7. KRUSTYLAND, please do something with it. Long overdue. Anth.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I have found Maggie 2 times and i am tapping and nothing is happening. Help me!


    1. You need to tap on the door of the building, not Maggie.


    2. Tap on the building footprint or the front door. Not actually on Maggie


    3. You have to tap the building she is on. Not Maggie herself 🙂


    4. Tap on the building you find Maggie at, not on Maggie herself.


    5. Tap the office building not Maggie


  9. Tapatapatapa 02/04/2016 — 09:22

    Maybe something about an election this year…more ex-presidents?
    Or perhaps the carnival could come to year with Ernst & Gunter (plus white tiger) and the ‘carnies’ of course…Cooder and the boy.
    Krustyland has to be revived this year. Did ot get anything last year? Or at least let us place THOH in KL.
    I’d like more tall buildings…Springfield’s tallest for eg.
    It’d also be great if ea stopped that annoying feature where if you move an item then you cannot move it again immediately. When you try and tap on it again it will select everything else around the item first. Note to ea: I’m capable of clicking on the item I see and don’t need nurse maiding thanks 🙂


    1. They haven’t added new KL content since Level 43, which was nineteen months ago; and I believe the last thing that could be included in either the town or the park was the broken wheel, a minor prize from Act 1 of the 2014 Christmas event. So the entire year of 2015 passed the park over. 😦


      1. Yeah not even the tunnel of love was rereleased last valentine. Lets hope for this year


      2. They really should do an Itchy and Scratchyland Event for krustyland or even a duff gardens event, and include some more of the rides and buildings from those places… Perhaps making some of the daily tasks krustyland tasks would give us more reason to go there. The absolute only reason to go there in the past year was to collect the last Rosa piece 😦


        1. The Level 59 quest also required a brief visit, and actually added two more characters to the group of park goers. For all the good that did.


          1. Also the end of the Maggie questline did too


    2. Yeah I was thinking about an election themed one. There’s obviously more past presidents but also characters like Govenor Bailey, that senator Lisa gets taken down for corruption, a Congressman Krusty costume. I’m sure there are more..

      Could also have an NPC Amendment to Be 😉


  10. Not sure how much they can do with a “Who Shot Mr Burns” event., as most of the key elements of that episode are already in the game. The Sun Blocker is the obvious exception. There’s the sundial, but I can’t see what they can do with that. The crappy hospital where Burns was initially pronounced dead? I doubt they’d bring in Tito Puente.

    I would enjoy nightfall, though.

    I very much disliked the 2014 V Day event at the time, but in retrospect it was all right. Mindy and Madame Chao’s were welcome additions, the pink decorations actually look all right if arranged well, and having a Krustyland ride as the grand prize is downright poignant now that the park’s been neglected so long. The wheel was a huge pain, but unlike the Easter boxes it was beatable. I felt sad not to get a V Day event last year, and I’d welcome one now.

    I wouldn’t want another full-time Superheroes event; at best they’d be going back to the same by-now mostly dry well, and at worst they’d do something dumb and ruin a great event retroactively. However, I do recall that, right around this time last year, we got all the Stonecutters stuff coming back for one of those sales (all for donuts, of course, though it had once been free). I was unhappy with this because it included only things I already owned, and was the only thing going on that week–technically making it the only week in 2015 when no new content was available.

    If they had a similar sale now, but included Dr Crab as a new playable character, I’d be happy.

    But right now all I care about is Level 60. I don’t want to think about anything else till the current almost three-month gap finally comes to an end.


  11. I have always wanted to have a “night mode” on tsto 😀 after more than 7 months without playing I have a lot of tapping to do, I’m excited! 🙂


  12. Thank’s for the article.

    Always interesting to read you.


  13. Would be awesome if city went into night mode every night… And then back to daytime mode during the day…. Easy to do, just go by time zones… Awesome… Lets hope !!

    And are we gonna ever get Homer mom as a character ? Bleeding Gums ? George Bush ?


    1. Night mode has the potential to double the graphics size.

      Every animation and item would need a night version. Or youd have to make a night overlay for each object to give the hint of illumination. That would take less space but would not look as good.

      I cant see a night mode until device storage becomes less of an issue.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aren’t the videos stored locally? If they stripped those out of the game so that they had to be streamed instead, would save a lot of room. Plus in iOS, game developers can now reduce the game size by cutting out levels, for example levels that you have already played so that you no longer need them on your device. I don’t know if the same can be done on Android, but if so that would save some space too.


        1. they’re pretty small. like 20 MB is the biggest


  14. Eduardo Romero 02/03/2016 — 23:11

    Back to school or super bowl event


    1. back to school in february? what?


    2. Tapatapatapa 02/04/2016 — 00:21

      School starts in February in Australia…thank goodness.
      About night mode, Lisa would have a challenge seeing anything because of the light pollution.


    3. vanessamy2542 02/04/2016 — 11:42

      Super Bowl event will not happen. We had one in 2014 because it was broadcast by Fox. This year’s is going to be broadcast by CBS.


  15. Should I get the observatory in preparation? Sounds like they’re saying it will make more sense when there is night mode. That or they’re ribbing us about our dumb purchase. Should I also make a dumb purchase? 😉


    1. the observatory can be bought any time so it’s not a problem you can get it anytime you want


      1. Oh, right. I knew that…
        Thanks. Lol


  16. At this point , I’m just waiting for the next level update.


  17. When are we going to get skins for Moe’s ?


    1. we already got one for halloween, and one was added for the Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag but then was introduced in the game for the Exotic Petting Zoo


  18. Daily challenges sound good to me! 2016 looks likely to be another awesome year for TSTO.


  19. Oh I would love a “Night” mode
    Would be fun to see the town light up


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