Daily Challenges System: Jobs and Rewards (Update: “22 for 30” Episode Tie-In)

A long list of jobs is awaiting us in this Daily Challenges System EA just introduced with the last update, as confusing as ever. Let’s find out right after the jump all the possible ones you can get at your levels!

Due to the mass list and the confusion that it can create, we made a table on WikiSimpsons, listing all the jobs: all possible “invisible” quests, the required level, the job that has to be done, the time it’ll take, the location, the reward if different from the next tables and the difficulty. If a job has – as reward, it means its one of the possible rewards listed below under its difficulty.

Please remember to ALWAYS use the Go To button to do the jobs or they may not count and that to claim the reward you’ll need to tap on claim in the challenges screen.

Your rewards for completing the assigned jobs will be:


Jobs to complete
Reward Cooldown
Levels 8-15
5 sidebar_donut 3
5 Mystery Box 14 days
10 sidebar_donut 6
15 sidebar_donut 10 28 days
Levels 16+
5 sidebar_donut 3
5 Mystery Box 14 days
10 sidebar_donut 6
15 sidebar_donut 10
20 sidebar_donut 15 42 days

The number of jobs to complete is random.


Since 4.19.2 it’s possible to get Mystery Boxes there too.

The possible rewards for the jobs are:

DCS Claim

Difficulty Possible Reward
Easy sidebar_donut 1
Easy sidebar_donut 3
Easy $1000
Easy $2000
Medium sidebar_donut 1
Medium sidebar_donut 3
Medium sidebar_donut 6
Medium $2000
Medium $3000
Medium 1 day XP Collider
Medium Tire Yard + sidebar_donut 15
Hard sidebar_donut 1
Hard sidebar_donut 3
Hard sidebar_donut 6
Hard $3000
Hard 1 day XP Collider
Hard Squeaky Voice Teen + sidebar_donut 15
Unreleased Mystery Box + sidebar_donut 6
Unreleased $22222
Unreleased sidebar_donut 5
Unreleased Blue Haired Lawyer

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


35 thoughts on “Daily Challenges System: Jobs and Rewards (Update: “22 for 30” Episode Tie-In)

  1. Yesterday the game gave me a task with a cash reward, so I switched it out hoping for a donut reward. Instead I got one that offered Heights craftables; no thanks! I held off till today thinking I’d get another opportunity to switch it. But no: I now have two tasks offering craftables, and it’s not letting me switch either of them. I’m full up on all that junk and already have more Heights stuff than I need or want, so these tasks are as useless as they are tedious.


  2. i also like many other users have the challenge play sideshow bob you twice yet my counter resets to zero.


  3. I have been rejecting every task that gave me a money (or Heights resource) reward – so up until now, I have received donuts (at least 1) for every single daily challenge. One time the replacement task had a money reward as well, so I simply waited a day and rejected again. Let’s see if this strategy works out in the long run.


    • Same thing happened to me the other day. I had to buy two fountains I didn’t need. What a waste. Still, at least it counted toward my total completed tasks.


  4. This is falling apart already. I had to create pda’s and the reward…. more pda’s! I already had a full bank of pda’s. I had to spend some to do the task which refilled my stock. So my reward was nothing.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. How do you know it will be changed to a mystery box in that version? (You’re just saying the next version, not specifically 4.19.0, right?)

    Thanks for the breakdown. I’m wondering about the chart. Why don’t they all have rewards? I’m doing grow silvertongue right now and the reward is 1 donut. Is it just a random selection from the “hard jobs” list?


  6. There is a kind of error in your table, cool guys 🙂 Look at the taks “Play Sideshow You in KrustyLand” – what is the prize there and why “hard” label is in the column of the prize?
    What is the prize for the task above and the tasks below thatone?
    Thank You! Keep Being so helpful kind and pretty cool pals :* ❤ :*


  7. When you say that EA will release the 4.9.0 version, don’t you mean 4.19.0, as the game is already at version 4.18.6? Just asking to avoid confusion.


  8. I just played the sideshow you for the daily challenge. I clicked the “go to” button, but it still didn’t register.


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