Valentine’s Day 2016: Jobs and Prizes

New prizes, new jobs for many characters, to find love in this weird town. Find all the jobs and prizes of this mini-event of Valentine’s Day right after the jump!

There’re five different prizes, each part completed grants you one.

Pt. 1Pt.1 Jobscoconutbabaloo_dilapidated_menu
The first part will gift you the Coconut Babaloo, a new building you can then get a skin for that is restored.
Pt. 2Pt. 2 JobsLovelyflowercart
The second part will gift you the Lovely Flower Cart, an item from previous valentine’s events.
Pt. 3Pt. 3 Jobscoconutbabaloo_renovated_menu
The third part will gift you the renovated Coconut Babaloo.
Pt. 4Pt. 4 Jobsstarlinecommander_menu
The fourth part will gift you the Starline Commander, the car Grampa drove in Barthood.
Pt. 5Pt. 5 Jobsunlock_monaMona Unlock
And finally the final part will gift you Mona Simpson, Homer’s mother!

The following table contains all the jobs for each part of the questline.

Every freemium character produces indicator_heart1, while premium produces indicator_heart2. All jobs are 3 hours long.

Character Job Location Part
Skinner Take Shelter From His Mother Kwik-E-Mart 1
Avoid Old People Stories Kwik-E-Mart 1
Malloy Recount Tales of His Heists Retirement Castle
Simpson Home
Old Jewish Man
Recount Tales of His Youth Retirement Castle
Simpson Home
Agnes Recount Tales of Her Youth Retirement Castle
Simpson Home
Martin Setup the Flower Cart Coconut Babaloo 2
Molloy Find Silverware for the Tables Coconut Babaloo 2
Grampa Check the Plumbing Works Coconut Babaloo 2
Skinner Polish the Floor Coconut Babaloo 2
Agnes Spread Bowls of Potpourri Coconut Babaloo 2
Ned Fix Up the Lighting Coconut Babaloo 2
Molloy Fix the Roulette Tables Coconut Babaloo 3
Professor Frink Bring the Electrics into the 22nd Century Coconut Babaloo 3
Snake Man the Valet Booth Coconut Babaloo 3
Fat Tony Call In a Favor From the Rat Pack Coconut Babaloo 3
Brockman Publicize the Valentine’s Grand Opening Coconut Babaloo 3
Luigi Prepare Canap├ęs Coconut Babaloo 3
Willie Clean Up After 50 Years of Squatters Coconut Babaloo 3
Grampa Steal Keys From the Valets Coconut Babaloo 4
Molloy Acquire a New Keychain Coconut Babaloo 4
Old Jewish Man Show Off His Hollywood Keychain Coconut Babaloo 4
Mr. Burns Show Off His Starter Crank Coconut Babaloo 4
Moe Cut Copies of Unattended Keys Coconut Babaloo 4
Grampa Randezvous With His Car Starline Commander 5
Molloy Steal Hearts Coconut Babaloo 5
Ned Swing the Night Away Coconut Babaloo 5
Hans Moleman Try to Find the Babaloo Coconut Babaloo 5
Martin Hand Out Roses to the Ladies Coconut Babaloo 5
Giuseppe Set Up a Pyrotechnic Display Coconut Babaloo 5
Agnes Get to Know Some Men Coconut Babaloo 5
Brockman Utilize His VIP Status Coconut Babaloo 5
Judge Snyder Hunt For the Future Mrs. Snyder Coconut Babaloo 5

This is all for now, join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


1 thought on “Valentine’s Day 2016: Jobs and Prizes

  1. I like this method of collecting currency MUCH better than the tired old canard of combing through the streets of town looking for some sort of intrusive whozit to tap. I just wish they wouldn’t do things like tell me I need ten hearts to advance, then give me a list of jobs that makes it possible to earn nine hearts at a time.

    Liked by 1 person

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