What Changed With the Burn’s Casino Patch 2, 3 and 4 Updates? (March 2nd, 3rd and 4th)

EA has just released a new patch for the Burns’ Casino event, getting ready for the pre-Act 2, starting tomorrow. As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.
Update: Two patches were released in the next two days.

Burns’ Casino now has a Casino Token icon on top if jobs are available to be done there.


Changed some animations in the Dice minigame.


Fixed Chippy’s questline not starting, now requiring to tap on Chippy to start.


Fixed Gina Vendetti’s unlock text from “Mess with me and and your puberty’s gonna be very boring.” to “Mess with me and your puberty’s gonna be very boring.”

Gina Vendetti Unlock

Sea Captain’s job at La Belle Frottage got its name “Try to Sail Away” added.


Platinum Scratch-R’s quests now pans to Kwik-E-Mart after the text ends.


Have a Vice Day Pt. 3’s quest text changed:
Lisa: Let’s go, mom.
Lisa: Let’s go, Mom.

Heaven Won’t Wait Pt. 1’s quest text changed:
Arthur: We are, in reality, angels sent from Heaven, commanded by God to help troubled marriages.
Arthur: We are, in reality, angels sent from heaven, commanded by God to help troubled marriages.

That Old Black MagicFreek Pt. 1’s quest text changed:
Cregg Demon: Well, sit tight. I gotta cruise ’round on the m-cycle, mass up some cool for my next “chillusion”!
Cregg Demon: Well, sit tight. I gotta cruise ’round on the m-cycle, mass up some cool for my next “chillusion!”

The Wages of Sin Pt. 3’s quest text changed:
Marge: I came up with a 10 step program – 12 seemed a little pretentions…
Marge: I came up with a 10 step program – 12 seemed a little pretentious…

On March 3rd, patch 3 was released.

The chances of getting cheats on Cletus’ Dice Den were lowered (they were set really high before).


On March 4th, patch 4 was released.

The game getting stuck after reaching 0 Casino Tokens while playing on Cletus’ Dice Den was solved.


Join us later for more info on this event, happy tapping!


34 thoughts on “What Changed With the Burn’s Casino Patch 2, 3 and 4 Updates? (March 2nd, 3rd and 4th)

  1. I’m sorry, I can’t take any more. It’s “subject to change”, not “suspect to change”. Sorry, sorry….


    1. LoL. Autoerect and English as a second language will generate typos/mistakes like this!
      Never be sorry for pointing out flaws, we want to better ourselves, if the critisism is justified we’ll always adjust and correct. I changed it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Elephant116 03/03/2016 — 19:44

    Has anything changed how frequently tokens are given out? It seems like it has decreased a lot in my game since the patches, but maybe it’s just bad luck?


  3. The only good part of the Cletus game was the level of cheating. hah. I also lost a lot more frequently than at Moe’s. So far, I don’t see why I should play there instead of just at Moe’s.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tapatapatapa 03/03/2016 — 13:44

    Did Ned Flanders walk change?
    I sent him on a task today and noticed he just hovered along like Jesus…no walking.


    1. must be a lag issue? no change on his animations that i saw. what job was it?


    2. Tapatapatapa 03/03/2016 — 21:22

      It was recycle metal. I’ll keep an eye on it.


      1. Ned lives at the casino now. I haven’t had much opportunity to check out his metal Jesus walk. LOL

        Liked by 1 person

    3. Tapatapatapa 03/04/2016 — 04:21

      Ned walks again!
      I think it’s my device. At the beginning of the month is when I do updates and my smart phone was a little slow, so I switched off and on. All good now.
      BTW LPNITA are you cleaning up on donuts this week? I’m getting (estimated):
      10 – find Maggie
      15 – daily challenges
      10 – visiting friends
      5 – monorail
      40 – bonus chips (presently making the bonus twice a day for 6 donuts a day)
      = 80 donuts!!


  5. Forgive me if this question has already been answered, but i cant find any infom about it. Are gaming chips still useable at Moes in act 2? Should i save them for a few days or spend them leveling up the crafting level, only really want the plane, dont want to use them if the chips change when act 2 comes in. Thanks.


    1. they’re buyable in the store for the whole event. it’d be stupid if they wouldn’t :p you can use them in all 3 minigames


  6. Tapatapatapa 03/03/2016 — 01:36

    Has anyone got to level 2 crafting yet?
    I’m 2 x coasters away and it seems to be taking ages. I play more than average so I’m not sure how regular players are going.


    1. I just got to level 2 and started collecting a few new level 2 fountains


    2. My chippy doesn’t do anything and sea captain doesn’t have that quest at all how do I fix it


      1. Did you get chippy on the field and tap him? Sea captain was my bad it was freddy quimby


  7. My Chippy doesn’t do any thing either !!


    1. NPC that rewards one coin a day. Coin hover over Chippy when it is ready.


  8. so does Nessie have any quests or anything?


  9. I’m not sure if my comment went through, sorry if this is a double post! I bought Chippy but I’m not getting his quest even after the update. Storing didn’t fix either. :/ Any other tips or should I contact EA at this point?


    1. you tried reinstalling? tapping him did nothing?


      1. I just reinstalled and still nothing. He just jumps when I tap him, no quest or other stuff.


      2. I guess I’ll give him 24 hours to see if he gives me a chip. So far GE hasn’t and I’ve had him over 24 hours.


      3. Woo Hoo! I just got a chip from chippy. No quest ever appeared, but as long as he works I don’t care. 🙂 Thanks! I think uninstalling is what did the trick.


  10. Ordinarily Bob 03/02/2016 — 23:10

    I set my Sea Captain to his new 16hr Mission “Try to Sail Away” mission in hopes of seeing the otherwise lackluster Britannia light-up or animate somehow, but instead of working at that casino, he went to La Belle Frottage and is sailing away there. Is that to be expected or another bug, do you think?


    1. omg my bad! Freddy Quimby has one at Britannia Casino! sorry


      1. Ordinarily Bob 03/04/2016 — 00:29

        Oh, ok, cool. I’ll check that out. Thanks. And BTW, THANK YOU for all the info you post about the game LPN. I’ve read your posts at the forums and wiki and really appreciate all your efforts in sharing the scoops you get!


      2. Ordinarily Bob 03/04/2016 — 19:54

        Is there something special to do that unlocks Freddy’s Britannia task? I checked my Freddy Quimby last night and he has no such task.


        1. it’s Pretend to Be James Bond – 3h


  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Sea Captain’s job is at La Belle Frottage, not Britannia Casino. Freddy Quimby has a job at Britannia.


    1. yes i’m correcting that thanks.


  12. Rockstar Vienna 03/02/2016 — 22:34

    Couldn’t resist and bought a Platinum Scratch R today because i got the Florence of Arabia the other day so i was broke. Had 25 Euros available. Of course i got a bomb, so “just” 100 donuts. After that i realised that i need to wait till the end of March for the next chance. Pretty annoying since i just bought the Scratch R because of the awesome Miss Springfield offer.

    Then i just bought a tray of 132 donuts for 9,99 Euros just to be sure i can use the Miss Springfield offer before it’s gone. Then I had 7 Euros left and just bought 7 gold scratch R’s. Why not!? And this turned out better than the Platinum scratch R.

    (1x) 3x Cleaver = 50 Donuts
    (2x) 3x Mallet = 40 Donuts
    (4x) 1x Bomb = 24 Donuts

    So in total 114 Donuts for 7 Euros with the Gold Scratch R’s.
    compared to 100 Donuts for 8 Euros with the Platinum Scratch R’s.

    You’ll never know of course but If i would have bought 8 gold ones instead of the Platinum Scratch R i guess i’d have gotten more for my money. Just the 1000 Donut jackpot makes a buy so appealing. The Odds are the same, i know. But i read so many forum comments today and 99% of the tappers were really annoyed. 100 and 115 donut prices everywhere. So tbh I personally would not recommend buying a Platinum Scratch R.



  13. The dice minigame is aready availeble ?


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