Burns’ Casino Unreleased Good: Royal Tokyo

Another unreleased item was discovered in this update: the Royal Tokyo. Join us right after the jump for the details!

When the Simpson family was on vacation in Japan they stayed at the Royal Tokyo. The hotel has a talking toilet with a built-in TV, 20% more bowing and sliding doors.

Royal Tokyo Casino

The hotel is indicated in the files as a building and has the same sound as the Casino Concierge Kiosk (may be temporary).

This is the questline:

Royal Tokyo Casino

Marge: Springfield finally has it’s very own 5-star hotel!
Homer: I don’t see what the big deal is.
Homer: Everyone who ever comes here always ends up in the brown house, anyway.

Will it be a Gil’s offer? Let’s find out soon, if EA ever releases it, in this great event, as the last hours of Act 1 ticks off! Happy tapping!


11 thoughts on “Burns’ Casino Unreleased Good: Royal Tokyo

  1. in the Crafting, what do the Upgrading Tier do?



    1. Buy ten Upgrade Tiers to get to the next level of crafting.


  2. I believe this will be our fifth hotel in the main town (there’s also the one in Krustyland and as many as ten in the Heights), not counting however many of the casinos have hotel rooms. Might be time to make a hotel district.


    1. How do we get the new hotel royals Tokyo?


      1. Headline of the post is UNRELEASED.


  3. How does upgrading the tier work? Do I get to start act two early and do I have to upgrade before I can start it???


    1. That’s independant from the act start


  4. Tapatapatapa 03/07/2016 — 03:27

    Ooh I love tall buildings.
    Still waiting for “Springfield’s tallest building”…that Homer crashed into when he was in a flying suit. ..long lost penpal episode I think.


  5. A few of my friends already have 10,000 green and blue chips. Do you know of any way they could have obtained them without game hacking?


  6. Rockstar Vienna 03/06/2016 — 20:43

    Damn i would love that building for my downtown area!


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