What Changed With the St. Patrick’s Day and Easter 2016 Update? (March 16th)

EA has just released the St. Patrick’s Day and Easter 2016 episode. As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.

On the Info screen, EULA was changed to End User License Agreement.


The ability to buy Burns’ Casino crafting materials from the build menu was added.


Prizes goals for Burns’ Casino Act 3 were raised.

TSTO Burns' Casino Act 3 Prizes

Easter Float, Sham Rock Cafe and Blarney Castle can now be placed on the beach.


Green Beer Fountain can now be placed on Boardwalk and Ornate Pier.


Butterflies now fly over the screen.


A glitch not awarding Where’s Maggie? Minigame prizes was fixed.

Where is Maggie

A glitch stopping the Mars Colony from upgrading was fixed.


Space is Hot Right Now must now be completed before April 16th at 8am GMT.


A bug causing overlay glitches if Monorail tracks were on water was fixed.


Large Hedge and Wooden Fence were changed to their Easter look.


Civic and Aspirational categories in Inventory and Store were removed.


Join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


16 thoughts on “What Changed With the St. Patrick’s Day and Easter 2016 Update? (March 16th)

  1. I don’t see Patches and Poor Violet in my Moonbounce.


    1. that’s weird the job is there in the files but they’re not added to the building. totally weird!!!


      1. It’s in their job list? I’ll check that, too.


        1. No it should be in the moonbounce but its not. Glitch!!!


          1. Maybe it’s a bug. Patches and Poor Violet lost their bounce spot to a bug. The sadness continues. 😉


  2. So when a building is resized does that change automatically for people who already have it placed in their town? I didn’t notice any difference with O’Flanagan’s pub, not that I’d notice so small a difference.


  3. “Prizes goals for Burns’ Casino Act 3 were raised.”
    By how much, was it a lot?


  4. You stated that “Space is Hot Right Now must now be completed before April 16th at 8am GMT.”.

    I had started a few days ago, but not finished it and it is now gone – I’m unable to complete it and have missed out on the building prize. Not sure if it’s just a bug at my end, but certainly doesn’t quite add up with what you’ve posted.


      1. Can’t fully remember, but I’m fairly sure it was still the first or so. Certainly no more than the second … so yeah, that’s probably where I went wrong.


        1. Yeah you needed to complete pt.1 before the end of the time


  5. Tapatapatapa 03/17/2016 — 06:36

    I noticed the Tailgate Party crew have dispersed into the town.
    At first I thought it was a glitch but the sound effect works when tapping the character.


    1. its a glitch sometimes happen. they go up and wander around town. still cool uh 😀


    2. Tapatapatapa 03/17/2016 — 13:38

      Yes…they wanted to party on St Patrick’s I guess 😉


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