St. Patrick’s Day and Easter 2016: Walkthrough

Tom O’Flanagan is back once again, bringing some Leprechauns and some beer to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but what does Ned have to say about this St. Patrick and Easter combo? Find out right after the jump in the walkthrough of the St. Patrick’s Day and Easter 2016 update!

Once you login, a small quest starts, enabling you to buy O’Flanagan’s Pub (and get Tom O’Flanagan) and start the event with Homer!

St. Easter?

Auto starts

Homer: Am I dreaming? St. Patrick’s Day AND Easter at the same time?
Homer: How do I decide between two of the most delicious days of the year?!
Tom O’Flanagan: It’ll be a Sophie’s Choice between green beer and green Easter eggs.
Homer: I’ve been hospitalized after eating green eggs so…
Homer: Eight green beers, Tommy!

Task: Build O’Flanagan’s Pub
Task: Make Homer Drink at O’Flanagan’s
Time: 4h
Location: O’Flanagan’s Pub

Homer: How do jelly beans and chocolate hearts get their own holiday, anyway?
Homer: Hint: merge the bunny one with the leprechaun one — beer in a chocolate mug you can eat!

Once Homer finishes the job, and Gil pokes his head around, the main quest for this double trouble starts, fully involving Ned Flanders!

Strut Walk Pt. 1

Ned starts

Ned: Combining the day when HE has risen with the day that so many are falling down drunk is blasphemy!
Ned: Or something a devout Catholic would do.
Ned: If Pope Gregory XIII hadn’t messed with the Julian calendar we wouldn’t be havin’ these problems!

Task: Make Ned Protest St. Patrick’s Day
Time: 4h
Location: O’Flanagan’s Pub

On job start:
Helen Lovejoy: It’s about time we followed someone with a true and pure heart. Sorry, Timothy.
Rev. Lovejoy: No apology needed, Helen.
Lindsey Naegle: Ned’s a real man — from the hairs on his moustached face to the tips of his Hush Puppy lace.
Lindsey Naegle: And if he’s single… I call dibs!
Cookie Kwan: I want Ned’s dibs!

On job end:
Northern Irish Leprechaun: SHIENASTOI RIGATON! (We support a strong independent Protestant Easter!)
Leprechaun: Sheeleon shahshashacho. (Catholic unification is inevitable.)
Yupprechaun: Hishelele evashano. (Nationalism and cultural exclusivism is SO outdated.)
Leprechaun: VATANONOGOTIN! (You are not a true Irish Leprechaun!)
Yupprechaun: Geto, otoi, scotchomadrunkaloo. (Ah, the no true Scotsman argument.)
System Message: The Northern Irish Leprechaun joins the other little green folk this year. Get him in the store!
Northern Irish Leprechaun Message

Strut Walk Pt. 2

Ned starts

Ned: I’m still not over those Catholics trying to put their stamp on Easter.
Father Sean: Ease up, Ned. Have a beer and celebrate the Eucharist with us.
Ned: Alcohol and transubstantiated blood don’t make any more sense than the paradox of Matthew 10:39.
Ned: That’s teetering on Bacchanalia!
Father Sean: Just doing our part for the almighty Maker – Duff Brewery. Nice St. Patty’s shirt by the way!

Task: Make Ned Rip off His Green Shirt
Time: 6s
Location: Flanders House

In his non-outfit from Alone Again, Natura-Diddily, Ned is ready to conquest and protest!

Strut Walk Pt. 3

Ned starts

Shredded Ned: St. Patty’s Day shirt, what was I thinking? Glad I ripped that green right outta the scene!
Lindsey Naegle: Your shirt’s not the only thing around here that’s ripped. Catch my drift?
Cookie Kwan: That bod’s more cut than Julius Caesar on the Ides of March! Meow-ow-ow!
Shredded Ned: Sorry ladies, paw at some other scratchin’ post ‘cause I’m busy with the Holy GhoSt.
Shredded Ned: Now if you’ll pardon my pecs…

Task: Make Shredded Ned Work Out
Time: 1h

Strut Walk Pt. 4

Ned starts

Shredded Ned: Since I’m pumped AND popular, maybe I should throw an Easter party!
Cookie Kwan: Time to rock our cocktail dresses, ladies!
Hugs Bunny: Hugs’ ears perk up for parties. I’ll hippity-hop the light fantastic!
Homer: Women, stupid shirtless Flanders and a walk-around non-chocolate bunny. What kind of party is this?

Task: Make Shredded Ned Throw an Easter Party
If the user is Level 40 or over: Task: Make Women Attend the Party [x3]
Excluded Characters: Patty, Youngsters
If the user has Hugs Bunny: Task: Make Hugs Bunny Attend the Party
Time: 4h
Location: Flanders House

Strut Walk Pt. 5

Ned starts

Shredded Ned: The hedge is looking bushier than a Babylonian’s beard. Time to pluck that privet!
Lindsey Naegle: I hope I can watch.
Cookie Kwan: You’ll have an obstructed view, because you’ll be behind me!

Task: Make Shredded Ned Trim the Hedge
Time: 4h
Location: Flanders House

Miss Hoover: Ugh, those women! Acting like second graders!
Shredded Ned: As long as they’re ogling Easter, I don’t mind them ogling my keister!
Miss Hoover: You would let them objectify you like that? Doesn’t that insult you?
Shredded Ned: Hmm, maybe you’re right. My Easter message might be getting a little holy-watered down.
Miss Hoover: I’ll give you my number. Maybe we can turn that holy water into a box of wine!

Strut Walk Pt. 6

Ned starts

Shredded Ned: Mayor Quimby, my disciples have got my back… and my front. We demand an end to the immorality plaguing our city!
Quimby: Topless Ned Flanders is preaching to me about moral decency?!
Shredded Ned: That was the only shirt I had!
Miss Springfield: You can have mine!
Shredded Ned: Sweet Mary and her Magdalenes! AHHHH!

Task: Reach Level 14 and Build the First Church of Springfield
Task: Make Shredded Ned Hide
Time: 12h
Location: First Church of Springfield

Strut Walk Pt. 7

Ned starts

Quimby: Shirtless Flanders is going to steal my mistress right out from under me.
Quimby: You’ve got to help me stop him!
Mrs. Quimby: I’m your wife you jerk!
Quimby: Er, uh… what kind of marriage do we have if we can’t help one another?

Task: Reach Level 20 and Build the Town Hall
Task: Make Mayor Quimby Figure Out What to Do
Time: 12h
Location: Town Hall

Quimby: We can’t have a topless muscle man in our town!
Carl: We should ship him off to the topless beaches of France.
Lenny: Or have him work a very sudsy charity car wash away from here.
Quimby: I can’t banish a man from our fair town for being too handsome!
Quimby: But I can inflict a worse fate… marry him off.

Strut Walk Pt. 8

Ned starts

Shredded Ned: Drop your wedding dresses, ladies! There’ll be no Ned — newlywed or otherwise.
Lindsey Naegle: What’s your position on pre-marital snuggling?
Shredded Ned: I only know one position for snuggling, but maybe it’s time I turn over a new belief.
Moe: I’d give my left eyeball for just one lady to hit on old Moe…
Moe: …and I’m not even askin’ for a human lady.

Task: Make Shredded Ned Ponder Virtuous Love
Time: 4h
Location: First Church of Springfield
If the user is Level 40 or over: Task: Make Women Go to the Bar to Ponder Things [x3]
Time: 4h
Location: O’Flanagan’s Pub
Excluded Characters: Patty, Youngsters

Strut Walk Pt. 9

Ned starts

Shredded Ned: You ladies should focus more on our Lord rising from the tomb than making me your groom.
Cookie Kwan: Sorry, but it was your muscles we wanted, not your morals.
Lindsey Naegle: Let’s head to O’Flanagan’s and drink until the other men look good without shirts on.
Grampa: How many Duffs does it take for me to start looking buff?
Tom O’Flanagan: All the beer in Ireland couldn’t pull that off.
Grampa: Guess I’ll keep my bolo tie cinched then.

Task: Make Springfielders Drink at O’Flanagan’s [x6]
Time: 4h
Location: O’Flanagan’s Pub
Excluded Characters: Youngsters

On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th, at 8am GMT, a free Leprechaun Statue is given by EA to everyone! You can only get it within 24 hours!

St. Patrick’s Giveaway

Auto starts

System Message: Here’s a little something to bring the cheer of little people and over-drinking to your Springfield all year round!
TSTO Leprechaun Statue MessageLeprechaun_Statue

On Easter Day, March 27th, at 8am GMT, a similar giveaway is out, rewarding a free Easter Banner.

Easter Giveaway

Auto starts

System Message: Welcome Easter into your Springfield and chase out the St. Patrick’s Day debauchery!

In the same day, it’s Sunday Cruddy Sunday (a reference to the episode with the same title, “Sunday, Cruddy Sunday”), and a small quest will start.

Sunday Cruddy Sunday

Auto starts

Lenny: So hungover…
Declan Desmond: What you need is “hair of the dog.”
Lenny: I tried that. I was picking fleas outta my mouth for a week.
Declan Desmond: In order to counteract the toxic effects of alcohol, you have more of said alcohol.
Homer: Woohoo! I’ll have another litter of “dogs!”

Task: Make Springfielders Drink Away Their Hangovers [x4]
Time: 4h
Location: O’Flanagan’s Pub
Excluded Characters: Youngsters

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


5 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day and Easter 2016: Walkthrough

  1. How do I make my Easter pond bigger?


    1. Dimentions for each item is fixated. Unless EA changes the sizes, as a general change, it remains the same size.


  2. I never got my Easter banner.:(


    1. Easter items will be released on the 23rd of March, not available yet.
      Unless you meant that you missed it previous years.


    2. it says it’ll be available on march 27th till 28th at 8am GMT don’t worry


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