The last 24+ hours for the Burns’ Casino event are here!

The event is ending soon, hurry up and collect all you can while it lasts! And remember to not update (and disable auto-update) if you haven’t finished the event once the app store update hits!


11 thoughts on “The last 24+ hours for the Burns’ Casino event are here!

  1. Anyone else have their chips shut down? Not allowing me to collect any more for a bonus, but still adding to my count?
    I know the event is over, but why are we still collecting for no apparent reason then?


    1. yeah the collecting for the bonus is over when event end triggered this morning BST


  2. It was good while it lasted but I’m ready for the event to end. I’m glad that it was five weeks instead of six. In my experience, even the best events tend to feel like they’ve overstayed their welcome by the sixth week. Last Christmas is one exception, but that event was so elaborate and multi-faceted that it managed to keep things very fresh, to an extent I would not have thought possible.


  3. I’m so bummed the event is ending. I absolutely loved this event! The prizes were great and I thought the slots, dice and cards were a lot of fun. It’s been my favorite thus far.


  4. What abt the “credit card” type that we have collected! I have 11,080 ! What do we do with those, or am I missing something? Thankyou!


    1. The purple square Courtesy chips? Can only be used crafting chips.
      Or do you mean player card club points? After 6,6600 when you get the Black Diamond Tower they are useless.


      1. Thankyou! I have everything, so I’m good! Thanks for the info!!


  5. It was fun While it lasted. I would like level 60, so I could get the level up bonuts a lot EAsier.


    1. Between this and the Maggie game, I think I’ve earned about 90 bonuts over the past month. It was a good haul.


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