Last 24 hours of the Crook and Ladder event!

The last 24 hours of the Crook and Ladder event are here! The event will end on April 14th at 9am BST! Hurry up!


4 thoughts on “Last 24 hours of the Crook and Ladder event!

  1. I hadn’t planned on buying any hydrants; even though I’ve been suggesting them as new decorations forever, at ten donuts apiece they’re WAY too expensive to be worth it. I also don’t like that they can’t go on the curb where they belong.

    But last night, as I saw the clock ticking down on them, and thought about all the times I’ve wanted them, I went on a spree and bought dozens. You got me, EA. 😦


  2. Do you guys think we’ll see a update today? I’m not sure If EA would update on the Same Day as another update ends, and EA Very Rarely Updates on Friday


  3. What’s next ? I want Krusty Rabbi father ??
    And what happened to the typical mini challenges in between updates ? Usually there’s challenges to do to keep you busy since your done current update till next update arrives ?


    1. You mean the busy work they give you when you have no outstanding tasks? I think they stopped doing that when the Daily Challenges came in. I for one don’t miss it.


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