Spring Cleaning Kwik-Tap Guide: Springfield Cleaning

Something to keep us waiting for a big event has come and it’s time to clean up our towns! Join us right after the jump for the kwik-tap guide of Spring Cleaning!

It’s Spring, and it’s time for Springfielders to clean up town! Marge is ready to roll!

Springfield Cleaning Pt. 1

Homer starts

Task: Make Springfielders Endure Marge’s Nagging [x5]
If the user has Marge: Task: Make Marge Rally a Springfield Cleaning Crew
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House

If the user has World’s Largest Redwood:
Nature Bundle Message

Springfield Cleaning Pt. 2

Auto starts

Task: Make Springfielders Clean House [x5]
Time: 6h
Location: Brown House

Springfield Cleaning Pt. 3

Auto starts

Task: Reach Level 15 and Build Moe’s Tavern
Task: Make Marge Clean House [x5]
Time: 6h
Location: Brown House
Reward: Orange Tree or Apple Tree (50% chance)

Join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Kwik-Tap Guide: Springfield Cleaning

  1. I’ve been keeping marge busy with other tasks and not letting her do the “Make Marge Rally a Springfield Cleaning Crew” while letting the rest of the springfield residents do the “Endure Marge’s Nagging” task over and over for easy money.


    1. Yeah thats a good strategy the kill date for the quest is however june 19 keep that in mind!


      1. Getting ~ 1200 a minute right now. On level 32, and still missing a few building due to low cash. Should have plenty of time to gather the cash and make a nice stockpile before finishing the quest. Even if i don’t finish the quest in time, the money and getting the extra buildings and characters i’m lacking is more important to me.
        And are you sure it’s JUNE? not APRIL πŸ˜›


        1. Yes the kill date is usually 1 month after the event or whatever finishes but its 2 this time for such a quick one lol


  2. I’d rather have a long multi-part quest that tells an interesting story than a quest that only involves three parts but makes one of them extremely long and repetitive. If you don’t spring for either of the premium buildings, this update will leave you bored to tears, won’t it?


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