Spring Cleaning: New deals available!

The second wave of deals is up: Spring Cleaner, Flower Planter, Nightmare Pile and Museum Of Swordfish!


7 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: New deals available!

  1. For some reason, I was able to buy the street sweeper, I didn’t think It was available for another two days.


    1. yeah it has 2 different dates in the files. o well corrected thanks


  2. You didn’t list the Street Cleaner. I see it in my game. I hope someone will get this and test it and let everyone know how it works.


    1. It just walks around like an NPC, I half way expected It to do something else. Don’t regret my purchase, though.

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      1. But that’s a good thing, right? When you say walk, I assume you mean drive like a vehicle?


          1. A real street sweeper would move slowly, so that makes sense. Thanks.

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