Spring Cleaning Premium Walkthrough: Greenhouse Asylum and Black Moe’ld!

A bundle full of green stuff for your favourite tree hugger is here as well as a new house for Moe! Join us right after the jump for the premium walkthrough of Springfield Greenhouse and Moe’s House!

A bundle of green is offered in this new update for just 100 Donuts, instead of 205:

The shiny new Springfield Greenhouse, 5 Apple Trees, Butterfly Tent, Cherub Bird Bath, Kang Topiary, Kodos Topiary, 5 Orange Trees, 10 Rose Bushes and 1 Tree Swing.

Nature Bundle and Springfield Greenhouse Purchased

Auto starts

System Message: Congratulations on purchasing the Nature Bundle! Its contents have been added to your inventory.
Nature Bundle Bought Message
Lisa: Wow, a greenhouse! Finally after three years of non-stop urban sprawl, someone has come to their senses.
Blue Haired Lawyer: Indeed, Electronic Arts HAS come to their senses and finally taken advantage of the tax write-off for “green-friendly” games.
Homer: Ewwwww! What the heck? This donut tastes like crap!
Blue Haired Lawyer: Also the frosting on all Tapped Out donuts will now be made from ethanol.

Greenhouse Asylum Pt. 1

Apu starts

Sanjay: Clean the Squishee machine…clean the sponge-brush used to clean the Squishee machine…clean the cleaning solution used to clean the sponge-brush used to clean the Squishee machine…
Sanjay: This job is more boring than watching plants grow!
Apu: Well then why don’t you go get a job watching plants grow?
Sanjay: I think I will!

Task: Reach Level 39 and Build Sanjay’s House
Task: Make Sanjay Apply for a Security Guard Job at the Greenhouse
Time: 30m
Location: Springfield Greenhouse

Sanjay: Look at those plants grow! This is even better than I ever imagined!
Sanjay: I wonder what kind of plants these are.
Otto: Dude, it’s 2016 and someone builds a greenhouse?
Sanjay: Oh.

Greenhouse Asylum Pt. 2

Lisa starts

Lisa: Ahhhhhhh, I just love breathing in this plant-cleaned, natural air. It makes me feel so refreshed…and so healthy…
Lisa: And so mellow…
Lisa: And so hungry…
Lisa: And it also makes me think Phish isn’t actually terrible.

Task: Make Lisa Buy Phish Tickets
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House

On job start:
Marge: There’s WHAT in this greenhouse?! This has to be stopped!
Marge: My daughter is a perfect example of its dangers. It’s a gateway drug!
Sanjay: A gateway to even worse drugs?
Marge: No, a gateway to even worse bands like Furthur and Disco Biscuits!

New Job for Willie: Work With Fierce Diligence (6h)

Greenhouse Asylum Pt. 3

Lisa starts

Lisa: Boycott the greenhouse!
Sanjay: Why are you protesting the greenhouse? You love it.
Lisa: We had the opportunity to educate the townspeople about environmentalism, but they only care about one kind of plant.
Otto: That’s not true!
Otto: We like several different strains.
Lisa: Ugh!

Task: Make Lisa Boycott the Greenhouse
Time: 2h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Sanjay Go Back to Work at Kwik-E-Mart
Time: 2h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart
If the user has Otto: Task: Make Otto Complain Online That We Didn’t Mention Papadosio
Time: 2h
Location: Java Server

Blue Haired Lawyer: There’s no need for boycotts. I’m sure we can settle this peacefully.
Lisa: Fat chance! I never stand down from my–
Blue Haired Lawyer: What if we gave you a free topiary?
Lisa: You’ve got my attention.
Reward: Santa’s Little Helper Topiary

Moe finally got a home: his home at 57 Walnut Street!

Moe's House
Moe’s House Placed

Auto starts

Moe: Aw, the judge sent me a restraining order against peeping on people in bushes. And that was my favorite job!
Moe: Guess it’s time for a new hobby. What do disgusting loners like me enjoy?
Moe: Of course, writing poetry! All I need is a dark pit to do it in. And maybe a skull with a candle in it.

New Job for Moe: Write Epic Poetry (16h)

Black Moe’ld!

Moe starts

Moe: What’s this my house is sitting on? It looks like an ancient burial site.
Moe: That’s probably why I’ve had such bad luck with the ladies! Plus my face and personality.
Moe: Stupid cursed graves! Time to bring in ghosts’ natural predator: TNT!

Task: Make Moe Dig Out a Basement
Time: 8h
Location: Moe’s House

Explosion: KABOOM!
Moe: Whoa! I’ve struck gold! Liquid brown, lumpy gold! I’m filthy rich!
The Rich Texan: No, just filthy. That ain’t oil, son — you hit a sewage line.
Moe: I know. And now I can make jenkem!
Otto: Alright! I’ve been hankem for some jenkem!

Join us later for more info on this update, happy tapping!


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