Wild West: All the Event Items and Prices (Update: Wild West Patch 6)

A ton of new items have been added to our game in this new event: characters, skins, buildings, decorations, prizes, and more. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all the new items! Please note that this post contains SPOILERS of the event!

Wild West One Panelbse_wildwest_threepanelBandit Fort One Panel

image name cost
Gummy Joe unlocks with 1st prize of Act 2 and 3 if not unlocked in Act 1.
unlock_gummyjoe Gummy Joe Unlock
Gummy Joe
Act 1 Prize*
unlock_lukestetson Luke Stetson Unlock
Luke Stetson
Hootenanny Barn
unlock_buckmccoy Buck McCoy UnlockBuck McCoy Wild West Film Set
unlock_tumbleweed Tumbleweed Unlock
Act 2 Prize
Character Skins
unlock_homer_cowboy Cowboy Homer Unlock
Cowboy Homer
Act 1 Prize
unlock_bart_kidnoname The Kid With No Name Unlock
The Kid With No Name
Act 2 Prize
unlock_maggie_prairie Prairie Maggie UnlockPrairie Maggie sidebar_donut65
unlock_skinner_longshot Longshot Skinner Unlock
Longshot Skinner
Act 3 Prize
unlock_snake_outlaw Outlaw Snake Unlock
Outlaw Snake
Act 2 Prize
unlock_sideshowbob_doobner Wes Doobner Unlock
Wes Doobner
Wes Doobner’s Rib Huts
Event Buildings
townplaza01_menu townplaza02_menutownplaza03_menu Town Plaza Once Upon a Time in Springfield Pt. 2
General Store General Store Once Upon a Time in Springfield Pt. 5
Bank Bank indicator_wildwest_clue15.860
Act 1 Prize
corral_menu Corral indicator_wildwest_deputybadge33.320
Act 2 Prize
Top Chop Barber Shop Top Chop Barber Shop indicator_wildwest_clue15.860
Act 1 Prize
Ordnance Express Ordnance Express indicator_wildwest_deputybadge3.890
Act 2 Prize
partandparcelpostal_menu Part and Parcel Postal indicator_wildwest_tnt9.470
Act 3 Prize
Wild Rose Wilted Rose sidebar_donut60
hootenannybarn_menu Hootenanny Barn sidebar_donut100
Blacksmith Blacksmith indicator_wildwest_tnt9.470
Act 3 Prize
Sneed's Feed and Seed Sneed’s Feed & Seed sidebar_donut90
Wes Doobner's Rib Huts Wes Doobner’s Rib Huts indicator_wildwest_clue25.580
Act 1 Prize
wildwestfilmset_menu Wild West Film Set sidebar_donut150
banditfort_menu Bandit Fort sidebar_donut200
Event Decoration
Forgotten Gold Treasure The Gold, the
Dad, and the
Gummy Pt. 5
Note: The Wooden Barrels (medium), Wooden Barrels (large) and Covered Wagon are only available if you have already acquired one from the Personal Prize series or from the General Store Prizes.
cactusrock01 Cactus Rock Day 1, 11
General Store Prize
indicator_wildwest_pickaxe320 (5/24-6/1)
cactusrock02 Cactus Rock Day 4, 15, 29
General Store Prize
indicator_wildwest_cowboyhat340 (5/24-6/1)
cactusrock03 Cactus Rock Day 24
General Store Prize
indicator_wildwest_goldcoin80 (5/24-6/1)
stagecoach_menu Stage Coach indicator_wildwest_clue2.360
Act 1 Prize
hitchingpost_menu Hitched Horse Day 1, 32
General Store Prize
sidebar_donut25 (Act 2-3)
bloodbathgulchsign Bloodbath Gulch Sign Day 9
General Store Prize
sidebar_donut20 (Act 2-3)
frontiercemetery_menu Frontier Cemetery indicator_wildwest_tnt3.980
frontierwatertower_menu Frontier Water Tower indicator_wildwest_tnt1.190
Mortician Carriage Mortician Carriage indicator_wildwest_tnt3.980
horsetrough_menu Horse Trough Day 15, 36, 39
General Store Prize
woodenbarrels01 Wooden Barrel Day 21
General Store Prize
woodenbarrels02 Wooden Barrels Day 31
General Store Prize
indicator_wildwest_sixshooter170 (5/24-6/1)**
woodenbarrels03 Wooden Barrels Day 38
General Store Prize
indicator_wildwest_goldcoin120 (5/24-6/1)**
explosives Explosives Day 33
General Store Prize
coveredwagon Covered Wagon Day 29, 40
General Store Prize
indicator_wildwest_sixshooter350 (5/24-6/1)**
Rock Pile 1 Rock Pile Day 5, 10
General Store Prize
indicator_wildwest_pickaxe320 (5/24-6/1)
Rock Pile 2 Rock Pile Day 19, 27
General Store Prize
indicator_wildwest_cowboyhat340 (5/24-6/1)
Rock Pile 3 Rock Pile Day 18, 35
General Store Prize
indicator_wildwest_sixshooter260 (5/24-6/1)
Rock Pillar 1 Rock Pillar Day 3
General Store Prize
indicator_wildwest_pickaxe320 (5/24-6/1)
Rock Pillar 2 Rock Pillar Day 7, 13
General Store Prize
indicator_wildwest_sixshooter170 (5/24-6/1)
Rock Pillar 3 Rock Pillar Day 22
General Store Prize
indicator_wildwest_goldcoin120 (5/24-6/1)
frontierfence Frontier Fence cash250
Day 2, 6, 8, 16, 20, 23, 30, 34, 37, 41
General Store Prize
hotsprings_menu Hot Springs sidebar_donut45
cowtongues Cow Tongues cash45.000
2% bonus $
and XP
carlsdadcaverns_menu Carl’s Dad Caverns indicator_wildwest_tnt28.370
oldmine_menu Old Mine sidebar_donut180
quicksand_menu Quicksand sidebar_donut45
frinksmechanospider_menu Frink’s Mechano Spider sidebar_donut130
princesspony_menu Princess indicator_wildwest_deputybadge33.320
Act 2 Prize
hitchingpostempty Hitching Post Day 17, 25
General Store Prize
indicator_wildwest_cowboyhat340 (5/24-6/1)
frontierfencegatene Frontier Gate cash500
Day 12, 26
General Store Prize
wildwestcactuspatch Cacti sidebar_donut15
wildwestsign Old West Sign sidebar_donut35
New Tiles
icon_dirtrivertiles Dirt FREE
icon_dirtroadtiles Dirt Road FREE
ico_stor_wildwest_membershipcard Deputy Credentials sidebar_donut90 (Act 1)
sidebar_donut60 (Act 2)
sidebar_donut30 (Act 3)
ico_wildwest_treasurehunterpack 25 Prospectors sidebar_donut10
Fort Sensible Fort Sensible sidebar_donut65
The Stocks Stock sidebar_donut10
Two-Story Outhouse Two-Story Outhouse sidebar_donut50
TO_COC_Windmill Windmill sidebar_donut30
cactuspatch Cactus Patch sidebar_donut20
rollingrock Rolling Rock sidebar_donut80
giantgrasshopper_menu Giant Grasshopper sidebar_donut35

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


7 thoughts on “Wild West: All the Event Items and Prices (Update: Wild West Patch 6)

  1. Jovanny Sanchez 05/06/2016 — 17:25

    Why isn’t Fort Sensible in my store?? how can I unlock this??


    1. you can check the Dates post to check all the dates of the event including when the returning items will be available


  2. 1st Maggie outfit and it comes with a shotgun! Lol that is going to be an instant buy. I only wish I could get it right now. Take my 65 donuts!


    1. Hey pimp, I was able to get her thanks to a sweet glitch during act 1 that opened a bunch of old and future quests for me and put act 2 & 3 items in my store. But I haven’t seen her with that shotgun yet. As far as I can tell she has two visual tasks: one where she flies around on the back of a bald eagle and one where she plays with a small group of animals. The shotgun’s nowhere to be found.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Omg it’s so muuuch!!😵😍


  4. Okay, so we will have two premium characters. Can you say something about Luke Stetson tasks? I have 346 donuts and I want to buy one premium character this event (I will keep rest of donuts for next event or Gil’s deal).

    Honestly I’m pretty sure I will buy the boy (because he will probably help during Halloween) but I want to make sure he is the right choice 😉


  5. Now that what me iz talkin about *spits tobbaco

    Thanks LPN


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