Wild West: Event Prizes

As with every event, Wild West also got shiny new prizes! Follow us right after the event for the complete list of all Act prizes! Please note that this post contains SPOILERS of the event!

Act 1

Act 1 PrizesAct 1 Story Finales Screen

image name cost
unlock_gummyjoe Gummy Joe indicator_wildwest_clue740
 ico_wildwest_pickaxepack_lg indicator_wildwest_pickaxe800 indicator_wildwest_clue1.280
stagecoach_menu Stage Coach indicator_wildwest_clue2.360
ico_wildwest_cowboyhatpack_md indicator_wildwest_cowboyhat400 indicator_wildwest_clue4.430
unlock_homer_cowboy Cowboy Homer indicator_wildwest_clue7.490
ico_wildwest_pickaxepack_lg indicator_wildwest_pickaxe800 indicator_wildwest_clue11.360
Bank Bank indicator_wildwest_clue15.860
Top Chop Barber Shop Top Chop Barber Shop indicator_wildwest_clue15.860
ico_wildwest_cowboyhatpack_md indicator_wildwest_cowboyhat400 indicator_wildwest_clue20.720
Wes Doobner's Rib Huts Wes Doobner’s Rib Huts indicator_wildwest_clue25.580
unlock_sideshowbob_doobner Wes Doobner indicator_wildwest_clue25.580

Act 2
WW Act 2 PrizesWW Act 2 Story Finale

image name cost
unlock_tumbleweed Tumbleweed indicator_wildwest_deputybadge1.190
ico_wildwest_sixshooterpack_sm indicator_wildwest_sixshooter200 indicator_wildwest_deputybadge1.910
Ordnance Express Ordnance Express indicator_wildwest_deputybadge3.890
ico_wildwest_pickaxepack_lg indicator_wildwest_pickaxe800 indicator_wildwest_deputybadge5.870
unlock_snake_outlaw Outlaw Snake indicator_wildwest_deputybadge9.200
ico_wildwest_sixshooterpack_sm indicator_wildwest_sixshooter200 indicator_wildwest_deputybadge14.960
unlock_bart_kidnoname The Kid With No Name indicator_wildwest_deputybadge20.720
 ico_wildwest_cowboyhatpack_md indicator_wildwest_cowboyhat400 indicator_wildwest_deputybadge27.020
corral_menu Corral indicator_wildwest_deputybadge33.320
princesspony_menu Princess indicator_wildwest_deputybadge33.320

Act 3
Act 3 PrizesAct 3 Story Finale

image name cost
frontierwatertower_menu Frontier Water Tower indicator_wildwest_tnt1.190
ico_wildwest_goldcoinpack_sm indicator_wildwest_goldcoin100 indicator_wildwest_tnt1.910
Mortician Carriage Mortician Carriage indicator_wildwest_tnt3.980
frontiercemetery_menu Frontier Cemetery indicator_wildwest_tnt3.980
ico_wildwest_sixshooterpack_sm indicator_wildwest_sixshooter200 indicator_wildwest_tnt5.870
partandparcelpostal_menu Part and Parcel Postal indicator_wildwest_tnt9.470
Blacksmith Blacksmith indicator_wildwest_tnt9.470
ico_wildwest_goldcoinpack_sm indicator_wildwest_goldcoin100 indicator_wildwest_tnt14.780
unlock_skinner_longshot Longshot Skinner indicator_wildwest_tnt19.280
ico_wildwest_cowboyhatpack_md indicator_wildwest_cowboyhat400 indicator_wildwest_tnt23.420
carlsdadcaverns_menu Carl’s Dad Caverns indicator_wildwest_tnt28.370

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


7 thoughts on “Wild West: Event Prizes

  1. How are we going to get the Maggie skin as I have seen it in the old West Simpsons category! I thought it would be a prize but obviously not!


  2. I have way more pick axes than hats. Anything I should be doing? Right now, no hats and 5,000 pick axes.


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