Wild West: Gil is back with the Bandit Fort!

Good ol’ Gil is back for a new promo: the Bandit Fort! A new building for the event. Join us right after the jump for infos on the new item!
Bandit Fort One PanelBandit Fort Offer

Bandit Fort
Cost: sidebar_donut200
Benefits: Spawns bandits every 2 hours.
Permanent Jobs: Martin, Milhouse, Database, Skinner, Comic Book Guy and Sea Captain have a permanent animated 8 hours job to “Assault the Bandit Fort” after completing Pt. 4 of the questline.
Grid Placement: Grass, Beach, Dirt
Available: till May 4th at 9am BST

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


14 thoughts on “Wild West: Gil is back with the Bandit Fort!

  1. Is it just me or is the Fort ugly?
    Meh, I simply have no where to put it anyway.
    I’m also happy with animations those characters already have.


  2. Why are all deals that expensive? 200 donuts is far too much. I would start thinking about buying for half that price.


  3. I see a big dumb wooden sombrero in the picture but when I purchased it’s not there which is great. Any idea if the fort “levels up” and eventually has the sombrero in the courtyard? Will it be a building where I can I pick the facade at the end?

    I wish I hadn’t completed the redwood tree tasks- same deal.
    Thanks guys, best tapped site on the net by FAR.


  4. I had to delete all my data for the game because 500MB of free disk space on my Andriod phone is not enough, and then spend 20+ minutes waiting for everything to download again ( what is this, now the 5th time in a week) to download a bloody Gil deal that I wont purchase.


    • So did I (but on a Android tablet). I uninstalled it because of lack of space, but didnt have any problems installing it afterwards (without removing anything else).


      • Yeah its quite annoying, thats like fifth time i had to reinstall the game and third time i had to do it for small patches.


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