Wild West Act 1 Premium Walkthrough: Coyote Oldie and Buck in the Saddle Again

An old man trying to sell gum and a cowboy that doesn’t know how to be one. How bad could it possibly be? Find out right after the jump in the walkthrough for the act 1 prizes of the Wild West event!

Wild Rose
Coyote Oldie Pt. 1

Skinner starts

Skinner: The Wilted Rose? But that’s an obscure reference to a 5-second dream sequence I starred in.
Skinner: Who would POSSIBLY remember that?
Agnes: You had a dream that your mother worked in a brothel that specialized in old hags.
Agnes: At a certain point, son, our relationship will go from “weird-but-funny” to just plain “off-putting.”

Task: Make Skinner Fret Over Past Dreams
Time: 8h
Location: Skinner House or Springfield Elementary

Coyote Oldie Pt. 2

Agnes starts

Agnes: Shame, Seymour! Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!
Skinner: How I wish I’d never let you watch “Game of Thrones,” Mother.
Belle: Welcome to The Wilted Rose, sir. Where you’ll find only the most decrepit, withered crones. For men of refined tastes.
Belle: And who is this perfectly stunning hag? Is she your grandmother?
Agnes: *giggles* Flatterer. I’m his mother.
Belle: Really? Well I AM impressed. You don’t look a day under ninety-five!
Belle: Why, my geezer clientele would just eat you up! Say you’ll come work for me.
Agnes: I suppose I could wait tables or something.
Skinner: Mother, you cannot be considering this!
Agnes: So long as it bothers you, I’m in!

Task: Make Agnes Wait Tables
If the user has Belle: Task: Make Belle Keep the Books
Time: 8h
Location: Wilted Rose

Coyote Oldie Pt. 3

Agnes starts

Belle: Agnes, you look positively ghoulish in that dress!
Belle: You’ve got droops in all the right places.
Agnes: I’ve earned this body. I could easily climb a set of stairs, but using the lift chair keeps my bones nice and brittle.
Belle: Well, dedication like that should be rewarded. Come be a part of my show!
Comic Book Guy: Yes, let’s get on with it. I want to see some hips break. I don’t know WHY I want that, but apparently, I do.

Task: Make Agnes Put On a Burlesque Show
Task: Make Comic Book Guy Attend the Burlesque Show
If the user has Belle: Task: Make Belle Post Show Clips Online
Time: 4h
Location: Wilted Rose

Coyote Oldie Pt. 4

Agnes starts

Agnes: I hope I didn’t embarrass myself on stage. Some of the other dancing hags can really work a walker.
Belle: You were glorious! Look, you’re beginning to draw fans.
Mr. Burns: Helloooo, Agnes! Might I say, you looked positively geriatric up there! A real bony nightmare!
Agnes: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Task: Make Agnes Twerk Her Hip Out of Place
Task: Make Agnes’ Fans Attend a Show [x3]
Time: 4h
Location: Wilted Rose
Characters: Comic Book Guy, Chalmers, Otto, Grampa, Mr. Burns, Sideshow Mel, Barney, Willy

Buck in the Saddle Again Pt. 1

Buck McCoy starts

Bart: It’s Buck McCoy, the greatest movie cowboy of them all!
Buck McCoy: Howdy, little pardner. If you could just point me in the direction of my house…. I seem to have misplaced it.
Bart: Yeah, thing is, your house isn’t in this update. Maybe sometime in the future!
Buck McCoy: What in tarnation is an “update?” And I ain’t never heard of “the future” neither.
Buck McCoy: Fortunately there’s an old cowboy trick for findin’ out what’s really going on.

Task: Make Buck McCoy Call His Agent
Time: 1h
Location: Brown House

On job start:
Macarthur Parker: Buck, baby! Always good to hear from Hollywood royalty. How’s alcohol rehab?
Buck McCoy: They kicked me out. I sent Frank the Wonder Horse on one too many liquor store runs.
Buck McCoy: Listen, I know this is a story you’ve heard a million times from down-on-their-luck actors, but…
Buck McCoy: …an irresponsible video game company neglected to include my house in an update. I need some fast money.
Macarthur Parker: Let me make a few calls and get right back to you.

Buck in the Saddle Again Pt. 2

Buck McCoy starts

Macarthur Parker: Great news, Buck. Hollywood is just gaga to employ eighty-something-year-old actors in all their tent-pole films.
Buck McCoy: I feel sorry for all them gorgeous twenty-year-old actors. They’ll never catch a break.
Macarthur Parker: Plus, we’re in the middle of a real western craze.
Macarthur Parker: You can thank the boffo box office of mega-hits like “The Lone Ranger,” “Jonah Hex,” and “Cowboys and Aliens.”
Macarthur Parker: They want you on the set of the latest sure-fire western mega-hit right away!
Macarthur Parker: You’re going to teach the actors how to ride, lasso and be authentic fake cowboys.

Task: Make Buck McCoy Demonstrate Stunt Riding
Time: 4h
Location: Wild West Film Set

Buck in the Saddle Again Pt. 3

Buck McCoy starts

Buck McCoy: Let’s see how you fellers are doin’ on yer cowboy accents.
Buck McCoy: Repeat after me: “Y’all better mosey on outta here if ya know what’s good fer ya.”
Wolfcastle: You had all better this that and de other thing. Baby.
Buck McCoy: Even for a first try, that was awful. Try just the first word: “y’all.”
Wolfcastle: You all. Baby.
Buck McCoy: Where you from, cowpoke?
Wolfcastle: Austria.
Buck McCoy: Well, I ain’t never been to Austria, Texas. But they sure teach lousy English there.
Krusty: How’s this, Buck: “Hey hey, y’all!”
Buck McCoy: Are you wearing makeup? Cowboys don’t.
Krusty: The look is non-negotiable.
Krusty: But don’t worry. They paid a couple of Harvard kids $5 million to write a backstory that explains the whole “clown gunslinger” thing.

Task: Make Buck McCoy Give Cowboy Speech Lessons
Task: Make Celebrities Talk Like a Cowboy [x3]
Time: 8h
Location: Wild West Film Set

Buck in the Saddle Again Pt. 4

Buck McCoy starts

Buck McCoy: Let’s focus on the deadliest, most cold-blooded cowboy skill.
Buck McCoy: I’m talking, of course, about making a lasso go round while you hop through it, smilin’ and singin’.
Buck McCoy: The smile’s the key. Famed gunslinger Pistol Sanderson once killed ten U.S. Marshals with a perfectly-timed lasso smile.
Krusty: Lasso? The tech guys said we could CGI the rope in later. I’ll be in my trailer.
Buck McCoy: You mention CGI again, and I’ll lasso-smile you dead where you stand.

Task: Make Buck McCoy Demonstrate Lasso Skills
Task: Make Celebrities Turn Lassos Into Tangled Messes [x3]
Time: 4h
Location: Wild West Film Set

Buck in the Saddle Again Pt. 5

Buck McCoy starts

Buck McCoy: Dang it, I’ll make cowboys of you city slickers yet.
Buck McCoy: Lesson three: how to win a gal by showing you can spit tobacc-y farther than the other fellas.
Krusty: Come on! I wanna shoot something already!
Buck McCoy: Baby steps. You ain’t even learned to ride a horse while standing on your head.
Wolfcastle: I agree with clown. The time for shoot is now.
Buck McCoy: Fine. We’ll start with something easy — shooting the wings off a june bug at fifty paces. Go!

Task: Make Buck McCoy Demonstrate Extreme Marksmanship
Task: Make Krusty Accidentally Shoot Buck McCoy
Task: Make Celebrities Point Cool Guns at Things [x3]
Time: 1h
Location: Wild West Film Set

On job start:
Buck McCoy: You shot me!
Krusty: Don’t worry. There’s an intern from Emerson we can pin the blame on.
Krusty: Elizabeth? Be a dear and put your fingerprints on this trigger?

On job end:
Buck McCoy: I don’t think this is for me. The movie stars of today are selfish, lazy and entitled.
Buck McCoy: In the Golden Age of Hollywood, we were all the things a man should be: drunk, misogynistic and mildly racist.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


9 thoughts on “Wild West Act 1 Premium Walkthrough: Coyote Oldie and Buck in the Saddle Again

  1. Hi, I can’t finish the last part of Buck McCoy’s last task, where I am required to have celebrities point cool gun at things. Am I supposed to have a certain character for that?


    • Only celebrities can do that task.
      Celebrities ~ Krusty, Brockman, Wolfcastle, Roger Meyers Jr ::: Duffman, Bumblebeeman, Sideshow Mel, Dr Nick, Tatum, Ms Springfield, Arnie Pie, Lurleen, Lampwick, Booberella/ Lincon, Washington, Sideshow Bob


            • That shouldnt matter. Have you tried storing KrusyBurger and Krusty? This will reset the timer, so if youre on lvl 5 at the town plaza do this right after you tapped the hat at KB


              • Stored KB and Krusty but doesn’t seem to have any change. Didn’t do it after tapping the hat tho as you suggested.. Saw your reply too late!


                • Strange. The quest is not important for the event (it can wait) but it is annoying being stuck. Contact support, theres a link above. Use the headline Missing content. Do not use bug or glitch.


                  • Yes it is annoying being stuck! Thanks for your help! I hope they compensate me with donuts! Hahaha!


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