Wild West Promo Walkthrough: Gil Deal and The Three Compadres

Who is El Serpiente? What are the real intentions of the bandits? Find out right after the jump in the walkthrough for the Act 1 prizes of the Wild West event!

A new Gil Deal has appeared and offers the Bandit Fort. With some weird bandits pursuing him. Gil appears with a sombrero indicator_wildwestpromo icon on him. Tap him to start the deal.

Gil Deal

Auto starts

Bandit: You find the one they call “El Serpiente,” and bring him here to lead us, or else!
Gil: Or else what?
Bandit: Or else we’ll be leaderless! And un-led bandits are inefficient bandits. You don’t want that, do you?
Gil: Gosh, fellas, no! I’ll find your “El Serpiente!” By the way, is that a Spanish word? What’s it mean?
Bandit: No time for translations! All our hopes ride on you, ineffectual old man. Now go!
Gil: If I were an El Serpiente, where would I be? Maybe I’ll ask those three boys over there.
Gil: Hey fellas, whatcha doing with all those funny-shaped dice?
Database: We’re playing “Sheriffs and Shootouts,” a Western-themed role playing game.
Gil: Sounds dull! Say, you haven’t heard of a fella that goes by the name El Serpiente, have you?
Martin: Why, that moniker is one of the many aliases of the seventh-level outlaw character in the game.
Milhouse: It’s a Spanish name that translates as–
Gil: I’ve been assured there’s no time for translation! If you’re El Serpiente, that’s good enough for me!
Gil: I’ve got a deal for you, son. Your very own bandit fort, complete with a band of outlaws for you to lead.
Martin: Well, I’m always keen to meet up with my fellow role-playing enthusiasts!
Bandit Fort One PanelBandit Fort Offer

Offer accepted:
Gil: Another satisfied customer!
Snake: Yo, dude, I hear you’re looking for The Snake. That’s me.
Gil: Sorry, but the bandits were quite specific, and they didn’t say anything about a “The Snake.”

Offer declined:
Gil: No problem! If I don’t sell this fort, the bandits will probably just leave me buried up to my neck in the desert.
Gil: I’ve been buried up to higher body parts in worse places!
Gil: Or maybe they’ll just take everything I have. Which is practically nothing!

If you accept the offer, a new questline unlocks.

The Three Compadres Pt. 1

Martin starts

Martin: What a lovely fort! It will be a pleasure to pretend we’re real-life Western outlaws in here!
Bandit: Who are you, ese?
Martin: Allow me to introduce my friends. This young gunslinger is The Asthma Kid.
Milhouse: Hi! I look forward to rolling dice with you fine gentlemen!
Database: You may call me the Game Master. I think I’ve earned it.
Martin: And I am El Serpiente, bold, brazen outlaw leader!

Task: Reach Level 12 and Build the Springfield Library
Task: Make Martin Make Introductions
Time: 4h
Location: Bandit Fort

The Three Compadres Pt. 2

Martin starts

Bandit: El Serpiente, the men are hungry for action. What will our first job be?
Martin: I was thinking we might role play a daring train robbery scenario!
Database: I believe I have some tables detailing the hit points of various in-game locomotives. Let me find those…
Martin: Desperados! You heard the man! Grab your dice and your character sheets!
Bandit: Dice, Serpiente?

Task: Make Martin Play Sheriffs and Shootouts
Task: Make Milhouse Play Sheriffs and Shootouts
If the user has Database: Task: Make Database GM Sheriffs and Shootouts
Time: 8h
Location: Bandit Fort

On job start:
Database: Behind a secret door in the coal car, you find a treasure horde filled with piñatas!
Bandit: Piñatas? That’s all we get?
Martin: We’ve also gained valuable experience points. Soon you’ll be a second-level bandito, my good man.

The Three Compadres Pt. 3

Martin starts

Bandit: So… when do we rob the actual train?
Database: But we’ve already done it! Bards will sing of our deeds for years to come! Huzzah!
Bandit: I get that you want to carefully plan our capers, El Serpiente, but there are real-world trains that need robbing.
Martin: …real world?…
Martin: Uhhh… of course! We will rob a real world train posthaste! Just let me and my compatriots reconnoiter the crime scene for a tad. Won’t be a moment!
Bandit: Well, hurry up. Idle bandits are not happy bandits.

Task: Make Martin Reconnoiter
Task: Make Milhouse Reconnoiter
Task: Make Database Reconnoiter
Time: 12h
Location: Springfield Library

On job start:
Database: What have we gotten into? These are real bandits!
Martin: And they’re dishonest gamesmen! One of them claimed to have rolled a natural 20, when clearly it was a 10.
Milhouse: What kind of animal would lie about a die roll?
Martin: We’ll talk to Principal Skinner. He’ll know what to do!

The Three Compadres Pt. 4

Skinner starts

Skinner: Real bandits, you say?
Martin: Yes, Principal Skinner. We need to lead an offensive before they attack the town!
Skinner: They have guns and a willingness to use them. But we have our strengths as well. My unmatched cowardice, for one.
Sea Captain: I’m largely made of wood at this point. Legs, arms, neck… It’s almost impossible to find flesh on me to shoot.
Comic Book Guy: I have a plan to infiltrate the enemy camp. My tactical genius is at your service.
Comic Book Guy: Quick everyone, to the theatrical supplies cupboard!

Task: Make Martin Lead the Assault
Task: Make Vigilantes Assault the Bandit Fort
Time: 4h
Location: Bandit Fort
Characters: Milhouse, Database, Skinner, Comic Book Guy, Sea Captain

On job start:
Bandit: Hey, look! Somebody left us a big wooden sombrero as a gift. Let’s drag it into the fort!
Brute: Good idea. Then let’s get drunk and fall asleep next to it.
Bandit: There’s nothing like passing out next to a huge wooden gift. Especially when you have no idea what — or who — might be inside it.

On job end:
Martin: Surrender, evil-doers! We have you surrounded!
Bandit: It’s El Serpiente!
Bandit: That backstabbing varmint has stabbed us backstabbing varmints in the back!
Martin: Lay down your weapons, or I’ll let Willie here loose on the lot of you.
Bandit: You mean the Scottish maniac who has a rake instead of a gun?
Martin: Trust me, he knows how to use that rake. Oh yes, he does…

A new animated permanent 8h job is now unlocked for Martin, Milhouse, Database, Skinner, Comic Book Guy and Sea Captain to “Assault the Bandit Fort”.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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