Wild West Act 2 Walkthrough: A Fistful of Bothers

The second act of the event has just gone live, what’s going to happen next? Why is the Town Plaza incomplete? Find out right after the jump in the walkthrough of the 2nd act of the Wild West event!

A Fistful of Bothers Pt. 1

Auto starts

Marge: Mayor Quimby, as a concerned citizen, I worry that the recent mob attack on my husband, while hilarious, is an indication that crime is on the rise.
Quimby: Fine. We’ll build a jail.
Marge: More jails won’t solve anything. We should address the root cause of the problem. This gold rush is–
Quimby: A new jail is easier.
Marge: Yes, but–
Quimby: Americans love jails, lady. Even more than they love Peyton Manning eating crappy delivery pizza while humming that awful insurance jingle.
Wiggum: Enough talk! I wanna see Springfielders building a jail at the Town Plaza or I’m canceling this whole gold rush event.

Task: Make Springfielders Build a Jail at the Town Plaza [x5]
Time: 30s
Location: Town Plaza
Reward: $100 10 Event Currency

A Fistful of Bothers Pt. 2

Homer starts

Homer: Having a jail next to the saloon sure is great. This’ll make getting dragged to the drunk tank a breeze!
Wiggum: Gotta love that new jail smell.
Wiggum: And playing Wild West sheriff is a blast! *SLAM* Aw, dang it. Just locked myself in the cell.
Snake: You hear that, criminals? This is our chance to show Springfield what frontier life was really like!

Task: Build Springfield Penitentiary
Task: Make Snake Promote Lawlessness
Task: Make Springfielders Abuse Lawlessness [x3]
Time: 4h
Location: Town Plaza
If the user has Wiggum: Task: Make Wiggum Lock Himself in Jail
Time: 2h
Location: Town Plaza

On job start:
Nelson: The police are locked behind bars. We can do anything we like!
Homer: I can drive 100 MPH in a school zone, like God intended!
Carl: I can openly funnel nuclear secrets to my North Korean handlers!
Frink: I can announce particle physics discoveries that have been confirmed at only four-sigma certainty!
Nelson: …
Frink: You see, the normal requirement is five sigma, not four, so…. Look, you wouldn’t beat up an adult, would you?
Nelson: …
Frink: I suppose you would.

On job end:
Wiggum: I’m out! I escaped! What did I miss?
Bart: An uninterrupted reign of lawlessness and terror.
Wiggum: I meant, what did I miss on TV? I’m still kind of a watch-it-live guy. Don’t really care for DVRs.
Bart: You really are a disgrace, you know.
Wiggum: Oh, you mean a disgrace to law enforcement. Yeah, I pretty much am.
Reward: $100 10 Event Currency

Only one job can be done to Start a craze. If you’ve one started, or Snake is doing another job, he can’t Promote Lawlessness!

Next up is a new type of bandit, a Wanted bandit. Once you tap him he’ll run away. Tap him 4 times to capture him. One will appear every 24 hours.

The Reviled Bunch

Snake starts

Snake: Time to step up our criminal game, law-breakers.
Wiggum: Do your worst, Snake! Lou will face down anyone you throw at us!
Lou: These are dangerous individuals, Chief. I could use a little help.
Wiggum: Lou, if I wanted excuses I would’ve assigned it to myself. Now take him down!
System Message: Most Wanted bandits have joined the outlaw ranks! Capture them daily for bonus resources!

Task: Capture a Most Wanted Bandit
WW The Rivaled Bunch Message
Reward: $100 10 Event Currency

A Fistful of Bothers Pt. 3

Homer starts

Kirk: Hey, Homer. Milhouse wants to set up a play date.
Homer: I’m not sure Bart’s free. Come to think of it, I’m not even sure where he is….
Homer: College! I think I remember something about Bart going to college. Try there.
Kirk: No, uh)
Location: Milhouse wants to play with YOU. Don’t you, Milhouse?
Milhouse: No I don’t! This is weird!
Kirk: Sure you do! You’ll have a blast, Homer. Milhouse will bring a hoverboard and a case of Duff.
Homer: What will the neighbors think about a grown man who spends his time with other people’s children? Besides “what a great guy,” I mean.
Homer: All right, send the little dweeb over.

Task: Reach Level 8 and Build the Van Houten House
Task: Make Homer Have a Playdate With Milhouse
Time: 3h
Location: Simpson House, Milhouse

On job start:
Milhouse: Another beer, Mr. Simpson? Perhaps a spin on my Chinese-made, discount hoverboard?
Homer: Are you trying to get me drunk so I’ll fall off your hoverboard and be knocked unconscious?
Milhouse: That’s pretty suspicious of you.
Homer: I’m sorry. I think crazy thoughts when I’m sober. Beer me, playmate.

On job end:
Lisa: Dad! Mr. Van Houten clearly sent Milhouse here to drunken you with beer so they could search our house for gold.
Homer: Iz tha so? Well, it din’t work! *SNORES* … *SNORES*
Lisa: I’m very disappointed, Milhouse. And to think I’m actually married to you in several episodes set in the future.
Reward: $100 10 Event Currency

A Fistful of Bothers Pt. 4

Snake starts

Outlaw Snake: What’s up dude?
Bart: Hey, Snake. You and your outlaw gang get a bad rap. The way I see it, you’re a prankster, just like me!
Bart: It’s all in good fun, right? So how can I help?
Outlaw Snake: We’re just about to start planning our next hilarious prank. Sit in, little buddy!

Task: Reach Level 12 and Place Bart’s Treehouse
Task: Make Snake Meet With Outlaws
Task: Make Bart Sit in on Outlaw Meeting
Time: 4h
Location: Town Plaza

Outlaw Snake: Attention fellow outlaws. Someone out there has the gold. So what we’re gonna do is…
Outlaw Snake: Kidnap Springfield’s children at gunpoint and hold them for ransom. If the sheriff gets involved, we dynamite the jailhouse and shoot our way out of town.
Bart: Ay carumba!
Reward: $100 10 Event Currency

A Fistful of Bothers Pt. 5

Bart starts

Bart: Hey everyone! Snake and his gang are planning to kidnap all the kids as ransom! We’ve got to stop him!
Wiggum: Oh, come on. Kidnapping kids is a logistical nightmare. It’s not a viable crime model. As a respected desperado, Snake would know that.
Wiggum: Now hush. Gummy Joe is spinning yarns of Wild West life. Fascinating stuff!
Gummy Joe: …then Black Pete decided the only way he’d get his hands on that gold was to kidnap every kid in the town of Devil’s Vomit Gulch and hold ‘em for ransom.
Wiggum: “Devil’s Vomit Gulch.” I wish this town had a cool name like that.
Gummy Joe: And the kidnapping plan worked to perfection. As kidnapping always does.

Task: Make Gummy Joe Tell Rootin’-Tootin’ Stories
Task: Make Springfielders Listen to Gummy Joe’s Stories [x5]
Task: Make Bart Try to Warn Springfielders
Time: 4h
Location: Town Plaza
Reward: $100 10 Event Currency

A Fistful of Bothers Pt. 6

Bart starts

Bart: It looks like I’ll have to deal with Snake myself.
Bart: I shall become… the Kid With No Name.
Bart: Hey, Sheriff Wiggum! I just saw a donut roll into that jail cell.
Wiggum: A donut, you say? Better saddle up, strap on my six-shooters and mosey on over– *SLAM* And, I just locked myself in the cell again.
Bart: Sorry, Sheriff. But I can’t have the law getting in my way. The Kid With No Name fights alone.
Wiggum: Hey, there really is a donut in here! I’m not going to get shot, and also I have a donut. Pretty good. Pret-ty good.

Task: Make Bart Plan Snake’s Downfall
Time: 2h
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Wiggum Lock Himself in Jail Again
Time: 2h
Location: Town Plaza
Task: Collect All Act 2 Finale Pieces
Reward: $100 10 Event Currency

WW Act 2 Story Finale
Corral & Princess

After opening Story Finale screen

Task: Collect Deputy Badges to Earn Prize
Task: Build the Corral
Task: Place Princess
Reward: $100 10 Event Currency

A Fistful of Bothers Pt. 7

After obtaining all Scene Finale Pieces

System Message: All Finale Pieces collected! Play it now to see how the Act story concludes!
WW Story Finale Act 2

Task: Play Act 2 Finale

The Kid With No Name: Snake! Your days of rabble-rousing are over. Prepare to meet your maker.
Outlaw Snake: Well, well. The Kid With No Name. Don’t think just because you’re young I won’t draw on you.
The Kid With No Name: You’re forgetting one thing.  I’m a Simpson — they can’t kill me off.
Outlaw Snake: Your dad’s mother thought the same thing, but where is she now?
Nelson: Haw haw!

Reward: $100 10 Event Currency

More Deputy Badges

Auto starts

Task: Collect Deputy Badges [x1750]
Reward: $100 10 Event Currency

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


13 thoughts on “Wild West Act 2 Walkthrough: A Fistful of Bothers

  1. I’m Level 14 and don’t have the lousy cop (Wiggums Level 17). “Make Wiggums lock himself in Jail again” is my objective on A fistful of bothers Pt. 6! There are 3 days / 10 hours left. I’ll never make it to Level 17 in that timeframe. Am I doomed to fail Act 2 by default?
    Anything I can do to make it? Apart from wasting lots of real money for donuts, that is!


  2. Is there a notification when a wanted bandit is in your town? My daily challenge is to capture a wanted bandit but I can’t locate one in my town. If I hit “go to”, the wanted poster comes up, but no bandit..


      • How? I’ve used all the usual tricks, like going into the edit bit and hiding all but people and scanned the town but still no dice – tried syncing, logging out and going back I and have spent over an hour scouring my town and still nothing 😦


        • It seem to be timed. The Most Wanted wont show until 24h after you caught him the previous time.
          If you have it in the daily task, you have to wait to catch him until he shows up.
          For my main and C he re appeared this afternoon, my C is behind in tasks so he wont show in that town until later tonight, though I have him in the book.


  3. The mine is a little bit smaller than I expected but has a cool animation triggered by Snake.
    Haven’t seen what Hootenanny Barn does yet if anything, as initial quests are running but you get a character with it.


  4. Hi, I got an Simpsons update in my App Store today, anybody else? I won’t update if it makes act two go back to the beginning, have earned a few guns already. Better say, the game downloaded files at start up this morning, so what’s the deal with the update in the store?


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