Item Overview: Hootenanny Barn and Luke Stetson!

Hello, my name is Sam! You might know me from sites such as … wait … I’ve already used that joke! Let’s just skip to the point!

Howdy Partners! Act 2 is live in our games and with all events come different items (premium and freemium) and with this event we have been given a shedload of fun items to add to our Western area! With Act 2 came a premium building/character combo (Hootenanny barn with Luke Stetson) and in the post I will be giving you the rundown of the item and whether you should add it to your Springfield!

So join me after the jump …

Luke Stetson in the Simpsons

Luke Stetson featured in the episode “Dude, Where’s My Ranch?” and was Lisa’s boyfriend (SPOILER Became Ex-Boyfriend) and is found at the lazy ranch! He makes friends with Lisa and they decide to go out (Awww … Cute)

But after a mishap at a barn dance (held at Hootenanny barn) things go a bit dodgy! I won’t spoil it for you! Then tension builds as a characters in danger (oh no) but super Lisa comes to the rescue!

Luke Stetson in our games

Luke Stetson comes as a premium character for Act 2, when you buy him it will take 6s to build the barn (like all premium items do) and then you will see the unlock screen:

And he has a fun questline (coming soon) that involves Lisa and some fun visual tasks! When you tap on Hootenanny Barn you will get a farmy sound and you will see it pays out $135 and 15XP every 4hrs with the payout task “Swinging Partners” – a reference to the barn dance in “Dude, where’s my ranch”.

And he is part of the Old West Partners collection:Old West Partners

All the facts you need to know:

Building: Hootenanny Barn


Character: Luke Stetson

unlock_lukestetsonLuke Stetson Unlock

Price: 100 donuts
Payout: $135 and 15XP every 4hrs
Unlock message: Luke Stetson, Junior Wrangler

Questline: YES
Character Collection: Old West Partners
Dimensions: 6×5

Luke’s Tasks

Get supplies for the trail – 60 mins (General Store)
Reward $105 and 26XP

Honky-Tonk! – 4hrs (Hootenanny Barn)
Reward $260 and 70XP

Play a Trail Song – 8hrs VISUAL (at Hottenanny Barn)
Reward $420 and 105XP

Make Protest Signs – 12hrs (Hootenanny Barn)
Reward $600 and 150XP

Search for Gold – 24hrs VISUAL
Reward $1000 and 255XP

Event tasks

Buy Overpriced Supplies
Reward 128 Pickaxes and 16 Event Currency

Get Riled Up
Reward 64 Hats and 16 Event Currency

Abuse Lawlessness
Reward 32 Guns and 16 Event Currency

Overreact to Warnings
Reward 8 Coins and 16 Event Currency

Should you buy it

Hell Yes!!! Sorry got a bit excited there – I will explain in more detail
This is the best price for character/building combo (that I know of) and offers another child (we needed some more) and fun addition to your Springfield! It comes with a few fun animations and a great questline involving Lisa. I can’t really find any negatives against this (maybe it not having a lot of visual tasks could be a negative)! It offers a great payout, character and building at the best price event or no event! He also has a town plaza job that payouts (game currency) at a premium rate.

Final Verdict

If you have the donuts then I don’t see why not to get this, this offers a chance to get game currency as well! At such a great price the only reason not to get it is if you have a phobia of kids (Lol :)) so save up and get this great character/building combo whilst it’s still around!

This leaves are games when Act 3 starts (17th May)

Hope you enjoyed the item overview for Luke and the barn! Have you got, or planning to get, Luke and the barn? Enjoying Act 2 so far? Feedback for my first proper post? Tell us in the comments and Happy Tapping …


32 thoughts on “Item Overview: Hootenanny Barn and Luke Stetson!

  1. I agree that a character/building combo for 100 donuts sounds great ……… BUT Luke Stetson only appeared in 1 episode and is thus not that memorable.

    I’m a 100% freemium player, so I would rather spend my freemium donuts on characters “more key” to Springfield like Brandine, Otto, Frink, Duffman, Dr Nick etc ………… I’m doing pretty well so far in Act 2 without Luke. I’m playing frequently during the day, and have currently collected over 6K badges


  2. Also thought it was a bit of a no-brainer – a character and a building for just 100 donuts, so thanks for the confirmation.


  3. Get supplies for the trail – 60 mins (general store)
    Reward $125 and 26XP

    Are you sure about $125? Most premium characters have $105. My Luke is at work so I can’t check.


  4. Welcome Sam!
    Payout for ‘play a trail song’ is $420 and xp105.
    It’s a nice visual animation showing Luke sitting on a bale of hay with a guitar singing and the barn doors are open.


  5. So if I buy this, I get game currency in just this act, or through act 3 as well? Very tempting I must say.


    • I would definitely get it I you have the donuts! It will have a town Plaza job throughout the whole event! It is he best combo ever and for me was a no-brainer! 🙂


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