Wild West Act 2 Prizes Walkthrough: Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin, Wild Wild Willie and All in a Day’s Work

A rolling ball coming straight from the orizon, a shop for weapons Willie will love and an out of prison outlaw. What’s rolling on Old Springfield? Find out right after the jump in the walkthrough for the act 2 prizes of the Wild West event!

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ Pt. 1

Auto starts

Task: Tap Tumbleweed

Ordnance Express
Wild Wild Willie Pt. 1

Willie starts

Willie: Finally! There’s a gun store in town!
Herman: I’ve been selling guns here for ages!
Homer: And Bloodbath & Beyond came to town last year.
Willie: Willie either can’t, or won’t, read. Willie forgets which. The end result is the same, Willie supposes.
Willie: Anyway, this store has a giant gun on the sign. So that’s where I’m goin’!

Task: Make Willie Shop For Guns and Ammo
Time: 6h
Time: Ordnance Express
Reward: 100 money 10 XP

Wild Wild Willie Pt. 2

Willie starts

Willie: Is this the right gun for shooting squirrels on a busy kids’ playground?
Squeaky Voice Teen: It’s NRA-approved for just that use! With stopping power like this, you can make an awful lot of kids safe from terrorists. Add this optional hair trigger, and the safety really shoots through the roof!
Willie: Willie’s not out to protect kids! Willie can’t stand the wee devils!
Willie: I need this gun to stop the squirrels from stealing mah twigs, string and lint. I’m trying to make a nest here, too, after all!
Squeaky Voice Teen: Ok sir, but there’s a waiting period.
Willie: Argh!

Task: Make Willie Impatiently Wait For a Gun
Time: 24h
Time: Willie’s Shack

Wild Wild Willie Pt. 3

Willie starts

Willie: Finally! I got me boomstick and it’s time for a proper reckonin’!
Willie: Do these rodents really think they can outsmart Willie…
Willie: …just because their scores on standard intelligence tests are significantly higher than Willie’s?

Task: Make Willie Lie in Wait
Time: 8h
Time: Willie’s Shack

Willie: Ack, I must’ve dozed off.
Willie: Me gun! The rodent has run off with it!
Willie: You win this one ya’ buck-toothed bedbug.
Willie: Looks like Willie’s movin’ back to the culvert. Well, I WAS starting to miss the odor of pig farm runoff.

All in a Day’s Work Pt. 1

Auto starts

Outlaw Snake: I’ve been working so hard at outlawry, I clean forgot this is my weekend with my son Jeremy!
Outlaw Snake: I don’t want my son to think I’m some two-bit criminal.
Outlaw Snake: I want him to think I’m a two-bit, loving father.

Task: Make Outlaw Snake Go Grocery Shopping
Time: 2h
Time: Kwik-E-Mart

Outlaw Snake: Hands up, grocery store workers! I need you to get me everything on this shopping list.
Outlaw Snake: I’ve organized the list by aisle, to make your robbery experience easier.

All in a Day’s Work Pt. 2

Snake starts

Outlaw Snake: Shopping’s done. What’s next?
Outlaw Snake: …ugh, laundry. Such a hassle. Sorting colors, waiting for the cycle to finish, folding…
Outlaw Snake: …it’s not easy on me, and it’s not easy on the person I make do it at gunpoint.

Task: Make Outlaw Snake Force Flanders To Do His Laundry
Time: 4h
Time: Flanders House
Requires: Ned

Outlaw Snake: I don’t know where you learned to fold towels, Flanders, but those bad boys are FLUFFY.
Outlaw Snake: You are now the ONLY guy I’ll ever force to wash my undies.
Ned: Aw, you flatterer…
Outlaw Snake: No, you earned it, dude.

All in a Day’s Work Pt. 3

Snake starts

Outlaw Snake: Groceries, check. Clean sheets, check.
Outlaw Snake: I still need to find the perfect gift.
Outlaw Snake: Siri, where’s the nearest easy-to-rob toy or hobby store?

Task: Make Outlaw Snake Get a Gift From Android’s Dungeon
Time: 4h
Time: Android’s Dungeon
Requires: Comic Book Guy

On job start:
Outlaw Snake: Hands up, geekazoid! Gimme all your Cosmic Wars action figures, 1988 or earlier.
Comic Book Guy: Well, which one should I do? Put my hands up, or give you the figures?
Outlaw Snake: Everybody makes that joke, you know. You’re not funny.

All in a Day’s Work Pt. 4

Snake starts

Outlaw Snake: Yo, son! Look at all these sweet toys Daddy stole for you. Have fun playing!
Jeremy: That’s great, Dad. But I was hoping I could come to work with you.
Outlaw Snake: Aw, shucks, little man. I don’t have any robberies planned today.
Jeremy: Just thought I’d ask.
Outlaw Snake: But we could play cops vs. robbers?
Jeremy: Only if I get to be the robbers.
Outlaw Snake: That’s my boy.

Task: Make Outlaw Snake Play With Jeremy
Time: 4h

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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