Item Overview: The old mine

Yee-haw! Act 2 has been around for nearly a week now and you’ve got roughly 10 days before it leaves!
Item time as we do the whole rundown of items so you know whether to add it to your Springfield! So here’s the item overview for a fun “building”: The Old Mine


The old mine looks like a decoration but it is technically a building as it offers a payout (when the event ends it might offer cash and XP instead of bandits) and it is a fun – but very pricey – addition to your Western area!
I know what you are thinking: “SHOULD I GET IT?!” Well hold your horses as I guide you through the item and whether you should get it!

Let’s start from the easiest part … Where is it from?

Easy answer: Nowhere .. Thank you, good night!

No, I won’t leave you there :)! Basically this item isn’t featured in any Simpsons episodes and it is called a Tapped Out Exclusive!

Moving on to … adding it to your Springfield:

When you decide to get it you will be asked to place it! Once you click that tick your 180 donuts are gone and it will be instantly built (as it is kind of a decoration)! Then you will see Snake with an exclamation mark above his head which starts a little diologue and a 1 part questline:

The Old Mine

Snake: What a totally rad old mine! I bet there’s some neat artifacts down there.
Snake: I think I’ll relive the glory days a bit and check it out!
Task: Make Snake Dig for Artifacts – 2hrs
Reward: $100 and 10 XP
Snake: Alright, time to like, see what I’ve got here.
Snake: Some kind of time travel car from the 80’s-
Snake: -an android head, and pictures of cave-man graffiti.
Snake: So lame! I don’t regret my career change to professional criminal at all!

The mine has a really nice ongoing animation (with water flowing down the pipe) and when the mine is in use or you tap it you see bats come out of the hole and the Minecart travelling down the track!

Now let’s get onto the stats and figures …

Building/decoration (whatever you want to call it): The Old Mine


Price: 180 donuts
Pays: 4/5 bandits per 4hr (this depends on your town Plaza level)
Dimensions: 8×8 mini squares
Permanent Tasks: Make Snake dig for Artifacts – 2hrs

Now that we have broken down the stats, it’s the part you’ve all been waiting for …
Should you add this to your Western Springfield

I wouldn’t reccomend this to either a premium or freemium player! It looks amazing and really does add to any Western part of town but it offers no other advantage! If you are premium or have the donuts and have considered better items (I recommend Luke and the barn) then this is way to expensive for what it offers!

180 donuts would be expensive for a building/character combo but this standalone decoration really isn’t worth the hefty price tag! With that in mind: if you have the donuts and REALLY want this then get it as it really does add to your Western area.

Cookie Kwans Design Tip: If you do decide to get this item then I highly recommend putting it with either Springfield Gorge or the many random rocks you have gained in the daily prizes! You could also use both alongside the mine!

Here is what I did with my Old Mine (it’s a work in progress):


It’s basic but the addition of the cactus rocks really do emphasise on the size and the Western theme! I was blown away when our administrator/writer (Em) showed me what she did with the Old Mine:

Use our ideas to inspire your creations!

Simple Verdict

If you REALLY want it and have brought all the other good stuff then get this as it offers great design but otherwise swiftly pass on this one!

So … That brings us to the end of the Item Overview. Did you enjoy it? Have you added the mine to your Springfield? Done anything exciting with it? Going to pass? Sound off in the comments as we love to hear from you!


8 thoughts on “Item Overview: The old mine

  1. Those are actually bats, not birds flying out of the mine. I wish it wasn’t unique or was a little bigger, because it makes a nice ride addition to my Springfield amusement park, as opposed to KL.


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