Is the end near for Tapped Out updates?!

I’m back! I know there’s been a lot of speculation going round. Stuff like …
“Is the end near” … “might EA stop updating the game” and “Will the game ever end!” Well in this post I will be going over what I think about this topic.


So join me after the jump to hear my opinion …

So first I think I need to start by mentioning that EA is getting tons of money from the millions of people playing Tapped Out daily all around the world! I don’t think that EA are going to suddenly turn off the plug just like that as it would loose them tons of money, because that really is the only reason companies continue! So whether this means that EA might slow down on the updates or not is up to them but I don’t think that EA will ever stop the game completely.

Another option for EA is to only do seasonal/holiday updates and occasionally add in some items here and there! However EA still have quite a lot of items to add to the game that have featured in the Simpsons! So here is a list of my favourite characters/buildings and ideas that EA have yet to add to the game.
Please bear in mind that there was a huge list of stuff EA haven’t added so these are my favourites that I believe would add to the app (and not be too random):


Sarah Wiggum


Snake’s girlfriend (Gloria Jailbird) – she could have some fun tasks with Snake and even Mr Burns!

Jeremy Jailbird – Yes I know he is featured in an animated task with the new Outlaw Snake skin but we got Maggie and Marge had an animated task with her


Gil Gunderson – As a playable character, there could still be Gil Deals but instead of an NPC begging on its knees your character (Gil) could! An unlock image is also present in the files!


Maya – Moe’s girlfriend in the episode – “Eeny Teeny Maya MoeShe could have some tasks with Moe and maybe an inside task like Double Date with Homer and Marge


Crazy Dog Man – I know he only featured in 1 scene in an episode but he has potential for a fun character! He could have some fun tasks with Crazy Cat Lady (if you have her) and some good visual tasks (throw dogs, SHOUT, etc).


Groups (these are people shown in groups but could be separate characters for the game):

Yakuza Group:


Family Guy and Futurama family (please!!!):



The many amounts of hippies we’ve seen throughout the episodes:


And lets not forget the amount of bands we have seen:
*The Beatles
*Rolling Stones (and many more!)

Ghost characters:
These are character that died in episodes (RIP) so could be unlocked as ghosts or with their original body …

Hans Sprungfeld


and Bleeding Gums Murphy (much requested)


EA could also add the numerous amounts of guest stars that played themselves/character (I won’t list them as it could go on) – guest stars playing themselves might be harder to add due to legal reasons but some guest stars played loveable characters that I would like to see:

Leon Kompowsky – Secretly voiced by Michael Jackson


Mr. Bergstrom – Secretly voiced by Dustin Hoffmam



Springfield University
Geek Camp
Springfield Synagogue
Krusty’s Clown Collage (or Krusty’s Clown College depending on which scene you base it on)
Donny’s Discount Gas (maybe as a character/building combo unlocking Donny)
Story Town Village
Skatepark (unlocks animated task for Bart and bullies)

Ideas for EA to add

Neighboreeno resource swap system – where neighbours could trade resources (loads of money for donuts or donuts for SH resources/items)

Cancel Tasks – The chance for people to cancel tasks instead of having to store and unstore characters
Place cars on road – This would be a really cool feature!
Place boats on rivers – I don’t get why this still isn’t a feature!
Whole Town Stitchup screenshot – A button which automatically stitches up your town and makes a screenshot of it!
More cutscenes
Day/night/seasons option
More hidden bonuses – like the jebediah statue and 10 free donuts hidden bonus
Place Cars/bikes on parking spaces

So in total I think that EA has hundreds of ideas to base new updates for and the list above is a tiny minority of characters,buildings and ideas that haven’t been used! Even when EA do run out of ideas (which in loads of years time realistically they will) there is no reason why the game can’t keep going with some Tapped Out Exclusives (they did it with Chester Dupree)!

So in the meantime, enjoy the game and don’t worry! There is plenty more to come!
Whilst I’m on the point of updates: EA where is level 60?! Might it come with the Wild West takedown!
Don’t worry when nothing much happens in the game! That annoying gap between events just means that EA is working on something (event, levels, Mini-Update or events)!

I hope you enjoyed the rundown of items that EA hasn’t added yet and my opinion on Tapped Out ending! Did I miss any of your favourite characters or buildings that have yet to be added? Tell us in the comments as we all love to hear from you! Happy Tapping …


64 thoughts on “Is the end near for Tapped Out updates?!

  1. I want troy McClure Phil Hartman’s character deserves to be on this game it was a tragedy what happen to Phil so I think they should honor him

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  2. When (if) they do stop updating the game I think a cool finish would be to add the auto stitch function already mentioned, but also to allow the game to be downloaded to a PC/iMAC and vastly increase the amount of land available for those that do so. For people who have “finished” the game this would give infinite design time and options whilst taking their game off the EA servers.


    • I hate stitching up my town! When it comes to a showoff I just ask Em to do it for me LOL! So if they were to “end” – which I don’t think is soon – it probably will go off with a bang! Loads of new levels all at once maybe, cool new features etc 🙂


      • I know I tried to do it a couple of times but the auto stitch apps aren’t that great and it takes ages waiting for the task bar etc to disappear before each screenshot.


    • I just now received the level 60 storyline. But, it is having me collect a million exp points to finish, even though I had previously acquired plenty of experience points to get me well beyond level 60.
      Level 60 brings the Googleplex, or however it is spelled.


      • True! That’s the main reason I hate the Family Guy game: not only is it a ripoff of Tapped Out but you have to pay most of the time to work your way through!


        • I gave up with Family Guy QfS pretty quickly, it was impossible to complete an event without using real money. At least with TSTO they have a reasonable balance so that the standard event can be done without donuts. I think this has actually gotten a bit easier in the last few events as well, the original Whacking Day took a lot of grinding to get done, whereas I’m finding the Wild West event a bit too easy if anything.

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  3. This is Day 184 and counting since the last new level came out. The only explanation I’ve heard for why this should be is that there are no new characters to add; but as you’ve shown, that’s not true. The lack of new levels is really getting in the way of my enjoyment of the game now. Even if there are no more levels to come, and it’s going to be all events from here on out, can’t they go out with a bang? 59 is a terrible number to stop on, and the idea that the final step in beating the main questline should be unlocking two obscurities like Molloy and Gina What’s-her-name is ridiculous.


      • Even if they were planning something really huge, the six months they’ve had to work on it should be more than enough. Also, one thing I’ve noticed is that longer waits do not make for better levels. Some of my favorites have come hard on the heels of the ones before, relatively speaking.


  4. EA told us in the Game that Level 58 would be the last one, then oddly gave us level 59, but it looks like that’s it for levels,even though 59 seems an arbitrary number to stop on. We’ve been having mini-events at about the same frequency as level-ups and with the same type content. Just speculation but I think the game evolved away from leveling up.


  5. I’m amazed people have accomplished everything in the game. There is so much to still achieve. As a freemium player plying for 3 years now I still have to finished SH, get all the land, get all the aspirational items, upgrade he irs and have a long list of premium charters to unlock still.


    • I am now where near finished! Lol my SH is tiny and my Springfield looks small compared to AMAZING towns that I’ve seen! Even if you do have all land and “finished” everything then there are still loads of design ideas! Maybe NUKE your town and start over LOL


  6. I’d like to see “costumes” for the Simpsons characters based upon their original appearance in the Tracy Ullman, as seen on the last Halloween episode.

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  7. I doubt there is any danger of the game ending soon. While there have been no game updates, nor additional Friend Point prizes (nor have I gotten any Friend Point based donuts in a very long while), we have instead had nearly back to back special events. There are probably just shifting to a more special event focus.


  8. Find a way to make inventory easier to go thru instead of always having to start from the beginning and be able to sell duplicates in the inventory


    • you can’t sell limited and premium items cause they’d be gone forever sometimes i.e. Snake statue never returned, not even in tomorrow’s sale. Premium cause many people complained about having sold their premium item


  9. As Bart says about Krustys autobiography, the most glaring omission has to be the LIONEL HUTZ/TROY MCCLURE/PHIL HARTMAN characters. We were even teased last year with Lyle Langley at the start of the monorail update. What are your guys thoughts on this?

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    • I don’t think they have celebrity voices because EA would need to pay those celebs for the right to use their voice in a medium other than on the TV show.
      This reduces the possibility of celeb characters appearing and perhaps there are some contractual obligations regarding the reuse of the celeb animations elsewhere as well…who knows?
      Also these are classic characters whom one would expect to have been released by now if ever.


  10. Wow great timing. The episode with Gloria was just on tv. I also want to see Mary spucklr and russ kargil. In fact a simsons movie mini event would be amazing like the recent mini events we’ve received


    • Yeh! Like a previous comment mentioned I think that we should have an event called “under the dome” with characters and building based from the movie! There could even be a rebate offer for the gorge!


  11. The one thing I want to see done is to remove a job from the top of the character’s jobs list once the requirements are met for that, even if they are pending…

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  12. Just to make clear, it is HIGHLY unlikely that EA will ever incorporate Family Guy or Futurama into Tapped Out. The video game rights for each are owned by TinyCo (Family Guy) and Wooga (Futurama). It’s doubtful either company will sell (especially TinyCo) or that EA will shell out the large amount of cash.
    It’s not impossible, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


  13. I’d like to see more costumes and building skins, There’s hundreds they could still use, and could be used for new levels rather than a new character every level.
    Like, Bender Krusty, would be shirtless so you can see his pacemaker scar, have face stubble, etc..
    Chief Wiggum PI. Wiggum in his Hawaiian shirt, could make Skinner from that episode as well.
    Family Smile Time Simpsons, In their star outfits,
    The rest of the Pin Pals
    Sunday best Simpsons, from scenes when they are at church.
    Conductor Lovejoy
    Sober Barney
    Teenage Homer and Marge, (could even throw in Barney) could also do prom teenage Homer and Marge.
    70s Hibert with the fro
    Valentines Flanders (In the heart costume)
    That’s just off the top of my head. and of course the game isn’t complete without a Flaming Moes skin for Moes Tavern,


    • Such a good list! Not forgetting Bikini and Marge Barney and Flaming Moe’s three skins (two character and one building) that I would love to see! 🙂 Hopefully EA are listening!


  14. Annoying gap? I welcome those gaps so that we can take a break from the game and catch up on our tasks or focus on redoing the city…or just get a break from an event for the sake of having a break


      • Maybe, but I still want to save money to get the expensive items and finally finish off the IRS building, the Redwood, and the money pile, plus buy that waffle oil rig. I have been collecting those jet engine cycles to increase my bonus, now at 470%…


  15. The sex pistols were never actually on the show. They had a parody in “Love, Springfield Style” where Bart told the story of Sid and Nancy, but it was the Bullies as band mates then you had, Nelson (Sid), Lisa (Nancy) and Bart (Johnny Rotten)


  16. I do not see why people think the game is going to stop because they have not added levels. We have been having event after event and they have mostly been huge events. Now if it went back to the first year where there really was nothing I would be worried. Would I like more levels sure but I think the events are overall awesome and the other improvements they have been making on gameplay have also been excellent. The one thing I want most is that cancel task option. It really stinks when you accidentally put some one who can’t be stored in a building that can’t be stored and then need them, Maggie in the Simpson house is my biggest game issue of late. I have been watching the Simpsons sins the Tracey Ullman show and I have been playing TSTO since the summer before the first Halloween event and I do not think I could stop either if I wanted too.


  17. That’s a nice group of unreleased characters. I’ve always thought sarcastic man, nerds, Springfield University and if we have Bernice Hibbert why not Sarah Wiggum?
    I think the longevity of the game depends on the availability of suitable material and how many levels TSTO could realistically reach…75? …. 100?
    Personally I think they’re (TSTO developers) struggling to go beyond level 60 through no fault of their own and they may become victims of their own success. There’s already so much great stuff in the game. Obviously The Simpsons itself can’t go on forever either and it must inevitably end one day.
    I think it’s such a good game that newbies will feed EA bank accounts for years to come and long term players will finally have the time to edit without those pesky updates wrecking all their hard work every few weeks.


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