Whacking Day 2016: All the Update Items and Prices

Whacking Day is back, bringing most of the 2013 event items back: characters, skins, buildings, decorations, prizes, and more. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all the items!

Fort Sensible is now available in the Wild West event menu, while the Snake Statue (available on Whacking Day 2013 event only) and Balancing Beam with Gymnastic Lisa (available on Whacking Day 2013 and Tap Ball events) are not available this year.

Whacking Day 2016 One Panel

Western Snake is the only new item and is unlocked via the main questline of the update.

image name cost
unlock_snakewestern Western Snake Unlock
Western Snake
The Whack is Back Pt. 3
unlock_lumpythesnake Tapped_Out_Lumpy_New_Character
Whacking Day Bundle
unlock_petsnake Tapped_Out_Pet_Snake_New_Character
Pet Snake
Character Skins
unlock_homer_ninjahomer Tapped_Out_Ninja_Homer_New_Character
Ninja Homer
Ninja Homer
Practice Snake
unlock_willie_barechestedwillie Tapped_Out_Bare_Chested_Willie_New_Character
Bare Chested Willie
     Hollow_Snake_Trunk Hollow Snake Trunk  sidebar_donut60
Whacking Day Bundle
Ninja_Homer_Practice_Snake Ninja Homer Practice Snake  sidebar_donut60
Whacking Day Bundle
Snake_Spakers Snake Speakers  sidebar_donut40
Whacking Day Bundle
Snake_Stump Snake Stump  sidebar_donut40
Whacking Day Bundle
Snake_Rock Snake Rocks  sidebar_donut30
Whacking Day Bundle
Wind_Sock Wind Sock  cash19.000
Whacking_Stick_Stall Whacking Stick Stall cash15.000
Whacking_Mugs_Stalls Whacking Mugs Stalls cash10.000
Whacking_T-shirt_Stall Whacking T-shirt Stall cash4.500
Whacking_Day_Banner Whacking Day Banner cash1.000
Practice_Snake_Green Green Practice Snake Whacking Day Bundle
Practice_Snake_Purple Purple Practice Snake  Whacking Day Bundle
Practice_Snake_Red Red Practice Snake Whacking Day Bundle
Practice_Snake_Yellow Yellow Practice Snake Whacking Day Bundle
ico_stor_single_whakingdaybundle Whacking Day Bundle  sidebar_donut125

Join us next time for more info on this update, happy tapping!


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