Guest Post: Wild West Act 2 Item Overview: Outlaw Snake

Hey all, it has been a long time since our last guest post. For those of you new to Topix, we have always strived to positively coexist and even work with many, or most, other game sites and blogs, as it is not our intention to compete or disrespect any of the hard work that many other normal players, such as us, put into their sites to all accomplish one goal, help others. We offer guest posts to any site or even regular reader to add another dimension to our site.

Having said all of that,  we bring you a guest post today from an user, Robobot. It’s going to be an item overview on one of the prizes from Act 2 of the Wild West event: Outlaw Snake!

Hello Topix Tappers! Wild West Act 2 is live in our games and today we will be having a Rundown on the Act 2 prize, Outlaw Snake! So Take a break From Tappin’ and Join me after the jump for the Rundown on Outlaw Snake!

Outlaw Snake in The Simpsons

While This Desert Outlaw hasn’t been in an episode of the Simpsons he’s alive and well in Tapped Out! This makes me hopeful that TSTO can continue after the Simpsons ends by making its own skins and Items (If the Simpsons ends😋) but back to Outlaw Snake….

Outlaw Snake in our Games

Outlaw Snake is The 5th Prize for Act 2 and once you reach Enough Deputy Badges he will automatically Unlock in your game…

Outlaw Snake Unlock

He has A Great little questline involving one Desperado’s search for…… a present for his son! Click here for the link to the Walkthrough.

He is in the Old West Villains collection along with Wes Doobner …

Old West Villains

Fun Facts About Outlaw Snake:

Building: None

Character: Outlaw Snake


Price: 9,200indicator_wildwest_deputybadge (Act 2 prize)

Unlock Message: This is like, a stickup!

Questline: Yes

Character Collection: Old West Villains

Is Used in Act 2 Finale

Outlaw Snake’s Tasks:

Load Ammo Belt: 60 minutes, earns cash70  and XP17 – Brown House

Play with Jeremy: 4 hours, earns cash175 and XP45 – Visual


Take Care Of Chores: 8 hours, earns cash275 and XP70 – Visual


Plan the Next Heist: earns cash420 and XP100 – Brown House

Lay Low: earns cash600 and XP150 – Brown House

Temporary Tasks:

Go Grocery Shopping: 2 hours, earns cash110  and XP27 – Kwik-E-Mart (All in a Days Work Pt. 1)

Do Laundry with Flanders: 4 hours, earns cash350  and XP90 – Flanders House (requires Ned) (All in a Days Work Pt. 2)

Get A Gift From Android’s Dungeon: 4 hours, earns cash350  and XP90 – Android’s Dungeon (requires Comic Book Guy) (All in a Days Work Pt. 3)

Final Verdict:

Outlaw Snake is a fun addition to any Wild West town so gather some Badges and get him!

The ability to earn Outlaw Snake with event currency ends when Act 2 ends May 17th. In Act 3 he’ll be obtainable only with donuts.

Opinion on Outlaw Snake? Do you have him yet? Enjoying Act 2? Did you like the Post? Sound off in the Comments below! ….. and now you can get back to tapping. 😉


5 thoughts on “Guest Post: Wild West Act 2 Item Overview: Outlaw Snake

  1. I think i just had a wierd glitch. I opened up my game and got a short hour long quest which led to the third building being made at the town plaza. It started a second quest but for some reason i cant send my characters to do the jobs. Also i am starting to recieve gold coins from bandits.


  2. In my game, snake is only able to start a craze but not obtain currency the other way. Also, Wiggum isn’t being allowed to be sent to collect curreny even tho I unlocked his slot. It’s not appearing.


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