Wild West: Last 24 hours for Act 2!

The last 24 hours for Act 2 are here! Also leaving the store tomorrow, at 9am BST, are  Cow Tongues, Hootenanny Barn w/Luke Stetson, Windmill and Fort Sensible! Hurry up!


13 thoughts on “Wild West: Last 24 hours for Act 2!

  1. I’ve been playing everyday since this western game started and I wasn’t able to get the final prize in act on and now I’m not going to be able to get the final prize to act two because I keep running out of time. I play all day everyday, I still don’t get enough guns to complete the prizes. Anyone else have this problem?


  2. Sorry if I missed this, but I’ve noticed a ton of my characters no longer have 8 hr tasks etc, did they take those away?


    • Sometimes tasks are removed or added. Can you be more specific? What characters and what tasks?
      Also, if they have given tasks, highlighted in yellow, they will not be assigned jobs through the unemployment office


  3. Has anyone else had trouble collecting enough hats to get the final prize? This happened to me in the 1st round too. I play every hour and still not enough


    • You need badges to get the final prize. Hats, guns and axes are just means to get to the Badged by trading them at the general store.
      It has been a struggle, in my Anonymous B. Got the prize today though.
      Pay attention to what resources (hats, pistols and axes) youre low on. Choose the craze that creates that resource. Check after every time you clear the plaza, after youve traded to get those Badges


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