Level 60 Level up game stopping glitch (solved)

Attention to all users: important information about the new level 60 update. There’s a major glitch currently in the game, if you level up too fast after reaching Level 60, to get bonus donuts (now every level past 60 just gives you 1 donuts, till 939 where it’ll give you the bonus donuts again), the game may glitch out and give you an infinite Bart Screen loop!
Level 60
Update: Those that haven’t got the problem can now play (an update fixed it if you haven’t got it). If you got the issue ea announced that soon it will release a fix for you too.


22 thoughts on “Level 60 Level up game stopping glitch (solved)

  1. I’m level 88. I’m assuming that this levelling up is now permanent and will not go away. I guess we can continue playing like nothing happened.


  2. I have a glitch or bug as soon I reached 60 or 61 it keeps leveling, 61, 62,63,64 and so on
    I force close the game, but when I open it again I notice that now is showing level 81 on the lower corner info, But i keep getting every image for each level.

    what can I do here ?


  3. I can not access my tapped out ever since I done the update to level 60 I only get the can not connect to sever screen for 2 days now not happy Sarah


  4. Glad I held off XP farming for a bit after the initial shock of the update hitting.
    Incidentally, what is the best value item to buy for farming XP? Cost to XP ratio wise?


  5. I only hit the level up button to level60 when level61 immediately came up I never hit it just backed out of the game !!! Don’t want to lose my status or anything so please let me know when it’s safe to go back in !!!! Thank You


  6. I didn’t do a thing and it automatically upgraded me to level 70, and now I’m locked out. Lol. I trust they’ll fix it soon enough, but I cracked up laughing. Good job, EA!

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