Level up game stopping glitch SOLVED!

Glitchy 60 is finally solved. EA moderator JohnColombo just posted on EA Forum that the Level 60 glitch closing the game and giving an infinite loop of Bart screen if people level up too fast has been solved. Check your town now and in case it doesn’t work try reinstalling the game! Happy tapping everyone!
Level 61


14 thoughts on “Level up game stopping glitch SOLVED!

  1. I have leveled up to 939 and did a lot bonuts rounds. In total 2.100 bonuts 😀
    I have seen Bart’s screen only once. I did throttle him Homer style and haven’t seen him before.
    (Touch wood)


  2. I’m still level 939! I filled my land with rat trap trucks, with xp boost active, so I reached it pretty quickly :p I wonder if it will stay that way. I can see a few of my neighbours are also level +100


  3. I’m so confused how many levels are there now…I am on 60 now. The other posts say level 76 89 etc…what’s going on


  4. i can level up like you say, but the Gil item is no where to be found. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled and no luck. Gone to friends towns, no luck. Anything else other then wait for EA to get back to me?


  5. My game seems to be stuck at level 67. Still have the 40,000 XP limit, and it will stay at level 67 when I level up. I have the Homer-layas mountain range now…


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