Level 60 Kwik-Tap Guide: Card Handy, Googolplex Grand Opening, Bloodmobiles Easter Egg and Milestones

Welcome to the final level of the game, where we’ll make jokes and oh yeah we got a new character and a cinema? Join us right after the jump for the complete freemium kwik-tap guide for Level 60!

The final level of the game is here, and it unlocks the final level-character: Wise Guy, Raphael!

Card Handy Pt. 1

Auto starts

Final Level
Build Googolplex
Task: Make Marge Cancel Plans for Her Giant Level 75 Party
Time: 30m
Location: Simpson House

Card Handy Pt. 2

Bart starts

Task: Make Springfielders Lose the Bet on the Final Character [x5]
Time: 3h
Location: Googolplex

Card Handy Pt. 3

Marge starts

Task: Make Lisa Delete Fan Mail
Time: 8h
Location: Simpson House

Card Handy Pt. 4

Wiggum starts

Task: Make Homer Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
Time: 12h
Location: Writers Building, Sir Putts-A-Lot’s, Just Rainsticks, Municipal House of Pancakes or Simpson House

Card Handy Pt. 5

Moe starts

Task: Make the Wise Guy Do Odd Jobs
Time: 8h

Card Handy Pt. 6

Wise Guy starts

Task: Make the Wise Guy Spread Some “Cheer”
Time: 4h

Card Handy Pt. 7

Lisa starts

Task: Pay $1000 Tax to be Given to Lower Level Players
Time: 2h
Location: Town Hall
Cost: $1000

Card Handy Pt. 8

Wise Guy starts

Quest Reward: $1000
Homerlayas Message
Place the Homerlayas

System Message: Level up enough to unlock the entire family!
Homerlayas Upgrade Message

This new item will go where nothing else went (except the Heights tunnel): where the mountains are! It’ll be upgradable to have all 5 of the Simpsons family members.

A new movie theatre is in town: Googolplex! And it’s time for the grand opening!

The Googolplex will make you earn extra Springfield Height currency every 3 hours!

Googolplex Grand Opening

Wise Guy starts

Googolplex Movie Menu
Watch a Movie at the Googolplex

Rex Banner has something for us if we place 100 Bloodmobiles in town: an Easter Egg message!

Bloodmobiles Easter Egg

Auto starts

Text only

After levelling up past Level 60, there’re some milestones to reach to unlock the other Simpsons at the Homerlayas.

Fall of 89

After reaching level 89


We’ll Always have 97

After reaching level 97

Task: Make Gina Force Bart to Go On a Date
Time: 4h
Location: Krusty Burger
Requires: Bart

Milestone 100

After completing Card Handy Pt. 8 and reaching level 100


Milestone 138

After reaching level 138


Milestone 200

After reaching level 200


Milestone 223

After reaching level 223


Milestone 300

After reaching level 300

Text only

Milestone 419

After reaching level 419


Milestone 742

After reaching level 742


Milestone 939

After reaching level 939


Join us next time for more info on this glitchfest. Happy tapping (hopefully)!


25 thoughts on “Level 60 Kwik-Tap Guide: Card Handy, Googolplex Grand Opening, Bloodmobiles Easter Egg and Milestones

  1. Ordinarily Bob 05/23/2016 — 08:22

    First, love the site. And thank you for all the info you share!

    Is there something special to be done to trigger the Bloodmobile Easter Egg? I have Rex, I’ve build 100+ mobiles (they’re even still in my town). I didn’t see any sort of Easter Egg. What should have been looking for?


    1. just remove and place again one and it should. note: they need to be in the city and not inventory


      1. Ordinarily Bob 05/23/2016 — 18:11

        That did it, thanks!


  2. Chris Rodgers 05/21/2016 — 01:42

    Will we still have events or holiday deals ? I guess im trying to figure out if the game will still br supported or is a new game in their plans .


    1. of course it’ll continue. just no more levels so everyone can get the new stuff instead of just max lvl users πŸ˜‰


  3. Googoplex last movie. 200.000 gamecash for 5 statue and 25xp? “It is going to pay off higher and higher payouts, as you move through the XP Levels.” Somebody know how much more?


      1. 200.000gamecash 3 hour job and it only give you 5statue and 25xp???? Every level? 939? That job dont give anything good reward. 150.000 mousetrap truck is much better πŸ˜€


  4. The game just let me speed up two tasks for free. They were about 90% finished (or even more), and it explicitly said “free” on the speed up button (so it looks like this is intentional, not a bug). No donuts were deducted. Has this feature been around for long? I only just noticed it now.


      1. Thanks, I missed that line when reading it the first time. Great feature!


  5. Tapatapatapa 05/20/2016 — 12:04

    What is the blood mobile easter egg?
    Who has space to place 100?
    I’m confused.


    1. If you place them to gain much xp they give you rex gives u that message


    2. You buy and place some, like 5 or 10. Sell them (for 25% of the original price) and buy and place 5 or 10 more. Keep repeating.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Also, if you have a lot of money (several millions at least), it makes sense to buy one day on the XP booster before the bloodmobiles. It does cost donuts, but you earn back more – and it gets you closer to a full Simpsons monument.


    3. Tapatapatapa 05/21/2016 — 01:49

      I see. I’ve been doing that (buying and then selling) with Rat Trap Trucks as I thought they gave more XP…and I had 200 million to get rid of….phew…down to 100 million now.


      1. So which item is has a better experience/price ratio, Rat Trap Trucks or Bloodmobiles? Does any one has the info? I only have 20 million to spend 😦


        1. Most xp per dollar is weatherstations and volleyball courts but you need to place 14-17 times more of them than the rat trap trucks, so it takes longer and is much more effort, not worth the extra xp/dollar IMO but that is the best xp payput per dollar


          1. Thank you, both of you! πŸ™‚


  6. When the new level came up, I started building the Googolplex, then there was a new update and everything was gone. Then another and the building site was back again. I also had Marge do her first task. But my level still is 59, the Googolplex is built, the wise guy walking around, but nothing else gets triggered. I went to the friends screen, I stored the Googolplex, the tree house and even deleted and reinstalled the game, but nothing helps. What do I do?


    1. reinstall the game, do not touch it till it downloads everything, play, try to store the building etc. and retry

      Liked by 1 person

      1. reinstalled again, didn’t touch it ’til it was all done. nothing changed, stored and put the Googolplex out again, nothing. This is frustrating.

        Thanks, though.


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