Level 60 Walkthrough: Googolplex Grand Opening, Bloodmobiles Easter Egg and Milestones

A new theater is in town, bloodmobiles are running wild to give bonus donuts and milestones need to be reached to finish building the Homerlayas. Join us right after the jump for the freemium walkthrough for the rest of the quests of Level 60!

A new movie theatre is in town: Googolplex! And it’s time for the grand opening!

The Googolplex will make you earn extra Springfield Height currency every 3 hours!

Googolplex Grand Opening

Wise Guy starts

Wise Guy: I hope you didn’t forget about the Springfield Googolplex. You can go pay for movies now.
Wise Guy: All proceeds go to benefit the poor and needy living over at Springfield Heights.

Googolplex Movie Menu
Watch a Movie at the Googolplex

Rex Banner has something for us if we place 100 Bloodmobiles in town: an Easter Egg message!

Bloodmobiles Easter Egg

Auto starts

Rex Banner: That’s A LOT of Bloodmobiles you’ve been purchasing.
Rex Banner: Just what kind of bloody foul play are you up to?

After levelling up past Level 60, there’re some milestones to reach to unlock the other Simpsons at the Homerlayas.

Fall of 89

After reaching level 89

System Message: The Simpsons debuted in 1989. But no one’ll ever get to that level so we’re celebrating at 89 instead!

We’ll Always have 97

After reaching level 97

Gina Vendetti: Hey Bart, remember what we said would happen at level 97?
Bart: No.
Gina Vendetti: Then it’s a good thing I recorded it on my phone.

Task: Make Gina Force Bart to Go On a Date
Time: 4h
Location: Krusty Burger
Requires: Bart

Milestone 100

After completing Card Handy Pt. 8 and reaching level 100

Mr. Burns: Congratulations on becoming a centarian!
Mr. Burns: The first hundred is always the most difficult.
System Message: Keep leveling up. The Homerlayan upgrades are on their way!

Milestone 138

After reaching level 138

Homer: It’s the level 138 spectacular! And this time Lisa, you’re joining the family!
Lisa: What are you talking about? I was in the 138th Episode Spectacular.
Homer: No. We did that variety show and you were replaced by some older girl, remember?
Lisa: That was the Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase! It was episode 177.
Homer: 177?! I can’t wait that long! Let’s just do this now!
System Message: You have received an upgrade for The Homerlayas. Enjoy! Keep it up!

Milestone 200

After reaching level 200

Homer: Woo-hoo, level 200! We must get a reward for that, right? A new head on the mountain or something?
System Message: No.
Homer: Stupid game.

Milestone 223

After reaching level 223

Homer: Ooh, level 223 is significant because Bart’s birthday is on February 23rd.
Bart: No, it’s not. It’s not even close.
Homer: Are you sure? A lot of people tweeted that it was, including Rolling Stone and the Chicago Tribune.
Bart: Since when do you read the Chicago Tribune?
Homer: Hey, I’ll read anything under 140 characters.
System Message: In honor of 02/23 NOT being Bart’s birthday, enjoy this upgrade to The Homerlayas!

Milestone 300

After reaching level 300

Homer: Woo-hoo, it’s level 300! And we’re not getting anything for it… AGAIN!

Milestone 419

After reaching level 419

Marge: It’s 419, or April 19th! That’s the anniversary of our family’s first short.
Quimby: This seems like as good a time as any to add your head to the mountain.
Selma: Where did you ever find enough rock to build Marge’s giant hair?
Quimby: It was easy, we just hollowed out the other heads.
Patty: I would have assumed the one on the left was already empty.
System Message: In honor of the day before Barney’s birthday, enjoy this upgrade to The Homerlayas!

Milestone 742

After reaching level 742

Homer: Ah, 742 Evergreen Terrace is starting to feel a lot like home. But who’s still missing from the mountain?
Maggie: *suck* *suck*
System Message: You have received the final upgrade for The Homerlayas. Enjoy!

Milestone 939

After reaching level 939

Bart: Level 939, why is the game stopping here? I thought it was going to level infinity.
Lisa: Well, technically you can never get to infinity — you can only approach it.
Bart: Give it a rest brainiac. You know what I meant.
System Message: In honor of reaching the area code of Springfield, we’re not doing the level thing anymore.

Join us next time for more info on this glitchfest. Happy tapping (hopefully)!


9 thoughts on “Level 60 Walkthrough: Googolplex Grand Opening, Bloodmobiles Easter Egg and Milestones

  1. RexRocker666 05/31/2016 — 11:13

    Will the 40k XP for the level upgrade remain until the end?


    1. After lvl 100 it requires 500,000 xp per level and above lvl 939 it takes 1,000,000 xp per level


  2. I spent about 18M on bloodmobiles yesterday – It got me to level 191, but I never received the Rex Banner easter egg message. It seems that the 100 bloodmobiles have to be in Springfield at the same time. I always sold mine after 40 or so.

    The XP booster really works great for this – spent 5 donuts, earned back 130.


  3. irishmanger567 05/23/2016 — 21:52

    I’m completely ignoring that googolplex since I can make the stuff for free in Springfield heights

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Joshua West 05/21/2016 — 17:47

    I’ve just been using the Rat Trap Trucks and re-selling them, reached 401 and then got bored haha


  5. The blood mobile thing works great. Less than 20 min and I hit the 939. Just laid 2 rows of 50 bloodmobiles then sell them and repeat..


    1. Approximately how much did you spend?


    2. how much did you spend? I think the bloodmobiles are 150,000 to buy & sell for 33,000.


  6. Als long as we get bonut rounds, I fine with stopping the leveling system.


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