MITS: S1 Ep2


If you are confused by the title or if you missed out on the first episode of this fun, new blog series then click here

So it’s time for another episode of …


In this episode I will be showing you references in a very early Simpsons episode – Bart the genius – and how Maggie is a genius as well. So to kick start this post let’s start with Maggie!


Apart from saving her siblings, leading a rebellion and handling a gun: Maggie shows a great knowledge for Maths considering her age! Just look at the blocks …wp-1464026931834.jpg

Most people don’t get this but if you don’t then don’t worry.
So if you were to spell out the blocks then you get EMCSQU. Do you get it?
What if I add an equals: E=MCSQU. Do you get it now?
If you still don’t get it then basically the SQU at the end is short for squared which makes the blocks spell:
E = MC²
Which is a reference to the formula created by Albert Einstein! Now moving on to Bart …

In the episode, after Bart gets moved to a geek school because of his “high IQ”, we hear Bart get offered food for mathematical randomness:
Tell you what, Bart, I’ll trade you the weight of a bowling ball on the eighth moon of Jupiter for my lunch, for the weight of a feather on the second moon of Neptune from your lunch” and “I’ll trade you 1000 picoliters of my milk for 4 gills of yours”

Then later on we see the teacher write some stuff on the board …


Like you probably, Bart didn’t get the joke so the teacher aided him with the answer …


But Bart still didn’t get it so if you are like him then basically the answer is RDRR which sounds like Hardy ha ha which is a popularised word for sarcastic laughter!

So that is the many references in a great classic episode! Looking forward to the next blog “episode”? Did you know any of the references”? Answer below as I love hearing what you have to say!


1 thought on “MITS: S1 Ep2

  1. Love it! I have a bachelor’s in math and a Master’s in stat and my hubby had a bachelor’s in math education. We love catching these things in Simpson’s and Futurama.

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