Wild West: New items in the store!

A number of new items are now available in the in-game event menu. Some of the items are considered “old items” as they were previously released from a number of past updates while the remainder are items released with this current Wild West event.


The following items added are in the Wild West sub-menu as well as the “New” menu tile:

  • Cactus Patch
  • Rolling Rock
  • Giant Grasshopper
  • Cactus Rocks
  • Rock Pillars
  • Rock Piles
  • Hitching Post
  • Horse Trough
  • Wooden Barrels (Medium & Large)
  • Covered Wagon!Editor’s Note: This article was posted yesterday by mistake. The items are available now. We apologize for any misleading or incorrect information. 

The Wooden Barrels (medium), Wooden Barrels (large) and Covered Wagon are only available if you have already acquired one from the Personal Prize series or from the General Store Prizes. The Wooden Barrels (large) will be available to buy once you get them in 2 days in the General Store.


6 thoughts on “Wild West: New items in the store!

  1. Yay! I’ve been hoping for more rocks!


  2. Maybe you know, but the General Store items don’t show up as crafting items for some people. Is it based on completing the Finale? I have completed the finale, but not the main questline nor do I have all the prize track prizes, and it shows up for me.


    1. You find them in the normal store, under the Wild West category


      1. I know. I meant, why do I find them but others don’t? They’re not there in my second game.


    2. I.’v done th same. Finale but not the questline and i can buy the items.

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