Item Overview: Prairie Maggie

Howdy fellow tappers! Act 3 is live and it has brought many fun characters, buildings and decorations! In this post I will be breaking down all the information you will need for the NEW, and cutest, Act 3 item: Prairie Maggie.

Want to know where it came from? Need to know the information about it? Stressing over whether to spend your sprinklies on it? Well chill … I am here to cover all that, so join me after the jump to gain the knowledge you need …

Prairie Maggie

This cute little skin comes from the episodeSimpsons tall tales”, in the story “Connie Appleseed”.


So here are the stats:

Item: Prairie Maggie

Unlock Screen:


Price: 65 donuts

What is it: A skin/costume for Maggie

Questline: Yes

Should you buy it?

This cute little skin has a few cute animimations that you unlock when working throughout the event. It is offered at a great price for a skin. Unlike most skiks, this skin is the first for the character and it is a cheap way to turn Maggie into a premium character offering premium rewards.

Please notice that Maggie does not have a shotgun task (shame!) but the two animated tasks that she does have are amazing and adorable. Other then that little letdown: I think this item is a great skin for both premium and freemium players!

Click here to access the Questline Walkthrough: Drool Grit

Maggie’s tasks:

Fly free – 1hr VISUAL earns $105 and 26 XP

Fly free

Dance to Gramophone Music – 4hrs at the Simpson House earns $250 and 70 XP

Befriend Wild Animals – 8hrs VISUAL earns $420 and 105 XP

Befriend Wild Animals

Clean her rifle – 12hrs at the Simpson House 😦 earns $600 and 150 XP

Dream of Cute Animals – 24hrs at the Simpson House earns $1000 and 225 XP

Final Verdict

This cute Maggie skin is a great buy with two adorable animated tasks and a fun questline! I highly recommend getting this, no matter of your premium or freemium status, if you have the donuts and want this item.

So …

Did you get Prairie Maggie? Sad to see her without a shotgun? Are you happy with the purchase? Bored of the frontier craze? Answer below as your comments brighten our day? 


4 thoughts on “Item Overview: Prairie Maggie

  1. Tapatapatapa 05/28/2016 — 12:26

    I called my dog Maggie because she’ll always be a baby to me, just like Maggie Simpson.
    I love the visual tasks and was surprised we don’t see the gun. Some time ago I realised there are so many characters with weapons in this game…just like real Americans 🙂 Even Lisa the pacifist has a weapon…so in a slow time (just for fun) I will send every character on a weaponised visual task to roam around town threatening each other. What a bunch of psychos.
    As for the Wild West event, which I finished yonks ago, I’m in agreement with Jack. If we are to have no more levels (and we won’t be) then events need to up their game by improving the game play so that we remain addicted enough to tune in more than once a day. I’m spending my time trading resources for items I may never use, and sending prospectors to neighbours with low scores…I don’t even tap bandits while visiting anymore.
    Overall I loved the event, dirt roads, the horses, the desert theme and the old town buildings. There are some wicked new skins for characters that really needed them, and visual tasks. I can’t fault the prizes.
    Yeee haw!


    1. My dog is named Maggie too! 🙂


  2. I did buy the skin and have not been disappointed. It’s a fun one, definitely somewhere on my list of favorite costumes.

    Stepping back to answer the broader question: Yeah, I’ve had enough of this event. I wrapped up the last prize track over the weekend (and was pretty disappointed by the last few prizes). Now I’m just tapping bandits and trading in goods at the general store for no reason. To me the whole thing was completely overshadowed by Level 60 and the awful news that the levels are over. Even before that, the novelty had worn off, and I found that, without novelty, the event really had limited interest value.

    I wish they’d get away from the three-act structure. It definitely served a need when it was introduced, but now it’s time to shake things up again. The biggest problem with it is that it pretty much requires everything to go six weeks, and even the best events will have worn out their welcome by then. And I’m sorry, but this is not one of the best.

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  3. Maggie is my favorite character. Although I’m mostly a freemium player (spent a few dollars occasionally), I bought this skin immediately and I was not disappointed. The biggest letdown is that her 12 hour job is not visible.


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