Wild West: Event Ends in 24 hours!

Giddy-up cowboys and cowgirls as event items and “stuff” leaves tomorrow (if you have auto-update on) so trade trade trade in order to get the last few items! So what is leaving tomorrow …


Prize Tracks There will be no chance to get the act and General Store prizes till they’ll be available in the future when reoffered mostly for donuts.

Town Plaza Landing Point This means that when you open your games it won’t automatically take you to the Town Plaza but at the center of your town or Springfield Heights tunnel if you built it – This is a guess looking at previous events.

All items All menu items are leaving so stock up on fences (you never know when you might regret not having some) and make those last minute choices. Some items may not return in a future offering.

Main QuestlinesThese are the main questline that came with the acts but premium and prize questlines will still be available !

Crafting– Trading resources for rocks, barrels, wagons etc will most likely leave but we never know! They let people still trade in resources at the railyard for tracks so nothing stops EA giving unlimited access to rocks but the chances are that EA will remove the trade system! RIP rocks

Like all events the takedown will be a play-store update so there is a slight chance that if you turn off auto-update for apps then you might get a few extra hours playing but it is risky and EA will eventually force you to update with the UPDATE REQUIRED: WANT WANT WANT screen?

The event deadline is at 1am BST tonight (8/7c).

Did you enjoy the event? Excited but confused about the level 60 manic? Sad or happy to see the event go? Answer in the comment section below because your replies brighten our days! Happy Tapping …


14 thoughts on “Wild West: Event Ends in 24 hours!

  1. This event has been one of the best yet, but the abrupt ending in the middle of the night stinks. How many of us wanted to actually spend our remaining currency before it actually disappeared? And whatever happened to the last store prize? I feel robbed.


    1. The something hot “prize” might be an update not an item coming very soon. Read the speculation post:


  2. There’s something weird going on. The bad dream house is, flashing, Willie’s wooden dynamo is turbine, Vulcano Lair is spewing lava. The whole town is in action without any people doing something in that house. Is Springfield haunted?


    1. I think you mean Vesuvio Pizza, not the Volcano Lair (it opens when animated, no lava). There have been reports of ghost actions but I know Lucille can activate the Bad Dream house in her task to rob a house, if that was the closest when the task was set.


      1. You are right, I ment Vesuvio Pizza, But it’s strange that all of this action happen at the same moment.


  3. This was one one of the best events ever in the game. It was very long but didn’t feel long. Awesome theme for the event and the prizes were seeet. Love all the rock piles and pillars etc. great coverage by topix as always . Nice work gents.


  4. Loved the Wild West! The event and decorations were great. The Level high jinx was humorous and fun. But I have to throw in that Whacking Day was whacked and confusing.


  5. I really enjoyed this event. I do wish there would’ve been duels between the characters or maybe with other players like in the soccer event where you played a match against other players.
    I’m still holding out hope for the Duff Gardens Gil deal to be fixed.


    1. Same here, i really liked tapball event and duels and stuff. I was expecting duels. But still good event.


  6. With the removal it would be great if EA put in a duff gardens Gil deal, for those who never had a chance to get after initial decline. Other than that. I enjoyed the event very much. Love love love the rocks and cacti and was waiting for dirt paths for the longest.

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  7. What did everyone think of the event? I thought it was cool since we went back in time to the old days of Springfield.


    1. Tapatapatapa 05/30/2016 — 00:36

      We got land, new roads and dirt, old time buildings, rocks, rocks, and more rocks, proper cactus, nice costumes and horses…I loved it.
      I placed the chrono-trike in my old town for a neat time travel effect.
      I give the event 9/10 with only 1 mark off for taking too long.


  8. Best. Event. Ever!


    1. The Comic Guy in his best mood?


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