New Teaser on App Store Update

EA has just released the Takedown update on app store with a new description:

The duels are done and even the ghosts have left this ghost town. With everyone settling back to normal, what could be next for Springfield? A suped-up sequel? A new take on an origin story? An ominously foreshadowing political thriller? We’re not sure yet because Gary accidentally took his work computer on vacation. Not cool Gary!

New characters, new buildings and new stories are coming soon!

Stay tuned!

What awaits us? Let’s hope it’s coming soon! Maybe the The Mysterious Voyage of Homer is coming?

In the French update description something else is highlighted: the suped-up is referring to the Superheroes event! Will Superheroes 2 be coming as the next big event?

Western duels ended and even ghosts have left town. Life seems to take its course in Springfield. For real? No! Because Superhero is back with a scenario to taste away! And political shenanigans to no end. Finally, if Gary does not forget to save the new update. Hey Gary?

One thing is certain: new characters, buildings and adventures await you soon!

Until then , keep playing!!

By the way, for anyone wondering, this is the Gary they’re referring to:


Join us next time for more as soon as it comes out!


23 thoughts on “New Teaser on App Store Update

  1. Political part of text is probably 4th of July. Lets say supedup is superheros, but whats the new take on origin story.


  2. KillerLemurs 06/01/2016 — 01:35

    When is the Find Your Soul Mate update coming out? The timer in the general store said 1 am BST, and it’s 2:34 am BST


      1. KillerLemurs 06/01/2016 — 04:38

        That stinks. Looks like I have to wait another day for my favorite character, The Space Coyote 😦


    1. What general store? I don’t see any timer.


      1. Ah, never mind…


  3. So hope we get a superhero sequel! Loved the first one, and hoped that the hint of another at the end would come true. Still, even if that’s not what we get, I’m sure I’ll love it anyway.


  4. Chili cook off/Mysterious Voyage of Homer based mini event first followed by superheroes 2 at end of June (Including 4 July stuffs)??


  5. My guess is a Superheroes “mini event” to sell newer players premium items from the event (like what has been done with Stonecutters, Whacking Day, etc) and not a full blown new event.


  6. Hi LPN, do you think the Superheroes 2 will be the next event and if so when do you think it’ll hit are games??


    1. me thinks next is that coming soon thing they showed us in the general store then SH2 is next event


  7. They could have the Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi -Con using the Springfield Convention Center…which has yet to be used for an event


  8. Dont play with us man, superheros 2 are nothing to joke about!


  9. I’m HOPING there’s some kind of election themed event coming soon. There’s loads of potential content – Governor Bailey, Congressman Krusty, Amendent-to-Be NPC, all the Presidents they’ve already released…


    1. Yes! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Skins for Kang and Kodos as Clinton and Dole with an animated exchange long protein strains job!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah but it’s not the same, I’m talking about this With them as clinton and dole holding hands. I’d like that in the game.


  10. Hello Let’s Play Nintendo, and thank you for your great work. In the french version of the update, they talk about Super Heroes. Do you think it could be that ?
    Don’t know if you can read french, but here the text :
    Les duels de western ont pris fin et même les fantômes ont quitté la ville. La vie semble reprendre son cours a Springfield. Pour de bon ? Non ! Car les Super-héros reviennent avec un scénario au goût de suite ! Et des magouilles politiques à n’en plus finir. Enfin, si Gary n’oublie pas de sauvegarder la nouvelle mise à jour. Hein Gary ?

    What do you think of that ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you and thanks to LPN!

      Woah, how’d you get that pic, LPN? Now I know too much about this game! lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Superheroes sequel event maybe?


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